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Travel agent? - Looking for a decent priced ticket to India

purifried - Thu, 07 Oct 2004 17:22:23 +0530
Hare Rama.

Does anyone know of a decent travel agent? I'm looking to find a ticket to India for travel somewhere around 12/17 - 1/14. Similar to last year the tickets during that time run pretty high ($2000-$3000). I'm looking for a normal priced ticket and I wonder if anyone has any connections or knows of a good travel agent.

Of course I may or may not go, but I am seriously looking and I figured even if I don't go this topic may help others who use this site when it is time for them to travel. Plus, we can also review travel agents suggested on here if we use them.

Rasaraja dasa - Thu, 07 Oct 2004 19:50:34 +0530
Dandavats. All glories to the Vaisnavas.

Try Bharat Travel in NYC which is one we have used for 15 years or so. Ask for Chinmoy and she will help you out. They have priced us tockets for the same time frame for $5,600 for the whole family (2 adults and 2 kids).

Aspiring to serve the Vaisnavas,
Rasaraja dasa
Anand - Thu, 07 Oct 2004 21:49:31 +0530
Rasaraja dasa,

What a coincidence, Cinu is my travel agent too, since 25 years ago actually, when I first went to India from Brazil. She has told me just yesterday, however, that all flights to India for December are booked. Lots of Indians go visit relatives at that time of year, she explains. Seats might still be available on some flights on Christmas day. She has got us slightely higher prices than you got, for three adults and one child, but with less time from the date of departure.

Bharat Travel's telephone number in NYC is listed as (212) 889-7511
Madhava - Thu, 07 Oct 2004 22:24:50 +0530
I believe the more expensive season starts right at the beginning of December. Therefore we are flying on the 30th of November, which cuts about $200 off each ticket.

If someone happens to be in Europe and wants to fly cheap, Aeroflot is your company of choice, especially in Northern Europe, if you don't mind a couple of hours of waiting at Moscow airport. Our tickets for a four month trip two ways are 620e ($760 USD) each. smile.gif
braja - Thu, 07 Oct 2004 23:11:27 +0530
Yes, Chinmoyee is nice.

Unfortunately the India govt apparently has limits on the number of flights available so even though the demand is great, the seats aren't available. I did hear this policy was changing soon, but let's see.

Different airlines have different cutoff dates for the season, e.g. for British Air there was no difference between flying on Dec 3 or Dec 15, but most other airlines have a cutoff of December 5, IIRC. Tickets from the East Coast were $1200-1500 a month or so back.

You might find seats on airlines like Kuwait and Turkish. Try They are based in India so sometimes have tickets that are a bit cheaper.