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Where's my PM popup? - On popup-blockers

Madhava - Tue, 14 Sep 2004 01:37:34 +0530
Some of you may have recently noticed that contrary to the past, you aren't seeing that friendly PM popup box coming up any more when you receive a new PM message at GD. Have I changed something? Well, no. In fact, you have. Indirectly, anyway.

Popup-blockers are common in many modern browsers. Generally they block all uninvited popups, ie. popups that are opening without your explicit request (by clicking on a link etc.) With the launch of the latest Service Pack for Windows XP, Internet Explorer 6.0 has been upgraded to include such a feature, too (two years after the competition, but well, better late than never). If you wish to receive those PM popups with your upgraded Internet Explorer, do as follows:

1. Go to Tools > Popup-blocker > Popup-blocker settings. (Alternatively: Tools > Internet Options > Privacy > Popup-blocker / Settings.)
2. Type the address of this website (ie. to the blank line on the top of the view and click "Add".

Now you should be able to see that lovely PM popup box again.

To do the same with Mozilla Firefox 0.9, do as follows:

1. Go to Tools > Options.
2. Go to Web Features.
3. Click "Add Site", and add the address of this website there.

That should do the trick.

With Netscape Navigator 7, do as follows:

1. Go to Tools > Popup-manager > Manage pop-ups.
2. Add the address of this website there.

With Opera, it seems you cannot define pop-ups on a site-by-site basis. However, you can turn the pop-up blocker on or off (press F12). I do not have access to browsers on other platforms at the moment.

If anyone has any problems in this regard, please feel free to ask.