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Praise the Lord - Stumastam

Madanmohan das - Tue, 28 Dec 2004 05:52:00 +0530
Caitanya Candramrta 1

stumastam caitanyAkrtimativimaryAdaparamA-
dbhutaudAryam varyam vrajapatikumAram rasayitum/
pradAtum cAnebhyah parapadanavadvIpa prakatam//

I praise him, the most excellent lord, son of the cowherd chief, in the person of Caitanya, of highly unconventional and passing wondrous magnaminity; who,
for the purpose of relishing the sweet waves of enibriating ambsrosia of his imaculate self-love, nay, to confer the same on others too, has manifest the divine realm of Navadvip.

srI krsnacaitanya dayA karaha vicAra/
vicAra karile citte pAbe camatkAra!

Deliberate upon the dayA of Sri Krsna Caitanya, and if you do, you'll be astonished and amazed and wonderstruck indeed.

CC Adi 8.15
Madanmohan das - Tue, 28 Dec 2004 16:45:30 +0530
dharmAsprstah satataparamAvista evAtyadharme
drstim prApto nahi khalu satAm srstisu kvApi no san/
yaddattasrIharirasasudhAsvAdamattah pranrtyat-
ucchairgAyatyatha viluthati staumi tam kancidIsam//

Those untouched by virtue, forever deeply absorbed in various vices, who have never recieved a kind glance from a sadhu or at any time been to a place sanctified by holy men; even such men, upon recieving the heady draught of the ambrosia of Hari rasa, confered by him, are seen to frantically dance in abandon, sing at the top of their voice and then roll about upon the ground in a transport of rapture; I sing the praise of that indeterminate Isa ( possessed of infinite sakti).2

From Manindranatha Guha's Tika.

The excersise of his param adbhuta audarya or his most highly astonishing magnaminity by granting prema even to the utterly unworthy is illustrated aptly and glorified in this couplet beginning with the words "Those untouched by virtue...etc"

atyadharmI dharmavarjI harisambandhivarjitah/
yena datta premamatto'bhuttam gauraharim stumah//