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Sponsor Raganuga.Com - ...latest statistics included.

Madhava - Sun, 18 Aug 2002 01:22:57 +0530
Having just uploaded that massive chunk of kirtan, we are pretty much on the edge with our server space. I am supposed to start digitizing and editing Panditji's lectures, 10 tapes * 90 min = 900 min = 15 hours. In 16kbps mp3-format, which is about as low as one can downsample them while still keeping the quality decent, they'll take 108 MB more. Plus I just heard it through the grapevine that more kirtans are coming in.

Currently we have 800MB at our disposal, and the space is roughly divided as follows: = 600 MB = 70 MB = 20 MB = 10 MB

They are of course expanding, and in addition, there are a couple of other things coming in like (Phullakalika's Portuguese site) and (Radhapada's Kirtan site).


If anyone is enthusiastic to support Raganuga.Com and has a credit card at his disposal and can pay directly to our web host ( through PayPal ( or 2Checkout.Com (, or otherwise can just send them a check by mail, please feel free to participate.

We get 200MB extra space for a $20 USD one-time fee, and hosting is $10 per month. Please contact me at or post here if you'd like to participate. We can set up a fancy online marble plate with embedded letters to recognize any contributions from our gentle audience if desired. Raganuga.Com hall of fame or something like that.

Madhava - Sun, 18 Aug 2002 16:50:35 +0530
If anyone is curious to know how many people are visiting Raganuga.Com, you can view the current statistics here:

Nowadays we're getting an average of 140-160 visitors per day. Yesterday was the peak since a month or so with 170 visits. Some statistics since the beginning of Raganuga.Com in February 2002 (from the last 200 days):

Total visitors25000
Total  content served17 GB
Total of viewed  pages218500
Total hits1272005
Total downloaded  literature (pdf files)10725
Total completed literature  downloads4790
Total downloaded audio 8660
Total  completed audio downloads4095

Visitors per day125
Content served per day85  MB
Viewed pages per day1092,50
Hits per  day6360
Downloaded literature (pdf files) per  day
Successful (completed) literature downloads per  day
Total downloaded audio (mp3 files) per day
Total completed audio downloads per day

A note on the concept "hits": Although many websites like to advertise the amount of "hits" they get per day, in reality this number is meaningless, since what constitutes a "hit" is any retrieved file, whether a html page, a piece of graphics or whatever. When anyone views our front page, it adds up to 23 hits. Thus "hits" is not a way of measuring a site's popularity.

With downloaded files, I have given both the total quantity of started downloads and the quantity of completed downloads, since many don't have the patience for downloading the entire file or otherwise they get disconnected on the way. Most of the incomplete literature downloads are people who didn't read the "Right click and Save As" notice on the literature page. Morale: Don't open a PDF file in your browser.

And now, everyone, invite your friends to Raganuga.Com! (Use the invite your friend - feature on the bottom of the front page of Raganuga Discussions.)