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Retired Threads - Please read before asking where stuff disappears

Madhava - Mon, 20 Sep 2004 19:44:03 +0530
In cooperation with several senior members onboard, the moderators have decided to do a some cleaning up in the forums. This is done for a very simple reason:The moderators will therefore begin to comb through the forums for topics that should retire, effective immediately. They will be placed into a separate read-only subforum called "Retired Topics", where access is given upon request. PM me for access if you need to look up something in there.

We will do our best to set aside posts with substantial content, turning them into seedlings of new threads. However, in some more badly cluttered topics, we may need to just move things out wholesale, as separating them would just be a far too complicated and time-consuming process. If you feel something of great relevance posted by yourself has disappered, we invite you to browse the retired threads section, picking out your substance and starting a new thread with it.
Madhava - Mon, 20 Sep 2004 19:46:06 +0530
We also invite the community to participate in this grand endeavor. Please use the Report-button if you spot things that would perhaps need to retire, and type in a word or two to explain whether you're referring to one particular post, the entire thread, or select posts.