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Jhulan Yatra Festival - Yulan, NY 2004

Hari Saran - Wed, 25 Aug 2004 04:46:24 +0530
This is an humble attempt to have the Vaishnava community celebrate the Jhulan Yatra in NY.

Professor Thomas Hopkins has been invited to conduct the meeting.

Washington Lake Retreat
172 Airport Road – PO Box 315
Yulan NY 12792
Telephone: 845-557-8776

The devotees from Washington Lake Retreat with great pleasure invite all Vaishnavas to the Festival that will be taking place at Washington Lake Retreat, from August 27 to 29.

The event’s main theme is, “Controversy should not devolve into conflict amongst religionists.”

We have confirmed that Professor Thomas Hopkins of Franklin and Marshall College, Lancaster, PA, will attend and deliver the main lecture on Saturday August 28th at 11:30am and 6:30 p.m.

The “Jhulan Yatra Festival” in Yulan, NY will be the first of an annual event, which will gather devotees from all Vaishnava Sangas to swing Their Lordships Sri Sri Radha Raman and take Sri Sri Radha Vinod Bihari for a Boat Ride on the Lake.

We hope that you can be with us either physically or in spirit to promote the concept of “Krishna Consciousness not Camp Consciousness” amongst Vaishnavas.


Krishna-Balarama Swami,
Harisaran Das,
Chaitanya Charitamrita Das,
Lalita Dasi and Revati Dasi.

Please visit the Website to find out more about schedule or call Telephone:



Radhe Radhe!
jiva - Thu, 02 Sep 2004 23:05:40 +0530
''Jaya Jaya Gadadhar Jaya Gorachanda

Navadipa Braja lila Sri Radhe Gobinda.

Dear Gora,

Gadai Gauranga’s Jhulan Utsava was sweet. We had two lila kirtana groups sing the Lila. The Kunja was nicely decorated with leaves and flowers. The babaji who sang in one group had a lot of bhava. Gadadhar and Gauranga looked wonderful swinging together. “ dekhata jhulata Gauracandra aparupa dvijamaniya !” ''

(from personal letter from Gadadhara Prana Prabhu)

with respect,