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Jaya Radhe Jaya Radhe Radhe - by Hari Vyasa Devacarya

Rasaraja dasa - Mon, 30 Aug 2004 09:03:44 +0530
Jaya Radhe Jaya Radhe Radhe
by Hari Vyasa Devacarya

jaya rAdhe jaya rAdhe rAdhe jaya rAdhe jaya zrI-rAdhe
jaya kRSNa jaya kRSNa kRSNa jaya kRSNa jaya zrI-kRSNa

syAmA gorI nitya-kisorI prItama-jorI zrI-rAdhe
rasika rasIlo chaila-chabIlo guNa-garabIlo zrI-kRSNa

rAsa-vihArini rasa-bisatArini piya-ura-dhArini zrI-rAdhe
nava-nava-raGgI navala-tribhaGgI syAma-su-aGgI zrI-kRSNa

prAna-piyArI rUpa-ujyArI ati-sukuGvArI zrI-rAdhe
maina-manohara mahA-moda-kara suGdara-bara-tara zrI-kRSNa

sobhA-sainI mobhA-mainI kokila-bainI zrI-rAdhe
kIrati-vantA kAmini-kaGtA zrI-bhagavaGtA zrI-kRSNa

caGdA-badanI kuGdA-raDanI sobhA-sadanI zrI-rAdhe
parama-udArA prabhA-apArA ati-sukuGvArA zrI-kRSNa

haMsA-gavanI rAjati-ravanI krIDA-kavanI zrI-rAdhe
rUpa-rasAlA naina-bisAlA parama-kRpAlA zrI-kRSNa

kaGcana-belI rati-rasa-relI ati-alabelI zrI-rAdhe
saba-sukha-sAgara saba-guNa-Agara rUpa-ujAgara zrI-kRSNa

ravanI-ramyA tara-tara-tamyA guNa-agamyA zrI-rAdhe
dhAma-nivAsI prabhA-prakAsI sahaja-suhAsI zrI-kRSNa

zaktyAhlAdini ati-priya-vAdini ura-unmAdini zrI-rAdhe
aGga-aGga-tauna sarasa-salauna subhaga-suthauna zrI-kRSNa

rAdhA-nAmini guNa-abhirAmini hari-priya-svAminI zrI-rAdhe
hare-hare-hari hare-hare-hari hare-hare-hari zrI-kRSNa

(1) O zrI RAdhe! You are a fresh young maiden with slender waist, endowed with the luster of new adolescence; You possess the fairest golden complexion; You are eternally situated in the sweet blossoming of divine youth; You are the only perfect match for Your most Beloved. O zrI KRSNa! You are the true relisher of transcendental mellows; You are sweet and relishable in every aspect; You are so effulgent that You represent the topmost superexcellence of pure enchantment; You are situated in great pride due to full awareness of Your own transcendental qualities.

(2) O zrI RAdhe! You are the sportive Princess of the ecstatic rAsa-dance festival, which You organize every night. You are the distributor of pure ecstatic rasa-mellows to all other living entities; You love to embrace the chest of Your Lover. O zrI KRSNa! You are the connoisseur of newer and newer playful sports. You like to stand in a three-fold bending posture that

always appears ever-fresh; Your body is perfectly exquisite in both proportion and deep dark complexion.

(3) O zrI RAdhe! You are the most dear loving friend of everyone’s life; You manifest a brilliant splendor of sheer beauty; You are extremely soft and delicate due to Your fresh youth. O zrI KRSNa! You are the enchanter of the mind of Cupid; You are the giver of great transcendental bliss to all living entities; Your beauty surpasses the best by far.

(4) O zrI RAdhe! You are the manifestor of wonderful beauty while You are gracefully reclining on a flower bed; You radiate the luster of the transcendental Cupid, Lord KAmadeva; Your speech sounds just like the soft, gentle cooing of the cuckoo bird. O zrI KRSNa! You are honored by Your own glorious fame; You are the lover of lusty young gopIs; Your position is the highest amongst all the different forms of Godhead.

(5) O zrI RAdhe! You are the possessor of a spotless moon-face; Your teeth look just like small round jasmine flowers; You are the very abode of majestic beauty and splendor. O zrI KRSNa! You are the most supremely magnanimous personality; Your bodily aura radiates out into unlimited eternity; You are naturally endowed with the softness of extremely youthful charms.

(6) O zrI RAdhe! You are fond of walking like a majestic swan; You are the most radiant lover; You are the instigator of many fun sports and contests. O zrI KRSNa! You are the embodiment of the most relishable type of beauty; Your lotus eyes are large and wide; You are the topmost merciful personality.

(7) O zrI RAdhe! You are just like a golden creeper wound around the zyAma tamAla-tree; You are completely full to the brim with the ecstatic mellows of purely divine love; Your unique activities are conducted in complete privacy. O zrI KRSNa! You are the ocean of all types of happiness; You are the mine of all good qualities; You radiate a famous aura of glorious beauty.

(8) O zrI RAdhe! You are the most charming mistress of Your beloved; You are naturally situated at the topmost level of successive greatness; Your divine qualities are imperceptible to ordinary senses or minds. O zrI KRSNa! You area permanent resident of the holy abode of zrI Vraja; You radiate a most influential aura; You naturally wear a pleasant smile.

(9) O zrI RAdhe! You are the very potency of divine pleasure; Your speech is such that whoever hears it becomes lovingly attached to it; Your breasts are crazed with the wildest desire to be satisfied by Your Beloved. O zrI KRSNa! You are endowed with such bodily limbs that each and every aspect of them is very captivating; Your beauty is indeed saturated with an all-pervading, overflowing rasa-current; Your chest is beautifully endowed with majestic divine opulences.

(10) O zrI RAdhe! You arecelebrated with the most blessed name of “RAdhA”; You please everyone with your good qualities; You are the only worshipable Queen for Haripriya [the author, Hari VyAsadeva]. Hare Hare Hari, Hare Hare Hari, Hare Hare Hari, zrI KRSNa.