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Devi of Navadvipa - Sweet Contemplation

Madanmohan das - Wed, 24 Nov 2004 21:37:56 +0530
Thereupon Devi Visnupriya, accompanied by her sakhis, proceeds to the Celestial Stream for her morning dip.
The lustre of her form chides the choisest golden lotus; O how the balmy beams of a crore of moons is eclipsed by her radient countenance. Her thick pendant braided hair extends beyond her ample hips, bound with golden threads and wreaths of bakula flowers resembling a sleak black cobra. Loose ringlets dangle o'er her forehead like black bees; her refulgent cheeks are smooth and shine like mirrors; pendant from her ears are gem-studded ear-rings enlaid with pearls and a Chakrasalika fastened to her whole ear.
The parting in her hair is bordered with tiny pearls woven onto golden threads and interspersed with rubies. On her forehesd is a dot of vermilion like the rising Sun, and above her brow and extending round to her cheeks are designs drawn with musk, and her lovely lips curl into a delecate smile. Her restless eyes glance this way and that like a pair of spritely khanjana birds.
Cupid himself trembles in fear at the contraction of her beautiful eyebrows. Her promenent nose derides the lovelyness of the sesame flower, from it dangles a glistning elephant-pearl........

more to follow. It's from Gauranga Lilamrta, Dasaratha suta's trans, edited by me
Satyabhama - Wed, 24 Nov 2004 21:41:01 +0530
smile.gif more please smile.gif
Madanmohan das - Wed, 24 Nov 2004 22:04:24 +0530
A golden necklace is clasped about her three-lined neck, and an array of pendant malas, some of gold, of pearls and a wreath of fragrant jasmin. Cupid's golden pots are put to shame by the vessels of her prodruding bosom embelished with leaf designs drawn with sandle and o'erlaid with strands of elephant pearls.
Her arms are a slender pair of lotus stems adorned with conch bangles and bracelets. Her upper arms are adorned with golden armlets with silken tassles and talismans. Her palms are red and her fingers are graced with rings and other ornaments.
She is draped in a rain-cloud silken garment hemmed with golden thread. Her ample hips are broad and her waiste is very slender and she wears an ornamental zone about her loins that emits a tinkling sound.
Her feet are painted with red dye and adorned with sounding anklets. Her graceful gait mocks that of the regal swan, and as she moves her anklets and waiste bells resound like the warbling cuckoo and her touch rebukes that of soft butter.

Amidst much merriment and laughter she bathes in the Suradhuni.