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Bhudevi - Embodiment of Govinda's Compassion - Split from the Laksmi-thread

Satyabhama - Thu, 09 Sep 2004 04:23:22 +0530
Let me take this opportunity to offer praise to my ishta devi, Bhudevi!...

Bhudevi's incarnations are

Bhudevi (Varaha's consort)
Padmavathi/Alamelumanga (Venkateshwara's wife)
Satyabhama (Dwarakanaath's wife)
Vedaavathi (according to some sources, the woman who took Seeta's place so that Ravana did not actually kidnap Seeta (?))
Vishnupriya (consort of Gaurahari)
Andal/Goda Devi (one of the Alwars- Wife of Sri Ranganatha and Beloved of Lord Krishna)

Any others? smile.gif

Some prayers/slokas on Bhudevi:

sri-sanatana-misro'yad pura satrajito napa |
vishnupriya jagan-mata yat-kanya bhu-svarupini ||

He who was King Satrajit in Krishna lila was Sanatan Mishra in Chaitanya lila. The mother of the universe, the incarnation of the Lord's Bhu-sakti, is his daughter Vishnupriya. (Gaura-gaˆoddesa-dipika 47)

aashaade poorNa phalgunyaam thulasee kaananodhBhavaam
paandye vishvambharaam godhaam vandhe shree ranganayakeem
- brahmathanthra swathanthra swaami in dhivyasoori charitham

I pray to Goda devi (Andal), who is vishvambharaa (Bhudevi), who is
the beloved of Sri Ranganatha, and who was born in the paandya kingdom in the month of aashaada(aadi) under the star of poorNa phalguni(pooram) in a tulasi grove.

Sri VishNuchittha Kulanandana Kalpavalleem
Sri RangarAja Harichandana yOga dhrusyAm
SaakshAth KashamAm KaruNayA KamalamivAnyAm
GOdhAm ananya Sarana: SaraNam PrapadhyE

(from Swamy Vedanta Desika's Goda Stuti)

(Meaning): GodA Piraatti (Andal/Bhudevi) is the wish-granting Kalpaka tree in flower garden of the kulam of Sri VishNu Chitthar; She is most beautiful as She gives us Her darsanam as the Karpaka creeper united with Her Lord Sri Rangarajan standing majestically as the Harichandana tree in that
Nandavanam; She is the incarnation of BhUmi Devi known for Her auspicious qualities of forbearance; indeed ,Godai is the embodiment of forbearance;
When it comes to the quality of Her Mercy, Godai is a veritable MahA Lakshmi (KamalA). AdiyEn, who has no other refuge seek Her as my sole refuge.

Bhudevi's Gayatri Mantra:

Dhanurdharaayai Cha Vidmahe
Sarva siddhayai Cha Dheemahi
Thanno Dharaa Prachodhayaath.

We worship the Goddess who adorns a bow and arrow in her hand. Salutations to the Goddess who gives all the boons to the devotees. May that Bhudevi stimulate our creative faculties.

VisvambharaamasaraNa: SaraNam prapathyE!
Hari Saran - Mon, 13 Sep 2004 08:15:00 +0530

I have asked to Keshava about Bhumi Devi. I wanted to know if She is a liberated being that assimilated the qualities of Laksmi Devi and therefore represents the Jivatma serving Vishnu in the mood of Laksmi Devi or is She considered to be a “Vishnu-Shakti”?

According to ACBS, "The correct conclusion is that the descriptions of Laksmi as being different from Visnu are stated when an eternally liberated living entity is imbued with the quality of Laksmi; they do not pertain to mother Laksmi, the eternal consort of Lord Visnu."
SB6.19.13 purport.

Now, if following the perspective above, Sri Venkateswara’s consort, Bhumi Devi looks to be “mediating” or “representing” the living entity (jivatma) between Shakti and Shaktiman. Although She enjoys the same position as the wife of Vishnu, She is not Vishnu-Shakti? It is my concoction, if not too complicate to understand could you or someone else clarify it, please.

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Satyabhama - Mon, 13 Sep 2004 08:28:33 +0530
Bhudevi is "Bhu-sakthi" of Vishnu. She is a (nitya-siddha) jiva, and an "amsa" of Lakshmi. (What exacly is an "amsa" of Lakshmi? I'm not sure... can anyone clarify?)

Keshava seems to be the resident Sri Vaishnavism expert. Probably knows a LOT more about ontology of Bhu and Neela devis than I do! Probably you should ask him. smile.gif

But yeah, Bhudevi is my favorite. I think you were right when you called her a "mediator." She is His shakti, His consort, His disciple, His daasi, His devotee...("Aham sishyA cha daasi cha bhaktaa cha tvai Maadhavaa" Varaha Purana 114.64). She accompanies Him in His most merciful incarnations as Krishna, Varaha and Venkateshwara. She is the epitome of kshama or forbearance. She is kind like Lakshmi...

If Keshava or anyone else has anything to say about Her, that would be delightful. smile.gif (especially if you know where I can get English translations of Bhu stuti and Goda stuti!)
Satyabhama - Mon, 13 Sep 2004 08:54:14 +0530
I feel like She's our lawyer. smile.gif

(sorry, picture is a bit blurry)
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Hari Saran - Mon, 13 Sep 2004 20:38:05 +0530
QUOTE (Satyabhama @ Sep 13 2004, 03:24 AM)
I feel like She's our lawyer. smile.gif

user posted image

Thanks, She surely is our lawyer. No wonder why Vishnu takes Her as wife; She embodies the straight, which uplift the Jivatma to a higher plan, including to the abode of her master, Lord Hari. She must be very dear to Him.

"King Rahugana said: This birth as a human being is the best of all. Even birth among the demigods in the heavenly planets is not as glorious as birth as a human being on this earth. What is the use of the exalted position of a demigod? In the heavenly planets, due to profuse material comforts, there is no possibility of associating with devotees." (SB 5.13.21)

Definitely, She takes a great burden in order to help us.

My dear Thakura Haridasa, in this age of Kali most people are bereft of Vedic culture, and therefore they are called yavanas. They are concerned only with killing cows and brahminical culture. In this way they all engage in sinful acts. (Caitanya-caritamrta, Antya 3.50)

Jay Bhumi Devi Ma!

Hare Krishna!
Satyabhama - Mon, 13 Sep 2004 20:43:36 +0530
Definitely, She takes a great burden in order to help us.

Yes, Her only concern is to help the people suffering in the world. Her compassion extends even to non-devotees. You don't have to come to Her wanting something. Andal, in Tiruppavai, spends nearly a third of the text in trying to get a sleepy gopi out of bed, to go to worship Lord Krishna.

You don't even have to come to Her eager and asking her help. She is ready to give, if only you will agree to accept! And what has she to offer? She only wants to share Her Beloved Lord Krishna! She wants to pull you out of samsaara and drop you in His lap, just as Varaha pulled Bhudevi out of the muck during pralaya, and hugged Her close.

Jaya Bhumi mata!

Satyabhama - Tue, 14 Sep 2004 00:36:01 +0530
Since we mentioned Bhudevi as Andal waking up sleeping gopis and prodding them to go to Krishna, and since Kishalaya in the other thread asked for some more "raga in vaidhi land," I'm posting a quote from the Tiruppavai commentary of Bhuvarahacharya.

"The first five pasurams of Tiruppavai form one section and pasurams 6-15 the second section. These 10 stanzas describe the sleeping girls being woken up by those who are already up. These two groups represent KAINKARYA NISHTHA (those impatient to serve God, like Lakshmana) and GUNA NISHTHA (those who are content to meditate on the glorious qualities of God, like Bharata).Nammazhwar speaks of their presence even in Vaikunthaloka - VAIKUNTATTU AMARARUM (service minded) MUNIVARUM (enjoying His Virtues). Poison acts on different people in different ways - some faint and some run here and there; so do the attributes of Sri Krishna. Hence the sleeping girls not a bit inferior in their longing for Krishna to those who wake them...

Having woken up a handful of girls Andal could have proceeded on to Krishna.Why go to EVERY house ? If one is a Sri Vaishnava he should think of the welfare of ALL- not just a few. Not even a single girl should lose the golden opportunity of getting the grace of Sri Krishna."

Don't you just love Her attitude? smile.gif
babu - Wed, 15 Sep 2004 02:57:05 +0530
Does Laksmi accompany the Lord Matsya or the Lord Varaha incarnations or does She say, "Visnu, if you become a fish or a pig, no way am I having conjugal pastimes!"?
Satyabhama - Wed, 15 Sep 2004 03:09:13 +0530
Does Laksmi accompany the Lord Matsya or the Lord Varaha incarnations or does She say, "Visnu, if you become a fish or a pig, no way am I having conjugal pastimes!"?

No matter who what or where the Lord is; in Vrindavana even... Lakshmi cannot resist the beauty of His chest, and resides there *permanently* smile.gif

But yes, Bhudevi is not bothered by the animal part. She just loves Him so much! smile.gif

Besides, Bhumi was covered from head to toe in moss and mud and muck. She was so ashamed to appear before Her beloved Lord not in Her usual splendor. So the Lord appears as a boar, so She will not feel embarassed to appear before Him.* And Lord Varaha lifts Bhumi up out of the muck, and She is crying and trembling with fatigue, and He, also covered with mud, just holds Her close. Such intimacy and such love passes between them at that time... Bhumi presses Her cheek against Govinda's cheek and just weeps.

This is God.

* Bhudevi is very shy. That's why She is not as well known as the other Consorts...

"As the Lord VaraahA lifted Bhumi Devi out of the praLaya jalam with His gigantic form and placed Her on His left shoulder for the whole world to see His beautiful bride. Our Mother , who is not used to such public celebrations out of Her own innate modesty sat there uncomfortably on the perch of Her Lord's shoulder and received His (BHUVARAAHAN"S ) public adoration .She did not seem to like the public spotlight as His Queen ."

Swami Desikan's DhyAna SlOkam
on Bhu Devi :

pathyur dakshiNa pANi pankaja putE vinyastha paadhAmbhujA
Vaamam pannaga Saarvabhouma sadhrusam paryankayanthee bhujam
pothra sparsa lasath kapOLa palakA pullAravindhkshaNA
saa mE pushyathu mangaLAni anudinam SarvANi Sarvam SahA

Swami Desikan visualizes Bhumi Devi resting her lotus feet on the left uplifted hand that is huge insize as AdisEshA himself. She is using that hand as the paryankam (bed) for Her lotus feet . At this time, She is tightly held by the Lord and Her left cheek is brushing with the right cheek of the Lord and she is in a blissful state of enjoyment of the nearness of Her Lord through this contact (Romanjali). Her eyes in their state of Joy resemble just blossomed Lotuses. Swami Desikan prays to this Mangala murthy united with the Lord to confer on him all auspiciousness always.

sankalpa kalpa lathikAm avadhim KshamAyA :
svecchA Varaha mahisheem sulabhAnukampAm
visvasya maatharam akinchana KaamadhEnum
VisvambharAm asaraNa: saraNam prapadhyE

(From swamy Desika's Bhu Stuti)

Our Lord took the avahtAram as Varahan out of His own sankalpam. Bhu Devi wasHis dear consort in this avathAram. She is like a kalpaka creeper in granting the wishes of Her devotees. She is the boundary of compassion and forbearance. She forgives all of our sins. She responds easily and readily to all of our prayers. She is the Mother of this universe and protects Her children always. She responds to those, who are unable to undertake the rigors of Bhakthi Yogam and in this matter, She acts like the wish-fulfilling KamadhEnu to those who surrender unto Her through the sacred act of Prapatthi. I, who have no succor, perform my prapatthi to this Divya Mahishi of the Lord, Bhumi Devi in all humility .

(all above quotes are sri V. Sadagopan's comments... lifted from smile.gif)
babu - Wed, 15 Sep 2004 04:30:59 +0530
Satyabhama, you answered the Lord Varaha aspect of the question very nicely but you seem to have passed over the Lord Matsya part. Does Goddess really want to get kissed by fish lips?
Satyabhama - Wed, 15 Sep 2004 05:12:30 +0530
*sigh* I do not know, my friend. Let me do some research. I'm sure She would not have minded, though...

One more Bhudevi quote:

"...Bhumi Devi was concerned for Her suffering children and asked Her Lord , Aadhi VarAhan to reveal a laghu upAyam for helping them from the terrors of samsAram and to make them eligible for Her Lord's anugaham . Our Dayaasvarupa , Bhu-Varaaha responded positively to His dear Consort's request and blessed us with the revered slokams known as Varaha Carama Slokams and thus revealed His depth of affection for His children .

(In Varaha Purana) Bhumi devi says :

"My Lord ! I am Your disciple , servant and have great bhakthi for You. (Aham sishyA cha daasi cha bhakthA cha tvayi Maadhava --114.64) Please accept My appeal and bless Me with instructions on an easy means that would help all jeevas to reach sathgathi (mOksham ) ". The Lord then revealed the two slOkams that constitute the pUrva and Uttara BhAgams of Varaaha Carama Slokam."


Varaaha Carama:

sTithE manasi susvasTE sarIrE sati yO nara:
dhAthusAmyE sTithE smarthA visvaroopam cha mAmajam
tatastham mriyamANam thu kAshtA-pAshANa sannibham
Aham smarAmi Madhbhaktham nayAmi ParamAm gathim

The Entire Universe is My body (SarIram). I have neither birth or death . When one performs saranagati to Me with the firm belief that I am His everlasting support , I think of him at the time of his death, and rush to his side even if he has no control over his senses and remains like a log or stone. I lead him then to My Supreme abode via archiradhi margam (path of light) to perform nitya kaimkaryam to Me there .
babu - Wed, 15 Sep 2004 18:05:31 +0530
Personally I think She would love to accompany Kurma Avatara. Turtles are kinda debonair and regal and distinguished and drop dead sexy and so I would think Goddess would be near by all caught up in a swoon.
Satyabhama - Wed, 15 Sep 2004 18:10:48 +0530
Turtles are kinda debonair and regal and distinguished and drop dead sexy and so I would think Goddess would be near by all caught up in a swoon.

Satyabhama - Wed, 15 Sep 2004 23:31:28 +0530
a beautiful island shaped as lotus flower in the middle of universe, kindly giving shelter and chance to innumerous jivatamas to develop love of God.

Yes, that's just how She is. But since She's shy and keeps such a low profile (except in Her incarnation as Satyabhama, where Krishna with His naughty ways somehow turns Her into a madwoman wink.gif) not many people notice Her, although She is so merciful and cares for us so much. smile.gif smile.gif smile.gif


Nice that Her name appears as the second syllable of gayatri mantram... I never noticed that before today. smile.gif

user posted image
Satyabhama - Thu, 16 Sep 2004 11:03:52 +0530
Just see Her sweet smile. (You've gotta look close, but it's there) smile.gif
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Elpis - Thu, 16 Sep 2004 16:53:49 +0530
QUOTE (Satyabhama @ Sep 15 2004, 02:01 PM)
Nice that Her name appears as the second syllable of gayatri mantram... I never noticed that before today. smile.gif

The word bhU is not part of the gAyatrImantra proper, but is one of the three vyAhRtis recited before the mantra.
Satyabhama - Thu, 16 Sep 2004 18:49:07 +0530
Thank you for clarifying that. I'm not good at these things. smile.gif
Keshava - Thu, 16 Sep 2004 23:24:14 +0530
My question: Does Bhumi Devi somehow represents the eternal liberated living entity whom acquired the quality of Laksmi Devi but do not pertain to mother Laksmi's Tattva, the eternal consort of Vishnu?

As far as I am concerned Sri, Bhu and Nila all represent those who are dependent on the Lord ie the jivas.

Interesting note:

Which consort is Sri and which Bhu? Do you know?

The consort on Lord Srinivasa's right (our left) is Sri and the other on His left (our right) is Bhu. Bhu is slightly smaller and shorter than Sri when both are standing together, also sometimes if they have lotuses in their hands Sri's is open and Bhu's is closed.

If you see a deity of a consort how do you know if it is Sri or Bhu if they are standing alone or only one of them is with the Lord?

Iconagraphically Laksmi has bigger breasts than Bhumi devi. Therefore when you see a goddess wearing breast bands (the Vedic equivalent of a bra) it's Sri devi. Bhu devi's breasts are smaller and perkier and don't need breast bands. So deities of her always have her breasts just out there uncovered.

Perhaps those of you who are not pujaris don't get to see these things as often as we do.

user posted image
Kishalaya - Thu, 16 Sep 2004 23:38:49 +0530
QUOTE (Keshava @ Sep 16 2004, 11:24 PM)
The consort on Lord Srinivasa's right (our left) is Sri and the other on His left (our right) is Bhu.


Typically the consort stands on the left. Perhaps Lakshmi loves her younger sister, Bhumi so much that she doesn't allow her to be too selfless.
Satyabhama - Fri, 17 Sep 2004 01:03:36 +0530
Typically the consort stands on the left. Perhaps Lakshmi loves her younger sister, Bhumi so much that she doesn't allow her to be too selfless.

I used to think so too, but then I read somewhere that if there are two wives, the primary consort moves to the right. smile.gif

Also, sometimes I see Bhudevi with a white lotus, while Sri holds a pink one. And Sri is usually wearing pink while Bhudevi wears blue or green.

Keshava! Do you know if Venkateshwara (not the utsava murthy, but the main deity) has four arms or two? Because it seems to me that the shankha and cakra are actually sitting on His shoulders (there is a story involving Ramanujacharya of these attributes having been acquired by the deity at a later date).

I do like to call Him Govinda, and I also suspect Him of having two arms. wink.gif
Satyabhama - Fri, 17 Sep 2004 01:40:59 +0530
also sometimes if they have lotuses in their hands Sri's is open and Bhu's is closed.

So Sri uses katakamukha hasta...

user posted image

And Bhu holds the lotus w/ kapitta hasta?

user posted image

Satyabhama - Fri, 17 Sep 2004 09:32:22 +0530
LINKS for you:

get Goda Stuti, Bhu stuti and much much more at Prapatti Online

more at Stotras of Vedanta Desika- Sri Vaishnava Homepage

and 108 divya desams- pictures

Plus a picture: this face is from a picture of Lakshmi, but it's exactly how Bhudevi looks! (Don't ask me why I think so?) smile.gif
vijayalakshmi - Tue, 10 May 2005 23:34:12 +0530

"Bhoo devi is the consort of Lord Oppiliappa swamy. In this leela, Her father was Markandeya Maharishi. Lord Vishnu, disguised as an elderly brahmin man, wanted to take Bhudevi as wife. Markandeya repeatedly insisted that his daughter was far too young for marraige. She was so young that she had not even learnt how to cook. She was physically and emotionally unready for marriage. Still the brahmin repeatedly insisted that he must marry bhumi devi, threatening to commit suicide on the spot out of extreme emotional agony, if he could not become the husband of this girl.

"In emotional turmoil, Markandeya fell to his knees and prayed to Sriman Narayana for a solution to this problem. When he again opened his eyes, instead of the old brahmin, he saw that the Lord Himself was standing there before him. He stood dressed in the most beautiful clothing, with a radiant smile, with one hand on His hip, and the other extended asking bhudevi's hand in marriage.

"Thus they were married, but Markandeya Maharishi was saddened by the loss of his beloved daughter Bhudevi. She was yet so young... she had not even learnt to cook- always put too much salt or too little salt... how would she take care of the Lord's needs without knowing all this... With so many worries in his mind, he asked the Lord three boons which were as follows:

1. O! Lord you should take dishes without salt in this place. But the dishes should taste wounderful to you and your devotees.

2. You should never leave my daughter alone, you have to stay with her forever.

3. This place should be named after me.

"So all three boons were fulfilled by the Lord. Even to this day in Markandeya Kshetram, the dhama of Lord Oppiliappa, all the food offered to the Lord is without salt. And neither He nor the devotees take any consideration of the food's taste- the only essential ingredient is Love, of which there is always plenty...

The deity of Oppiliappaswamy has the inscription "Maam ekam saranam vraja" on His left hand, while His right seems to be in "varada hasta" as in the Tirupati Srinivasa Murthy, but is actually outstretched asking for Bhumi's hand in marriage. Bhudevi sits in a kneeling posture facing Him, with her father Markandeya to Her right side, in a posture of kanyadanam, ready to give His daughter in marriage to the Lord.

A quote from divyadesam

"Whenever Oppiliappa perumal's idol is taken in Procession. He is always accompanied by Bhoomidevi only. Perumal wont step out the temple without Thaayar inorder to keep his promise. "
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