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Discussions on the nectarine qualities and pastimes of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu and Sri-Sri Radha-Krishna. Please don't copy and paste here without starting a discussion.

Your thoughts about Radha - In celebration of Radhastami

Madhava - Tue, 21 Sep 2004 15:51:25 +0530

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- Jaya Sri Radhe! -

Today is Radhastami. I would be very fond of seeing our members primarily participating in this thread and expressing their respective appreciations of Radha. Whatever comes to your mind on this blessed day of our dear mistress, please post it in. A beautiful verse, a story, something from deep within your heart -- please post it in!

-- And Happy Radhastami to you all!

Satyabhama - Tue, 21 Sep 2004 17:45:52 +0530
Happy Birthday, Krishna's Sweetheart! Many happy returns of the day! smile.gif
Hari Saran - Tue, 21 Sep 2004 18:00:50 +0530
I wish a Happy birthday to Sri Radha, the divine cowherd girl that embodies intense love for Her beloved Nandanandana.

Sri Radhikastakam

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babu - Tue, 21 Sep 2004 18:15:29 +0530
Happy Birthday Radha!

Of all that is loving and beautiful and glorious and wonderful in this world,
I know there you are dancing with Krishna.

Anand - Tue, 21 Sep 2004 18:41:59 +0530
I have these notes from some lecture but am not sure by whom, where, when, but it sounds very sweet. Sri Radhastami Ki Jai!

"Why do we want to unite Radha with Krsna? Because without their union there would be no love in the world, this and the other world. Nowhere there would be love, and we would have no hope of finding love for ourselves.

So we want that Radha will go and meet with Krishna one more time. Because when the two are together Radha will think of others, forgetting Krishna for a moment in favor of sharing with her friends her victorious controlling of him.

Krishna however, on meeting with Radha, cannot think of anything other than her ever-increasing beauty and qualities.

Radha is the one who makes Krishna attractive, so He needs her more than she needs him, even if apparently he alone can play on the flute, making the whole world melt in separation. The fact is, without Radha he can’t play one single note.

She meets with him because she knows He will not be satisfied by any other lover, while he is a beggar for direction (?).

Like an inapt student of archery, he succumbs to the masterly movements of her eyebrows, carelessly allowing them to strike him in the heart, every time. Does he ever learn the lesson? No, he keeps the instructor engaged… "
Advitiya - Tue, 21 Sep 2004 19:40:00 +0530
rAdhe jaya jaya mAdhava-dayite!
Jay Radhashtami ki jay!
Madhava - Tue, 21 Sep 2004 19:57:35 +0530

Malatilata - Tue, 21 Sep 2004 19:58:30 +0530


Oh Goddess! I pray for nothing from you at any time
other than single-minded service to your lotus feet.
If you should say, “Become my friend, my equal,'
then I answer, “I offer eternal obeisances to such friendship.
I bow down to it, but my actual feelings are
that my taste for being your hand-maid
should ever increase, yes, increase forever.
This is my prayer, and this is my vow.

(Sri Vilapa Kusumanjali, 16)
Satyabhama - Tue, 21 Sep 2004 20:05:09 +0530
Happy birthday, Krishna's Darling!
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Subal - Tue, 21 Sep 2004 20:10:03 +0530
As a gift to you my dear queen of Braja,
I lay my life at your feet.
My only desire is to be your maid servant.
May I always be allowed to behold your beautiful form.
May I be allowed to touch you, bathe you and dress you with my love.
When oh when will that day come when my desires will be fulfilled?
Be kind to me and grant me your mercy soon.
My heart longs for you. I cannot stand the separation.
Let me join that bevy of young beauties that surround you,
and help to bring about your union with your beloved Govinda.
You are so merciful to even let me remember you in this way.
Live in my heart always while this separation exists,
and let me return to your bower soon.
jijaji - Tue, 21 Sep 2004 20:30:01 +0530
user posted image

DharmaChakra - Tue, 21 Sep 2004 20:50:48 +0530
My Dear Radharani...

I never thought all cosmic truths could be understood from You sneaking a kiss with Krishna under the blooming flowers.

I never thought a person's goal in life could be to help You meet for a secret rendezvous with the naughty Govinda.

I never thought God himself could be brought down low with a simple batting of Your eyelashes.

You have taught the entire world this, that God is subdued by Love.

I am fallen, and my heart is dirty because try as I might, I simply can not understand these simple truths. I pray to obtain just a smattering of Your mercy. Please let me serve the servant, of the servant, of Your servant, and please forgive my pride in asking for such a boon.

I am always falling at Your divine feet.

ps. Happy Birthday!
jijaji - Tue, 21 Sep 2004 21:42:49 +0530
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Jai Radhe
Malatilata - Wed, 22 Sep 2004 01:25:17 +0530
zrI GAndharvA-SamprArthanASTakam
by zrIla RUpa GosvAmI

vRndAvane viharator iha keli-kuJje
sandarzayasva yuvayor vadanAravinda-
dvandvaM vidhehi mayi devi! kRpAM prasIda

O DevI RAdhike! You and zrI KRSNa are constantly enjoying Your ambrosial amorous pastimes in the leafy pleasure-groves of VRndAvana, like the intoxicated king of elephants sporting with his queen elephant. Therefore, O GAndharvike! Be pleased with me and mercifully grant me darzana of Your and Your beloved KRSNa's lotus-like faces.

hA devi! kAku-bhara-gadgadayAdya vAcA
yAce nipatya bhuvi daNDavad udbhaTArtiH
asya prasAdam abudhasya janasya kRtvA
gAndharvike! nija-gaNe gaNanAM vidhehi

O DevI GAndharvike! I am suffering greatly, and therefore today I throw myself on the ground like a stick and humbly implore You with a choked voice to be merciful to this fool and please count me as one of Your own.

zyAme! ramA-ramaNa-sundaratA-variSTha-
zyAmasya vAma-bhuja-baddha-tanuM kadAhaM
tvAm indirA-virala-rUpa-bharAM bhajAmi?

O he zyAme! Your Master is even more charming than NArAyaNa BhagavAn and His beauty enchants the entire creation. You are always in His arm's embrace on His left side, and Your beauty can never be equalled, even by that of LakSmI-devI. When will I properly worship Your beauty?

tvAM pracchadena mudira-cchavinA pidhAya
maJjIra-mukta-caraNAM ca vidhAya devi!
kuJje vrajendra-tanayena virAjamAne
naktaM kadA pramuditAm abhisArayiSye?

O DevI RAdhike! When will I become Your sakhI, and, pleasing You by dressing Your transcendental form in a raincloud-coloured sArI and removing the anklets from Your feet, send You off to a gorgeous kuJja for a nocturnal rendezvous with zrI Nanda-nandana?

kuJje prasUna-kula-kalpita-keli-talpe
saMviSTayor madhura-narma-vilAsa-bhAjoH
loka-trayAbharaNayoz caraNAmbujAni
saMvAhayiSyati kadA yuvayor jano ’yam?

O DevI! Within a kuJja You and zrI KRSNa lie on a bed of so many kinds of flowers which is a playground for Your sweet amorous amusement. When will I receive the opportunity to serve the lotus feet of You and Your beloved, who together are the very adornment of the three worlds? Oh, when will such an auspicious day come?

tvat-kuNDa-rodhasi vilAsa-parizrameNa
svedAmbu-cumbi-vadanAmburuha-zriyau vAm
vRndAvanezvari! kadA taru-mUla-bhAjau
saMvIjayAmi camarI-caya-cAmareNa?

O VRndAvanezvari! After enjoying love-sports with zrI KRSNa on the bank of Your kuNDa, Your lotus faces brilliantly decorated with drops of perspiration, You will both relax upon a jewelled siMhAsana beneath a desire tree. When You are in that condition, when will I be able to soothe You by fanning You with a cAmara?

lInAM nikuJja-kuhare bhavatIM mukunde
citraiva sUcitavatI rucirAkSi! nAham
bhugnAM bhruvaM na racayeti mRSA-ruSAM tvAm
agre vrajendra-tanayasya kadA nu neSye?

O beautiful-eyed RAdhike! When You playfully hide in a secret place within a kuJja and zrI KRSNa comes to know where You are hiding and approaches You, You will ask me, “He RUpa-maJjarI! Why did you show KRSNa My hiding-place?” Then I will reply, “No, no, I didn’t tell Him; it was Citra SakhI. Therefore please do not frown at me.” When will I speak these entreating words to You, while seeing You standing before KRSNa and accusing me? When will such a day come?

vAg-yuddha-keli-kutuke vraja-rAja-sUnuM
jitvonmadAm adhika-darpa-vikAsi-jalpAm
phullAbhir Alibhir analpam udIryamANa-
stotrAM kadA nu bhavatIm avalokayiSye?

When You defeat zrI KRSNa in a playful war of words, You become immensely joyful and boast of Your victory to Your girlfriends. Then the sakhIs will express their delight by exclaiming, “Jaya RAdhe! Jaya RAdhe!” Oh, when will I become fortunate enough to participate in Your victory chorus?

yaH ko ’pi suSThu vRSabhAnu-kumArikAyAH
samprArthanASTakam idaM paThati prapannaH
sA preyasA saha sametya dhRta-pramodA
tatra prasAda-laharIm urarI-karoti

Any surrendered soul who with great faith recites these eight appeals to the daughter of VRSabhAnu MahArAja will receive direct darzana of Her accompanied by Her beloved zrI KRSNa and feel the waves of Her happiness shower upon him.

Sakhicharan - Wed, 22 Sep 2004 01:35:42 +0530

Oh Whose lotus feet are worshipped
by the most prominent damsels of Braja!

Oh Whose festival of purely emotional ecstacies
is not perceivable even by the greatest of souls!

The fathomless abodes of immaculate rasa
--- Your own lotus feet ---

Please instruct me, Oh my Goddess!
in the techniques of Their service
blazing with divine mellows of sweetness!

Jaya Sri Radhe!
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Sakhicharan - Wed, 22 Sep 2004 02:00:19 +0530
bRSabhAnu-sutA- caraNa-sebane
hoibo je pAlya-dAsI
zrI-rAdhAra sukha satata sAdhane
rohibo Ami prayAsI

I will always serve zrI RAdhA's feet. I will be a gopI always protected by Her.
I will always try to please Her.

zrI-rAdhAra sukhe kRSNera je sukha
jAnibo manete Ami
rAdhA-pada chAri' zrI-kRSNa-saGgame
kabhu nA hoibo kAmI

In my heart I will know that KRSNa's finds His pleasure in zrI RAdhA's
pleasure. Therefore I will never desire to leave zrI RAdhA's feet and stay alone
with KRSNa.

sakhI-gaNa mama parama-suhRt
jugala-premera guru
tad-anuga ho'ye sebibo rAdhAra

zrI RAdhA's friends will be my well-wishers, teaching me of the divine
couple's spiritual love. Following them, I will serve the kalpa-vRkSa tree of zrI
RAdhA's feet.

rAdhA-pakha chAri' je-jana se-jana
je bhabe se bhabe thAke
Ami to' rAdhikA- pakha-pAtI sadhA
kabhu nAhi heri tA'ke

I will always stay with zrI RAdhA. Never will I leave Her and stay among her
rivals, whoever they are.

Satyabhama - Wed, 22 Sep 2004 03:35:58 +0530

Seeing how thin Hari's arms were as He carelessly lifted Mt. Govardhana,
She rested Her hand on Hari's shoulder and placed Her feet on His,
Wanting to help Him lift the mountain that was out of Her reach--
May the empty motions of Raadhaa's hands in the sky triumph forever!

(from Sarasvateekanthaabharana)
Satyabhama - Wed, 22 Sep 2004 04:52:54 +0530
More verses for Radha, but sad ones this time... read them Here, maybe after celebrations are over.

Elpis - Wed, 22 Sep 2004 05:56:17 +0530
I am no devotee of RAdhA, but since I promised Jagadananda to type up the text of the RAdhopaniSad (see here), I thought that today would be a good day to post that work.

The below text of the RAdhopaniSad is based on the following printed edition:

Unpublished Upanishads. Edited by the pandits of the Adyar Library under the supervision of Dr. C. Kunhan Raja. Adyar Library Series vol. 14. 1933.

Text in [ ... ] indicates something supplied by the editor (or so I assume; it is nowhere explained).

Text in {* ... *} (i.e. half of the second prapAThaka and half of the fourth prapAThaka) is marked by the editor and supplied with the following explanation: kuNDaladvayAntargato bhAgo vyAkhyAnavat bhAti, "The part between the pair of brackets looks like a commentary" (my translation).

I have not read over the text carefully after typing it up, so I am sure that it contains mistakes. Any corrections and comments are welcome.



prathamaH prapAThakaH

oM atha suSuptau rAmaH svabodham AdhAyeva kiM me devaH kvAsau kRSNo yo 'yaM mama bhrAteti tasya kA niSThA brUhIti | sA vai hy uvAca | rAma zRNu bhUr bhuvaH svar mahar janas tapaH satyaM talaM vitalaM sutalaM rasAtalaM talAtalaM mahAtalaM pAtAlaM evaM paJcAzatkoTiyojanaM bahulaM svarNANDaM brahmANDam iti anantakoTibrahmANDAnAm upari kAraNajalopari mahAviSNor nityaM sthAnaM vaikuNThaH | sa ha pRcchati | kathaM zUnyamaNDale nirAlambane vaikuNTha iti sAnuyuktA | padmAsanAsInaH kRSNadhyAnaparAyaNaH zeSadevo 'sti | tasyAnantaromakUpeSv anantakoTibrahmANDAni anantakoTikAraNajalAni tasya saptakoTiparisahasraparimitAH phaNAH tadupari vaikuNTho viSNuloka iti | rudralokaH zivavaikuNTha iti | dazakoTiyojanavistIrNo rudralokaH | tadupari viSNulokaH | saptakoTiyojanavistIrNo viSNulokaH | tadupari sudarzanacakraM trikoTiyojanavistIrNam | tadupari kRSNasya sthAnaM gokulADhyaM mAthuramaNDalaM mahat padaM sudhAmayasamudreNAveSTitam iti | tatrASTadalakesaramadhye maNipIThe saptAvaraNakam iti | sa pRcchati | kiM rUpaM kiM sthAnaM kiM padmaM kim antaHkesaraH kim AvaraNam | ity ukte sAnuyuktA | gokulADhye mAthuramaNDale vRndAvanamadhye sahasradalapadme SoDazadalamadhye aSTadalakesare govindo 'pi zyAmapItAmbaro dvibhujo mayUrapiJchazirAH veNuvetrahasto nirguNaH saguNo nirAkAraH sAkAro nirIhaH sa ceSTate virAjata iti | pArzve rAdhikA ceti | tasyA aMzo lakSmIdurgAvijayAdizaktir iti | pazcime sammukhe lalitA | vAyavye zyAmalA | uttarasmin zrImatI | aizAnyAM haripriyA | pUrvasmin vizAlA | agneyyAM zraddhA | yAmyAM padmA | nairRtyAM bhadrA | SoDazadale agne candrAvatI | tadvAme citrarekhA | tatpArzve citrakarA | tatpArzve madanasundarI | tatpArzve zrImadA | tatpArzve zazirekhA | tatpArzve kRSNapriyA | tatpArzve vRndA | tatpArzve manoharA | tatpArzve yoganandA {for yogAnandA, I guess} | tatpArzve parAnandA | tatpArzve premAnandA | tatpArzve satyAnandA | tatpArzve candrA | tatpArzve kizorIvallabhA | tatpArzve karuNAkuzalA iti | evaM vividhA gopyaH kRSNasevAM kurvantIti | iti vedavacanaM bhavati | iti vedavacanaM bhavati | iti vedavacanaM bhavati | mAnasapUjayA japena dhyAnena kIrtanena stutyA mAnasena sarveNa nityasthalaM prApnoti | nAnyeneti | nAnyeneti | nAnyeneti ||

ity AtharvaNyAM puruSabodhanyAM pAramahaMsyAM prathamaH prapAThakaH

dvitIyaH prapAThakaH

oM sAnuyuktA | tasya bAhyeSu zatadalapadmapatreSu yogapITheSu rAsakrIDAnuraktA gopyas tiSThanti | etac caturdvAraM lakSasUryasamujjvalam | tatra drumAkIrNam | tat prathamAvaraNe pazcime sammukhe svarNamaNDape devakanyA | dvitIye sudAmAdi | tRtIye kiGkiNyAdi | caturthe lavaGgAdi | paJcame kalpataror mUle uSA tatsahito 'niruddho 'pi | SaSThe devAH | saptame raktavarNo viSNur iti dvArapAlAH | etad bAhyAM rAdhAkuNDam | tatra snAtvA rAdhAGga bhavati | Izvarasya darzanayogyaM bhavati | yatra snAtvA nArada Izvarasya nityasthalasAmIpyayogyo bhavati | rAdhAkRSNayor ekam Asanam | ekA buddhiH | ekaM manaH | ekaM jJAnam | eka AtmA | ekaM padam | ekA AkRtiH | ekaM brahma | tasya samaM hemamuralIM vAdayan hemasvarUpAm anurAgasaMvalitAM kalpataror mUle [Aste |] surabhividyA akSamAlA zrutir iva paramA siddhA sAttvikI | {*zuddhA sAttvikI guNAtItA snehabhAvarahitA | ata eva dvayor na bhedaH | kAlamAyAguNAtItatvAt | tad eva spaSTayati atheti | athAnantaraM maGgale vA | atha vA zrIvRndAvanamadhye RgyajuHsAmasvarUpam | RgAtmako makAraH | yajurAtmaka ukAraH | zrIrAmaH sAmAtmako 'pi akAraH | zrIkRSNaH ardhamAtrAtmake 'pi | yazodA iva binduH | parabrahma saccidAnandAnandarAdhAkRSNayoH parasparasukhAbhilASarasAsvAdana iva tat saccidAnandAmRtaM kathyate | tallakSaNaM yat praNavaM brahmaviSNuzivAtmakam icchAjJAnazaktiniSThaM kAyikavAcikamAnasikabhAvaM sattvarajastamasvarUpaM satyatretAdvAparAnugItam | dvAparasya pazcAd vartate kaliH | etac caturyugeSu gIyate | tad bhUrbhuvaHsvarlakSaNam oGkAra eva | yac cAnyad ati riktaM kAlAtItaM tad apy oGkAra eva | sarvaM hy etad brahma AtmA so 'ham asmi iti dhImahi cintayemahi | “Adityo vA eSa etan maNDalaM tapati” iti yat zvetAkhyaM zvetadvIpanAma sthAnaM turIyAtItaM gokulamathurAdvArakANAM turIyam etad divyaM vRndAvanam iti puraivoktaM sarvaM sampatsampradAyAnugataM yatra ||*}

ity AtharvaNyAM puruSabodhanyAM pAramahaMsyAM dvitIyaH prapAThakaH

tRtIyaH prapAThakaH

athAnantaraM bhadrazrIlohabhANDIramahAtAlakhadiravakulakumudakAmyamadhuvRndAvanAni dvAdazavanAni kAlindyAH pazcime saptavanAni pUrvasmin paJcavanAni uttarasmin guhyAni santi | mathurAvanamadhuvanamahAvanakhAdiravanabhANDIravananandIzvaravananandavanAnandavanakhANDavavanapalAzavanAzokavanaketakavanadrumavanagandhamAdanavanazeSAyivanazyAmAyuvanabhujyuvanadadhivanavRSabhAnuvanasaGketavanadIpavanarAsavanakrIDAvanotsukavanAny etAni caturviMzativanAni nityasthalAni nAnAlIlayAdhiSThAya kRSNaH krIDati | [tAni vanAni] vasantaRtusevitAni mandAdipavanayuktAni [santi] yatra duHkhaM nAsti sukhaM nAsti jarA nAsti maraNaM nAsti krodho nAsti tatra pUrNAnandamayaH zrIkaizorakRSNaH zikhaNDidalalambitatriyumaguJjAvataMsamaNimayakirITazirAH gorocanAtilakaH karNayor makarakuNDalo vanyasragvI mAlatIdAmabhUSitazarIraH kare kaGkaNaM bAhau keyUraM pAdayoH kiGkiNIM kaTyAM pItAmba[raM ca dhArayan] gambhIranAbhikamalaH suvRttanAsAyugalo dhvajavajrAdicihnitapAdapadmo mahAviSNu[r Aste] |

evaMrUpaM kRSNacandraM cintayen nityazaH sudhI || iti ||

tasyAdyA prakRtI rAdhikA nityA nirguNA sarvAlaGkArazobhitA prasannAzeSalAvaNyasundarI | asmadAdInAM janma tad adhInaM asyAMzAd bahavo viSNurudrAdayo bhavanti | evaMbhUtasyAgAdhamahimnaH sukhasindhor utpannam iti mAnasapUjayA dhyAnena kIrtanena stutyA mAnasena sarveNa nityasthalaM prApnoti | nAnyeneti | nAnyeneti | nAnyeneti | iti vedavacanaM bhavati | iti vedavacanaM bhavati | iti vedavacanaM bhavati ||

ity AtharvaNyAM puruSabodhanyAM pAramahaMsyAM tRtIyaH prapAThakaH

caturthaH prapAThakaH

atha puruSottamo yasyAM nizAyAM turIyaM sAkSAd brahma | yatra paramasannyAsasvarUpaH kRSNaH kalpapAdapaH | yatra lakSmIr jAmbavatI rAdhikA vimalA candrAvalI sarasvatI lalitAdir iti | sAkSAd brahmasvarUpo jagannAthaH ahaMzeSAMzajyotIrUpaH sudarzano bhaktaz ca | evaM paJcadhA vibhUtim iti | yatra ca mathurA gokulaM dvArakA vaikuNThapurI rAmapurI yamapurI naranArAyaNapurI kuberapurI gaNezapurI zakrapurI etA devatAs tiSThanti | yatra rasAtalapAtAlagaGArohiNIkuNDam amRtakuNDam ityAdinAnApurI | yatrAnnaM siddhAnnam | {*zUdrAdisparzadoSarahitaM brahmAdisaMskArApekSArahitaM yatra zrIjagannAthasya yogam ity arthaH | “nAbhyA AsIt” iti mantreNa, “annapate 'nnasya” iti mantreNa, “annAdyAya vyUhadhvaM somo rAjAya bhAgamatsame sukhaM pramAryate yazasA ca balena ca” iti mantreNa, “vizvakarmaNi svAhA” iti mantreNa, “ Apo jyotI raso 'mRtaM brahma bhUr bhuvaH suvar om” iti mantreNa, “pRthivI te pAtraM dyaur apidhAnaM brahmaNas tvA mukhe juhomi svAhA” iti mantreNa, “annaM brahma” iti zrutyA ca kaivalyamuktir ucyate | yatrAnnaM brahma paramaM pavitraM zAnto rasaH kaivalyamuktiH siddhA bhUrbhuvaHsvarmahattvam ityAdi yatra bhArgavI yamunA samudram amRtamayaM vRndAvanAni nIlaparvatagovardhanasiMhAsanaM prAsAdo maNimaNTapo vimalAdiSoDazacaNDikAgopyo yatra samudratIre ca nirantaraM kAmadhenuvRndaM yatra nRsiMhAdayo devatA AvaraNAni yatra na jarA na mRtyur na kAlo na bhaGgo na jayo na vivAdo na hiMsA na zAntir na svapna evaM lIlAkAmazarIrI svavinodArthaM bhaktaiH sahotkaNThitais tatra krIDati kRSNaH |*}

eko devo nityalIlAnurakto
bhaktavyApI bhaktahRdy antarAtmA |
karmAdhyakSaH sarvabhUtAdhivAsaH
sAkSI cetA kevalo nirguNaz ca ||

mAnasapUjayA japena dhyAnena kIrtanena stutyA mAnasena sarveNa nityasthalaM prApnoti | nAnyeneti | nAnyeneti | nAnyeneti | iti vedavacanaM bhavati | iti vedavacanaM bhavati | iti vedavacanaM bhavati ||

ity AtharvaNyAM puruSabodhanyAM pAramahaMsyAM caturthaH prapAThakaH

iti rAdhopaniSat samAptA
Sakhicharan - Wed, 22 Sep 2004 06:48:34 +0530
Making delightful crowns
with fresh peacock feathers
and necklaces woven
from colorful gunja berries
...presenting them to Him
on your behalf...

You're The Presiding Goddess
of Vrndavan's blooming bower houses---
Oh Sri Radhike!
When will I become your maidservant?

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Sakhicharan - Wed, 22 Sep 2004 07:28:24 +0530
Where every sprout and creeper
is touched by the hand of Radha

Where pleasantly sweet places
are decorated by the footprints of Radha

Where all the birds madly sing
the fame and glory of Radha

Let my mind wander about and playfully sport
in the forest playground of Radha

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Madhava - Wed, 22 Sep 2004 18:45:17 +0530
A view from Radha-Gopinath Mandir at Radhakunda: Radhastami-abhishek.
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Madhava - Wed, 22 Sep 2004 18:46:27 +0530
And a close-up of the altar area. Thanks to Yugal Kishor for the photos!
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Satyabhama - Wed, 22 Sep 2004 18:47:50 +0530
I'm sure you will all get your Svamini! I am praying for you!
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anuraag - Wed, 03 Aug 2005 21:06:49 +0530
Enjoy more 'Radhashtami celebrations'!

Ratha Yatra and Sharad Poornima Celebrations!

10th Anniversary Celebrations of Sri Raseshvari Radha Rani Temple!
Madhava - Sun, 11 Sep 2005 00:37:13 +0530
I trust everyone is preparing for the upcoming celebration by now. smile.gif Malati is busy in the kitchen preparing sweets, I am busy trying to shovel work out of the way to have more free time tomorrow. sad.gif And here's a link to narrations of Radha's appearance! flowers.gif
Madhava - Mon, 12 Sep 2005 00:33:06 +0530
Some views from today's celebration. smile.gif

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Madhava - Mon, 12 Sep 2005 00:53:43 +0530
Giridhari dressed in Radha-Namavali. smile.gif

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Tamal Baran das - Mon, 12 Sep 2005 03:02:26 +0530
Jay Sri Radhe....
Dear Madhava,
This is beautifullll....
Hari Saran - Mon, 12 Sep 2005 03:28:52 +0530
Today's thoughts about Radha-Krishna


Gaurasundara - Mon, 12 Sep 2005 04:26:03 +0530
bhajAmi rAdhAm aravinda-netrAM smarAmi rAdhAM madhura-smitAsyAm |
vadAmi rAdhAM karuNa-bharArdrAM tato mamAnyAsti gatir na kApi ||

"I worship Sri Radha, the lotus-eyed one; I remember Sri Radha, who has the sweetest of smiles;
I speak of Sri Radha, who melts of compassion; Thus, in my life, I have nothing left to attain."

-- Sri Raghunath das Gosvami
(Sri Vishakhanandabhidha-stotram 131.)
vijayalakshmi - Mon, 12 Sep 2005 22:47:13 +0530
viSTasya rAdhA-hRdayasya rAjJaH
dhAtrA kRtaM zroNi-miSAt sukhAptyai

On the pretext of fashioning KRSNa's lap, the creator BrahmA made a great blue cushion to please RAdhA's royal heart, which always sits on the throne of KRSNa"s limbs.

smile.gif Happy Radhashtami. smile.gif