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Adobe Reader 6 - do your PDFs take too long to open?

Sakhicharan - Sat, 02 Oct 2004 05:21:50 +0530
Adobe Reader 6 can take a long time to load.
I am running windoze on an old box and it can be painful to wait so long to open a .pdf file.

A friend recently gave me this tip.

Navigate to the directory containing Reader 6- then find the "plug_ins" folder.
Rename this folder to something else; "plug_outs" for example.
Create a new folder called "plug_ins", then copy these three files from the "plug_outs" to the "plug_ins" folder.

1) EWH32.api
2) printme.api
3) Search.api

This fix will greatly speed up the time it takes to load Reader!