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Obeisances - to Who?

purifried - Thu, 21 Oct 2004 17:58:09 +0530
I have a few questions about paying obeisances...

1) When we pay obeisances to the Deities, do we recite our guru's pranam mantra, or do we recite a pranam mantra of the Deities to whom we're paying obeisances to?

2) If we use Deity pranam mantras, can pranam mantras to the Deities be any sloka we want that addresses the Deities?

3) When offering bhoga to the Deities, the ISKCON way is to Prabhupada (his pranams) then to Mahaprabhu (namo maha vadanyaya...) then to Krishna (namo brahmanya devaya). Yet usually we worship Gaura Nitai and Radha Krishna, so shouldn't we be offering the bhoga to both PAIRS respectively? Is there other mantras we might or should say that address both personalities in both parties?

4) What is the Gaudiya traditions on obeisances if different from above?

5) Are there hard and fast rules or am I just being silly? huh.gif

6) If you feel like answering, I would appreciate scriptural backing for whatever is said. Thanks. innocent.gif

Madhava - Thu, 21 Oct 2004 18:08:22 +0530
1. & 2. If you go for the darshan of the deity, I would suggest that instead of mumbling your prayers to the floor, you pay your obeisances and then stand up, offering your prayers with folded palms while watching the deity.

3. These mantras are prayers, they are not offering mantras. Offering mantras follow the general pattern of {demonstrative pronoun} {item} {bija} {object in caturthi} {svAha/namaH).

4. I have never read about offering prayers while bowing down. Granted, my readings in ritual literature are somewhat limited, perhaps Keshava would have more to say on this.

5. smile.gif The specifics of puja may vary from tradition to tradition. However there are general conventions, and there are certain no-nos that are fairly universal.

6. Such issues are discussed in the various manuals of worship, which you may find in the Smriti-section of Gaudiya Grantha Mandira. Particularly Sadhanamrita-candrika should be helpful.