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there's a new Ali in town - ruminations on the cyber vaishnava debate through the eyes of the Ali

babu - Sat, 28 Aug 2004 06:17:03 +0530
i was chanting japa the other day watching some clips of the classic Ali Frasier fights and it got me thinking about back in the day of the vnn forums when i was last active in cyber vaishnavism where there was Jagat whose elegant and graceful postings i liken to Mohammed Ali in his “float like a butterfly... sting like a bee...Joe Frasier can't hit what Joe Frasier can’t see” style battling the ducking and weaving and pugnacious Puru dasa who had more the Smokin' Joe Frasier energetics... anyways, amongst the viewers like myself who were on the edge of their seats watching the debate, much like the viewers who were watching Ali Frasier fights, it was a mixed call who ever actually won depending on your side of the fence of Krishna conscious reality but to each we can say that the demigods rained down flower petals in celebration of their skill and valor

but as i named the thread “there is a new Ali in town,” one might think there is a slight bias I am giving to Jagat as the winner since i am equating his style to Ali’s but this is not the case, I am only acknowledging Ali's contribution to the aesthetics of boxing in his creative outside of the box in the ring evolution of the sport that has achieved for him some type of immortality and place in the heart of sporting enthusiasts worldwide

and so there is a new Ali in town…his name is Kenny Rich and this Ali isn’t flying like a butterfly or stinging like a bee… Kenny Rich is doing some rope-a-dope as all these George Foremans punch themselves out with very unoriginal straight forward ponderances

i personally would like to get involved in the mix but my credentials are still under examination as i still have partial member status and so am unable to post in there