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Digital/MP3 recorders - Recommendations?

braja - Wed, 17 Nov 2004 23:42:44 +0530
Can anyone recommend a digital recorder suitable for both kirtan and lecture recordings? A friend is asking, looking for something around the $150 mark but if you have recommendations beyond that, please also post them here.
Madhava - Thu, 18 Nov 2004 04:16:25 +0530
Go for one of those Hi-MD MiniDiscs. That's what I would have bought for the trip if I'd had had the cash, I looked over various models. DATs get too expensive and are a bit impractical. MP3 recorders aren't that great on quality of recording or storage capacity, unless you go for one of the pieces from Creative or Archos with a 40GB hard-drive or something like that. I once had a model from Creative, but the damn thing sucked eight AA-NiMH batteries in just a bit over an hour of recording! Needless to say I returned it to where it came from. I hear they've improved on this, but still charging them may prove to be a major hassle. A MiniDisc is an angel with battery consumption.