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Gaudiya padavali kirtan of choice. Whenever you come across an inspiring song, post it here.

sayane gaura,svapane gaura.... - a pada by Narahari Das

Madanmohan das - Wed, 08 Sep 2004 10:26:15 +0530
sayane gaura, svapane gaura, gaura nayana tArA/
jIvane gaura, marane gaura, gaura galAra hArA//
kahanA gaura,- kathA sadAi, kahanA gaura kathA/
gaura-nAma, amiyA-dhAma, pirIti-murati-dAtA//
gaura vihane, nA bAci parAne, gaura karilAm sAra/
gaura balite, janama hauk, kichu nA cAhiye Ara//
gaura bhakati, gaura mukati, gaura vedera sAra/
gaura sAdhaha, gaura bhajaha, gaura kariben pAra//
gaura gamana, gaura gathana, gaura mukhera hAsi/
gaura vacana, amiyA sincana, marame rahala pasi//
gaura sabada, gaura sampada, jAhAra hrdaye jAge/
narahari dAsa, anugata tAra, carane sarana mAge//

While at repose I think of Gaura, of Gaura I dream,
Gaura is the cynesure of my eye. In life I think of Gaura,
in death I go to Gaura; Gaura is my necklace.
Repeat the tidings of Gaura and again repeat the tidings of Gaura.
Gaura's name is the abode of ambrosia and confers
the embodiement of love. Without Gaura I do not care to breath;
Gaura is the essence of existance. May I be born to speak only of Gaura,
I covet nothing else. Gaura is bhakti, Gaura is mukti,
Gaura is the essence of the Vedas. Strive to attain Gaura,
worship Gaura and Gaura will take you accross.
Gaura's movements, Gaura's gestures, Gaura's smiling countenance,
Gaura's speach, showering ambrosia, gaining entrance to my heart,
may all these remain lodged there. In whose heart has arisen
tidings of Gaura - the Gaura-treasure - Narahari das craves refuge
at his feet and sues to become his follower.

(from Sri Ramadas babaji's "Sadhaka kanthamala" Pathbari Asram)
braja - Thu, 21 Apr 2005 20:54:59 +0530
I'd been hoping to find the words to this song and here they are, right here at "home". Thanks, MadanMonhanji.

I've uploaded an mp3 version of this here. I'm not sure who the singer is but the track appears on the 2rd disc in the Bengali Bhajans series.