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Animals of Vraja -

Bhrigu - Sun, 12 Dec 2004 01:26:36 +0530
It's me Laura writing from Bhrigu's account. I've been following your Vraja journal with interest and I have enjoyed especially reading about the animals you've met. My heart broke when I read about the puppy being kicked into the sewer! I had to come here and ask how did it manage to get out?!

I've also seen Indian kids being cruel to animals. It makes me furious. Once I yelled to a boy who kicked a dog just for fun. Too bad the boy didn't understand anything I was saying and he just laughed and went away.

Thanks for taking care of animals in Vraja. I heard there is a special place for sick or otherwise helpless cows, I guess it's managed by Western devotees. One could pay a visit and give a donation.
Malatilata - Sun, 12 Dec 2004 09:01:54 +0530
Nice to see you here, Laura!

My heart was also completely broken when I saw the suffering of the little puppy, it was so small, sweet and helpless and also afraid. Luckily the sewer wasn't very deep at that location, so easily the puppy could come out of there, little dirty though. The memory of this sight still pains my heart, if we see this puppy around again, I want to give him some nice prasad.

Madhava - Sat, 18 Dec 2004 23:06:58 +0530
A couple of new puppies at Vraja Journal now. smile.gif Poor things, so scared so often. These fellows seem to hang around the Gaura Dham gate often.

Peter, we met an old friend of yours again. smile.gif

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Openmind - Sun, 19 Dec 2004 16:01:11 +0530
Very nice to see him (or her?) again biggrin.gif