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Dvaraka, Gaura and the highest dhama - Split from "Devi of Dvaarakaa"

Satyabhama - Wed, 24 Nov 2004 19:54:04 +0530
And the bhava of Gadadhara Pandit was also pure and profound; but his nature was yielding, like that of Rukmini Devi. Prabhu wanted to see him angry because of love, but he did not get angry because of his knowledge of Isvara. As a pretext, Prabhu showed signs of anger, and when he heard of it, terror was born in the heart of the pandit, as previously, when Krsna joked with her, terror arose in the heart of Rukmini............... 

.... On the way, Svarupa said to the pandit, "Prabhu has been indifferent to you; why did you not come and reproach him for it? Why did you endure it like a coward?"

The pandit said, "Prabhu is the self-dependent omniscient crest-jewel; I do not think that I should be impudent to him. What he says, I bear, taking on my head; he himself will be merciful, judging what is fault and what is not."

So saying the pandit came to the door of Prabhu, and weeping fell at the feet of Prabhu. Smiling a little, Prabhu embraced him, and he spoke to him sweet words, making sure that everyone heard, "I drove you, but you did not move; you said nothing in anger, but endured it all. Your mind was not budged by my trick; you have bought me, by your most deep and simple bhava".

CC Harvard ed. Antya Lila end of chapter 7


You know, I am very VERY happy when I think of the nitya leela of Gaura... of Bhudevi, Sridevi (Vishnupriya, Lakshmipriya) and Gadai/Radha all TOGETHER and happily serving their Sweetheart.

Unfortunately, that BLACK Krishna steals my mind. I cannot think of that leela for very long... but indeed, it is a blissful one.
Madanmohan das - Wed, 24 Nov 2004 20:02:41 +0530
It's one and the same Lila
Satyabhama - Wed, 24 Nov 2004 20:06:33 +0530
It's one and the same Lila

And I think so too. smile.gif In Venkatam, I see Venkateshwara with Sridevi and Bhudevi, and then Radha (as Neela devi?) along w/ chenchu tribal women and cowherdesses that live in the hills, and everyone is loving that Govinda together.

Krishna really does love everybody. No one is gonna be left in the lurch... Krishna leela is not over... the end of the leela in Bhagavatam is not really the end...
Madanmohan das - Wed, 24 Nov 2004 20:22:08 +0530
There you are, but more specifically, in Gaura Lila, He manifests the various svarupas and avataras contained in his person, according to the wish of his voteries and that son of Nanda spoken of in the Bhagavata is this Caitanya GosAi.
Satyabhama - Wed, 24 Nov 2004 20:25:08 +0530
smile.gif I always felt it all occured in Tirumala... hmm... hehe

At any rate, so long as Krishna is showing His love and showering His dayaa, the dhama matters not. For instance, if rather than bringing me to visit Him in Venkata or Vrindavana or Dwaraka, Lord Krishna appears before me here in the midwestern united states, I will find that totally acceptable... smile.gif namo venkateshaya...
Madanmohan das - Wed, 24 Nov 2004 20:41:37 +0530
It has been said that Sri Krsna is Sarva-vyapi and so also is his Dhama and his persoanal effects etc. I remember reading Baladeva the wise in his Prameya Ratnavali saying that because Krsna is all-permeating, all pervaiding etc., his different bhaktas who meditate in him in different parts of the universe see one and the same Krsna in their meditation.