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"I forgot to log out" - A problem?

Madhava - Thu, 09 Sep 2004 01:31:07 +0530
A member PM'd me and asked if it was a problem that he didn't remember to log out. Here's the reply, I figured others might find it useful, too.

= = =

There is no harm in that, and actually if you are on your own PC, you don't even need to log out. Only when you are on a shared computer, should you always remember to log out. When you log in on a public computer, you could choose "remember me? - no" when you log in to have yourself automatically logged out when the browser is closed. If by chance you forget this, it is a good idea to change your password.
Madhava - Thu, 09 Sep 2004 01:36:38 +0530
To be on the safe side, I have now changed the default l"remember me" ogin option as "no". If you wish to be able to browse to GD without having to log in everytime on your own PC, remember to check "yes" there when you log in.