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Srimad Bhagavata mahima stotra - Sri Sanatana Gosvami

Madanmohan das - Fri, 09 Jul 2004 09:07:49 +0530
SrImad bhAgavata mahimA stotra
SrI sanAtana goswAmi.

sarva-sAstrAbdhi-pIyUsa sarvavedaika-sat-phala /
sarva-siddhAnta-ratnAdya sarva-lokaika-drk-prada //

Ambrosia churned from the ocean of all scripture,
exclusive and real fruit of all the Veda,
repository of all gem-like conclusive truths,
the only bestower of insight to all the world.

sarva-bhAgavata-prAna SrImad-bhAgavata prabho /
kali-dhvAntoditAditya SrI-krsna-parivartita //

My potent master Srimad Bhagavata, you are the very life of all Bhagavatas,
you are the Sun risen to dispell the gloom of Kali, nay, you are Sri Krsna transposed into words.

paramAnanda-pAthAya prema-varsyaksarAya te /
sarvadA sarva-sevyAya SrI-krsnAya namo'stu te //

Salutations to thee Sri Krsna, whose recitation forms the greatest joy,
Whose every sylable is a down poor of rapturous love, and always worthy of
constant attendance.

mad-eka-bandho mat-sangin mad-guro man-mahAdhana /
man-nistAraka mad-bhAgya mad-Ananda namo'stu te //

My only friend, my companion, my preceptor and my great wealth;
my redeemer, my fortune, my joy - salutation to thee.

asAdhu-sAdhutAdAyinn-ati-nIcoccatAkara /
hA na munca kadAcin-mAm premnA hrt-kanthayoh sphura //

You make saints out of sinners and uplift the basest of men;
alas ! never ever leave me lord, be always manifest in my heart and throat (speach)
embeud with love.
Madanmohan das - Wed, 28 Dec 2005 02:47:35 +0530
Just finished a revised version of Sri Sanatan's Bhagavat Svava. The original is part of the Krsna Lila Stava as a kind appendix along with some other stavas to Sri Caitanya, Sri Jagannatha deva and the Sri Arca Vigraha. Anyway;

Ambrosia from the ocean of all sripture churned,
the choisest and exclusive fruit of all Vedic lore,
the abundant jewel-mine of all conclusive truths,
The One eye granting insight to all the world.
O potent master, Srimad Bhagavat scripture
thou art the very life's breath to the bhagavats.
Thou hast arisen as a sun to dispell the gloom of Kali.
Thou art indeed Sri Krsna transposed into words.
Salutations to Sri Krsna, ever worthy of adoration.
Salutations to thee who art greatest joy to recite;
whose every sylable showers a deluge of love.
My only friend, my companion true, my preceptor,
my great wealth, my redemer, my frotune and my joy;
Salutations to thee.
Thou makest saints of sinners, and do uplift
the lowliest of men. Ah me! do thou never me foresake.
Be thou manifest with love in resces of my heart,
and ever articulate in my vocal passage.