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SAdhya-SAdhana VicAra - 2 slokas from 11th skandha

Madanmohan das - Fri, 05 Nov 2004 07:24:10 +0530
srnvan subhadrAni rathAngapAner
janmAni karmAni ca yAni loke/
gItAni nAmAni tad-arthakAni
gAyan vilajjo vicared-asanga//

Listening to the auspiscious narratives of the appearance and deeds of the lord RathAngapAni, and songs of his epithets depicting his beauty and attributes, one should wander about, unabashed, singing his glories and remaining alone or without attatchments.
(this is sAdhana next sAdhya)

evam vrata sva-priya nAma kIrtya
jAtAnurAgo druta-citta uccaih/
hasatyato roditi rauti gAyaty
unmAdava nrtyati loka bahyah//

Adhearing to such a course of practice and singing the names of ones beloved deity generates an intence love (anurAga), effecting a melt-down of the mind, which causes one to laugh at one momment, then to weep, now exclaiming loudly, now singing sweetly and then to dance in utter abandon, oblivious of wordly opinion.

Bhag 11/2/39-40