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Svayamutpreksita Lila - Another perspective on Yugala Milan

Madanmohan das - Mon, 29 Nov 2004 22:57:09 +0530
Included in Sri Rupa's Stavamala, there is a work called (in my edition) "Svayamutpreksita Lila". It is a lovely brief lila narrative of the abhisArakA and the eager dhira lalita nayayaka, and the Puspa-cayana-vinoda. I'm basically making a rough rendering from the Bengali translation of Sri ArpanA devi.

Sri Sri Radha-Vallavivallabhayoh namah

1. Bound by stout ropes of fond affection, beautiful Radha was overwhelmed with desire for the sweet company of the dark and handsome Syamalasundara, and to touch his lotus-feet. Being forcefuly assailed by Cupid, she lost all composure, and thus distracted, ceased her household chores.

Bound fast by ties of sweetest love, one day,
When on the lotus-feet of Syam her thoughts did stray,
Radha - her patience lost - by Cupid was assailed,
And in her household chores distraction sought, but failed.

2. Possessed with eager longing to behold the lotus-eyed Krsna, Radha - who has beautiful teeth - left home, and gracefully roamed the Jamna's bank for some distance, in search of him.

3. Thereupon, as she apprehended the breeze surcharged with the scent of Kamsa's foe, she became startled and anxiously looked about in all directions.

4.As she breathes deep the enchanting and indescribalbe fragrance ( filling her nostrils and momentarily closing her eyes), she is suddenly thrilled with horripilation; then like a greedy black bee, she runs in the direction (whence the fragrance comes.)

5. Though she was now exhilirated at the mere prospect of meeting, when she actually saw Krsna, in order to conceal her intentions, Radhika slowly went forward to the bower's boundry by gentle steps of her lotus-feet, with the ostensable purpose of gathering flowers.

6. The sylven scene of the Kunjavana abounded in blooming trees, entwined by creeping vines, and beholding her beloved there, Radhika 's hands began to tremble uncontrolably with the rising sentiments of prem.

7. When Madhava saw that most accomplished beauty Radhika, he accosted her thus, "Who art thou? Upon whose command art thou emboldened thus with liberty to desecrate my private flower garden? "Hearing which Radha's mind bloomed wide with amorous exitement.

When Madhav, that most accomplished cowherdess espied,
With measured accents he to her thus coaxingly enquired;
"What ho ! fair nymph, who art thou that with arbitary sway,
My private flower garden thou should'st desecrate today?"

8. Krsna's brow was beautified with tilak designs made from yellow pigment, and while restless-eyed Radhika glanced at him with contracted eyebrows, as if annoyed, and concealing her face with her veil, she moved back some distance from him.

9,10. Thereupon, restlessly glancing about in love's confusion, Radhika marked, some distance from the bower boundry, a leafy vine abundent with sprays of blooming malli flowers, and invaded by swarms of drunken bees, darting in and around the flower clusters. Lotus-faced Radha, impelled by Cupid's irresistable force, went and concealed herself in that shady covert.

11. (Approaching her), who wore a fragrant flower garland in her bound up hair, the slayer of Putana (that lady killer) lotus-eyed Krsna who is the dispenser of ever fresh joy, confidently and humorously began to extol the canons of Cupid's moral codes.
Madanmohan das - Wed, 01 Dec 2004 04:14:04 +0530
12." O most radient moon-faced beauty", said he, "Wherefore have you come to my private garden, mercilessly tearing the flowers? You are injuring the new sprouts and uprooting the vines! Declare your purpose herein.

13. (Sri Radhika said) ,"We frequently come to this garden to pick flowers for the daily worship of the gods, and untill now I never heard anyone tell that it was forbiden. How now? Do you dare accost me with rude words?

14. "O lotus-eyed one! Be gracious and forbear. Your speach confuses me; I am in haste and must gather flowers for a grand function being held in my home today. Having jofully collected all these flowers, I must hurry home, please do not delay me. (Or, I have no important duties at home, do detain me.)

15. (Sri Krsna said), " The aweful king Cupid has appointed me keeper of this delightful garden, and should anyone remove so much as half a withered flower petal, then I am charged to confiscate their garments, costly ornaments and such other personal effects".

16"Hey kAncana-sreni Gauri! Hey puspa-cauri! Today, upon routine inspection, I have apprehended you, whilst in the act of ransacking the flowers and sprouts in my garden; you have been caught, how will you go home?

17(Sri Radhika said), Hey Purusesvara! My husband is wrathful and suspiscious, my grandmother is forever talking and ready to chide me and my cunning superiors rebuke me. Why would you get me in such trouble?

18 "O lotus eyed! You should refrain from casting infamy upon delecate chaste damsels from respectable families! Mark how the Solar chariot traverses the heavens, and his light will soon be gone. Therefore do not obsruct the way - please let me go!

Madanmohan das - Fri, 03 Dec 2004 03:37:48 +0530
19-20. Sri Krsna said; " Ayi VidyutpIte! I suspect that you have appropriated much of Cupid's property, and, methinks you are concealing a large quantity of mallika flowers in you bound up braid, and a store of madhavi blossoms under the cloth that covers your bosom. Therefore you are summoned to undergo a full body seach. When you have made return of these things, then you may go home.

21. Sri Radha said; Hey Madhava! Don't vainly quarrel, you have my repeated praise and salutation. (You declare that you are Cupid's vassal), but in this Gokula are you not Cupid himself? Yet I know your knavery.

22. "O deciever! Don't try to delude me with your tricks! The whole world knows that this flower garden belongs to the cowherd damsels. Your king Cupid holds no sway here. Wherefore should I not collect as many flowers as I like here?

23. Sri Krsna said; "Hey Kalasa-stani! be not scornful. Cupid holds despotic sway and gets extreemly enflamed. If he perceives the excessive and wonton boldness of any damsel in his garden, he casts them forthwith into the surgging billows of apprehension, transfixing their hearts with his florid darts.

24. "Hey Tanvi ( slender)! If you are resolved upon going home, very well, then listen to a delightful expedient (for appeasing Cupid); Here in this garden is my own bower cabin, guarded by a detatchement of drunken bees, please enter there with me, ( and I asure you ,you have nothing to fear).

25. Sri Radha said;" O cunning knave! I am adorned with the fragrant sandle of noble and reputable character, and am by the name of Radhika called! All the virtuous young brides of Gokula honour me for my adhearance to chastity. Do you wish to defile the reputation of pious girls?

26. " O cheater! You should not look at me! (then addressing the forest creatures,) O gentle does, with your kith and kin, I call on you as witness! O saintly wives of the peacocks! Pray heed my declaration! Madhava is harrasing me!

27. Sri Krsna said; "O beloved! why do you angryly contract your beautiful brow? Wherefore this pride and insubordination? After all, your fortuitous arrival right suddenly in this garden, and your exquisit cheeks lit up with delightful expressions of bhava, hava and hela*, all betray your profound love for me. Moreover, you have fallen into the hands of Hari; who in the world other than he can save you?(Having fallen into Hari's hands, who can save you now?)

28. "O beautiful angry one! Now that you have come to this delightful garden, abjure all thoughts of going home. Your sakhis like Lalita are all vainly proud, I know them very well; they may give vaunt to their valour and courage at home, but what power have they here? O unwilling Fair! Now we should hasten to the august presence of his majesty king Cupid.(If you are afraid, then you may make over to me your kanchuli, and by pleasing me , Cupid will be appeased, and you will be spared any further torment.)

29 As Sri Radha was stired by his humerous discourse and amorous allusions, her spotless silken veil slipped down, leaving bear her neck and shoulders. She repeatedly repelled his advances, and in astonishment prohibited him with stammering denials, giving him excessive delight (thereby).

30. With the charm of her face enhanced by gentle smiles, restlessly glancing here and there, Sri Radhika's love is full and yet limitless; she is the most excellent and accomplished beauty, the crest-jewel of loving damsels.
Escorting her to his bower cabin, Hari fulfilled his desire for amorous play.
May that Hari fulfill also, my desire to please him.

I hope Sri Rupa forgives me for my inventive expression of his pure words in English, and the various inadvertant slips and omissions. And the vaisnavas too. It will require much revision.

govindAnandni rAdhA govinda mohini/
govinda sarvasva sarvakAntA siromani//

Jaya Sri Radha Vallavi-vallabha
Jagat - Tue, 14 Dec 2004 09:40:23 +0530

harir eSa na ced avAtariSyan
mathurAyAM madhurAkSi rAdhikA ca |
abhaviSyad iyaM vRthA visRSTir
makarAGkas tu vizeSatas tadAtra ||

Had this Hari not descended
to Mathura, honey-eyes, nor Radha too,
futile would have been this whole creation
and that of Eros most of all.

Gaurasundara - Fri, 14 Jan 2005 08:42:42 +0530
bhajAmi rAdhAm aravinda-netrAM smarAmi rAdhAM madhura-smitAsyAm |
vadAmi rAdhAM karuNa-bharArdrAM tato mamAnyAsti gatir na kApi ||

"I worship Sri Radha, the lotus-eyed one; I remember Sri Radha, who has the sweetest of smiles; I speak of Sri Radha, who melts of compassion; Thus, there are no other goals in my life." -- ZrI RaghunAtha dAs GosvAmI, zrI-vizAkhAnandAbhidha-stotram 131.