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Songs for Muvva Gopala - poems of Kshetrayya

Satyabhama - Wed, 24 Nov 2004 21:17:58 +0530
Does anybody have english translations of poems of the Telugu poet Kshetrayya? I only have a few, but they are so wonderful! Here is one.

Intiro Varaduniki

That Varadaraja loves you so much!
I can't watch Him suffer any longer.

He puts His hand on His cheek,
smiles His little smile,
and says to Himself,
"Oh! I knew it:
she'll never come back.
I can't forget the love we had.
To live without making love
to that lovely girl-
is that called living?"

He is quiet for a while,
and then He sighs:
"Where did I go wrong?
I can't bear to be away from you
even for a little while.
My mouth cannot speak," He says,
and buries His head in His hands.
If I ask, He only says,
"Oh, how could you possibly help Me?"

That Varada, that Muvva Gopala,
He babbles on and on.
"The miracle that happened then,
will it happen again?"
He thinks, and sighs,
and sighs again,
and says, "This is what fate has done.
This dreadful thing called Love-
I wouldn't wish it on My enemies."