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asat sanga and aparadha - A Very Dangerous Mixture!

Lalitadas - Wed, 17 Nov 2004 19:19:18 +0530
asat saGga tyAga ei vaisnava AcAra |

During my visit to RK a couple of years ago, I commited many offenses to the Dham and to Her residents. unsure.gif Over the past couple of years, I carelessly mixed with many impersonalists, athiests, etc. Late last year my Namaparadha replaced my chanting completely. I lost faith in Krishna almost completely... sad.gif

Early this year I started working with some very sinful people. mad.gif They smoked ganja and drank alcohal daily. Gradually I did the same. Eventually I started eating meat, as well. My habits became like theirs. I would not even say the name Krishna and was averse to hearing it. I was very unhappy, to say the least. crying.gif

In August I left my job and moved into my mothers home. I spent my time alone, gradually hearing and chanting more and more. I ate less and less pre-cooked food and gradually ate only Krishna Prasad which I cooked myself (with the occasional m&m candy). Now I find myself happily emersed more and more in Krishna Consciousness. laugh.gif

May the bhaktas be gracious so that I never fall back into the darkness again. May my Krishna Consciousness only increase! May we all drown in the nectar ocean of Sri Caitanya's Love! Lord Protect me! blush.gif