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How to go from Calcutta to Nabadwip Dham - avoid taxis by all means

nabadip - Sat, 20 Nov 2004 21:32:06 +0530
First let me address the question how you get from Vraja Dham to Nabadwip Dham. There is only one train that stops in Mathura on its way to Howrah which is the twin city of Calcutta on the other side of the Ganga. That train is the Toofan Express, better called Too-slow express because it stops at virtually every other place on the line. It takes 36 hours for a trip for which the Rajdhani takes 16 hours. (Rajdhani trains are the fastest trains in India, and have this name since they are trains connecting major cities in India with the capital, New Delhi.)

An option would be to take a taxi to Tundla and board a train there on the Delhi-Howrah line. Mathura unfortunately is on the Delhi-Bombay line; the two lines are connected only by a transversal line Jaipur-Mathura-Agra-Tundla.

The better option is probably to return to Delhi and leave from Delhi to Howrah, because some of the stops at Tundla would be during the night in the case of trains that leave in the evening.

On the reverse way, however, coming from Calcutta to Vrindavan, Tundla is an excellent option, except that Rajdhanis do not stop there. But the Poorva express for instance does, and that is a good train too.

Naturally, you need a reservation to board a long distance train. If you did not get it before coming to Radhakund, you can get it done by the Iskcon travel service at Ramanreti, or by the Mathura train station in case of the Too-slow express. I do not know whether they (at the Mathura train station) do now also other trains not running on their particular line. The computerisation makes more and more things possible, and things change by the year nowadays.
nabadip - Sat, 20 Nov 2004 21:46:24 +0530
Calcutta has two train stations, the one in Howrah and the other in Sealdah. The Sealdah station is far easier accessible, and I always use trains runnig from there instead of the Howrah trains to Nabadwip Dham. It is not as crowded as Howrah, and it has a few good trains to Nabadwip Dham. One of them is the Testa Torsa Express, or TT Express, which leaves Sealdah at 13.35 and arrives in Nabadwip at 16.15, generally without being behind schedule, because it is a long-distance train. I favor trains, though, that leave in the morning, and there is one going to Katwa around 8 o'clock in the morning. For both trains you cannot get reservations, so no need to go thru that hassle. But you have to ta accept the inconvenience of not having that secure place reserved for you, unless you get a Koolie jumping on board of the arriving train for you to get that seat before others rush in. But even if I did not do that I always got a seat somewhere.
nabadip - Sat, 20 Nov 2004 21:52:24 +0530
By all means: do not even consider getting a taxi to Nabadwip from Calcutta. Too dangerous, and too inconvenient. Trains are convenient and safe. Nabadwip Dham is not as touristy as Vrindavana is, which makes it a safer place in comparison. However you should avoid traveling at night by all means, also with trains. If you decide for the TT express, and that should run late, it is better to avoid boarding it, because a train that starts late will also run more late on the way because it has to wait for other trains at different points.
nabadip - Sat, 20 Nov 2004 21:54:33 +0530
A theoretical option is to book the bus that leaves from Iskcon Calcutta at Albert Road, early in the morning around six o'clock. I have never done this, so I do not know about it.