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Discussions on other Vaishnava-sampradayas and Gaudiyas other than the Rupanuga-tradition should go here. This includes for example Madhva, Ramanuja, Nimbarka, Gaura-nagari, Radha-vallabhi and the such.

Siddha Baba Bhagavan dasa's encounter - (from Gaura-nagari's tradition)

jiva - Mon, 23 Aug 2004 23:25:24 +0530
Siddha Baba Bhagavan dasa's encounter with Siddha Caitanya dasa babaji

Many residents of Navadvipa knew that Siddha Caitanya dasa always remained in his avesa as a Nadia nagari . One day , while he was sweeping Sri Ghamesvara Gauranga's temple like a menial servant , Siddha Bhagavan dasa Babaji arrived from Kalna in oreder to have Mahaprabhu's darsana . Following Bhagavan dasa was a large crowd of disciples and bhaktas . Because he was famous , all of the mandira's bhaktas assembly also gathered around him . Caitanya dasa heard that Bhagavan dasa had come , but he also knew that Bhagavan dasa worshiped in nagari bhava . An incredible jealousy thus suddenly awakened within him . Caitanya dasa suspected that Bhagavan dasa had come to secretly allure his prana vallabha GorA to Kalna . Looking at Bhagavan dasa with fiery red eyes , Caitanya dasa addressed him as if he were a jealous co-wife : '' O lo , gaura-bhatari ( colloquial expression meaning Gaura nagari ) kala-mukhi petni ! O hey , you black-faced old witch ! I see you've come to seduce my prana vallabha and sneak him off to Kalna with you . Leave this mandira at once before I chase you away with my broom !''

Caitanya dasa's entire body was shaking as he waved his broom threateningly . The Vaisnavas surrounding Bhagavata dasa were surprised and offended . They felt sad that such an exalted Vaisnava as Bhagavan dasa was being abused and insulted in this way . Some were angry with Caitanya dasa for his atrocious behaviour . But then the entire assembly fell starkly silent and everyone's attention focused on Bhagavan dasa's serene face . Understanding Caitanya dasa's bhava , he smiled and took his hand to console him . He then spoke in a sweet voice , '' O satIn ( co-wife ) , why are you becoming angry . I have not come to steal your prana vallabha away . But sometimes He cheats you and sneaks awya to Kalna all by Himself . O didi ( sister ) , I am telling you this so that you can be more careful to watch out for His tricks in the future . If you cannot control your beloved at home , what will be the use of cursing others or beating them with a broom ? ''

Hearing this reply , Caitanya dasa began to fume . Looking over at Sri Dhamesvara Gauranga's lotus face , he let out his loving anger before the entire assembly and began to scold Him . '' Alright! I am going to look into this matter . Well , well ! So I cannot trust You then ? You've been cheating on me ? Hay , hay , what have I not done for You ? Still I've failed to captivate your mind . If you are more attached to other women ,then why don't You just tell me ? Then I won't be so spiteful . For You I can supply whomever You want . Don't You know this ?

Falling silent , Caitanya dasa's mind churned with feiry mana . Then quickly pacing to his kutira , he entered and slammed the door behind him . Witnessing this fantastic display of possessive love , the assemply shouted Haribol in premananda.

Then Bhagavan dasa went over to Caitanya dasa's kutira and silently listened from outside . Caitanya dasa was laying upon his cot and crying his heart out . From time to time he continued to speak rasa-filled scolding words to reprimand his prana vallabha . Bhagavan dasa repeatedly knocked on the door , and finally Caitanya dasa opened it , allowed him to enter and then shut it . The co-wives joined together . After a brief istagosthi they exited holding hands and ecstatically dancing together . Joining voices they sang to Dhamesvara Gaura :

ki khene gora navina kamera konra
sei ha'te raite nari ghare
kata na kariba chala kata na bhariba jala
kata jaba suradhuni tire

vidhi to binu balite keha nai
jata guru garabite ganjana vacana kata
phukari kandite nahi thani

aruna nayana kone caiya chila ama pane
parana barasi diya tane
kulera dharama mora chare khare jauk go
na jani ki habe pariname

apana apani khailun gharera bahira hainu
suni khola karatala nada
laksmikanta dasa kaya marame jara lagaya
ki karibe kula parivada

From the moment I saw GorA , the ever new abode of desire , I have been able to remain at home no longer . How many tricks will I use to get away ? How much water can I draw from Suradhuni ? How often can I go to the river bank ?

There is no one to whom I can speak other than Providence . As much as my proud guardians scold me , there is no place that I can cry out my heartfelt pain .

When Gauranga looked at me , He snagged my heart with the hook of His reddish glance . Let my family obligations go to hell ! Who knows what the end result of all this will be ?

I have brought all of this upon myself , for I was drawn outside when I heard the mrdanga and the karatalas' sound . Laksmikanta dasa* says : '' Can a family scandal scare those who have fathomed Gauranga's sweetness ? ''

* Laksmikanta dasa was the son of Srikhanda's Raghunandana Thakura

(from Sri-Sri-Rasaraja-Gauranga by Gadadhara prana dasa ,pages 137-140 )
Madanmohan das - Wed, 25 Aug 2004 01:31:05 +0530
srIman-navadvIpa kisora-candra!
srInAtha-visvambhara nAgarendra!
hA srIsacInandana cittacaura !
prasIda me (he) visnupriyesa gaura !

O thou glorious adolecsent moon of Sri Navadvipa!
O lord of Sri, Visvambhara thou king of gallants !
O darling child of Sri Saci; thou heart-thief !
O Gaura, Visnupriya's loved lord! Graciously deign to favour me, prasIda!
jiva - Thu, 26 Aug 2004 22:18:33 +0530
Sri Vrndavana dasa Thakura said in Caitanya Bhagavata :

adhyavadi sei lila kare gora raya
kona kona bhagyvane dekhibare oaya

Even today Gora raya performs His pastimes ( in Nadia ) ;
there are few rare souls who fortune to see

Gadadhara prana Prabhu said that such a soul must certainly be deeply absorbed in his siddha svarupa which Gauranga can reciprocate with and gives example of Sri Siddha Caitanya dasa baba . When people would ask him for an introduction , he would reply :

I am Sri Gauranga's bhatari.

Bhatari is a colloquial term which means ' consort ' . Whether eating or resting , during bathing or shopping at the bazar , or while performing any other activity , he would always think of himself as female . On the way to the Ganga , if seeing a Gosvami belonging to Sri Nityananda's vamsa , he would shyly cover his head with a veil , viewing the Gosvami as teh follower of his bhasura ( husband's brother ) . When arriving at the ghata , he would bathe with the ladies , and when seeing the young girls of Navadvipa , he would highly honour them as if they were his dearest friends . Such behavior cannot be imitated . Although it does show an indication that Siddha Caitanya dasa baba's svarupa avesa ( deep concentration on one's siddha svarupa ) was so strong that it even become a part of his outward behavior as well . Hence , it happened , he fortuned to directly see Gauranga ! At this instance he exclaimed :

amara bhajan ha'lo sara amara sadhana ha'lo sara
nadera canda kanta amara kanta ha'lo gora

Aho ! My bhajan is finished , my sadhana is finished ;I am Nadiya canda Gora's consort , and He is my Lover !
jiva - Fri, 27 Aug 2004 00:50:31 +0530
Srila Siddha Caitanya dasa Baba was initiated in Advaita parivara , i.e. , in an unbroken disciplic chain of gurus leading up to Advaita Acarya . In his book , Sri Advaita Prabhura Bhava-vicara ( '' An analysis od Sri Advaita Prabhu's spiritual mood '' ) , he writes the following :

kanta bhava jabe prabhu kare prakatana
sabe bale mora kanta sacira nandana
mrdu manda hast asha bankima nayane
rase purna haiya cahe gaurangera pane

My Advaita dhama (auspicious shelter ) is able to take part in every kind of rasa ; thus He is always zealous to relish mellows . With loud cries He caused everyone to descend along with rasaraja mahabhava Gauranga nagara . But when Mahaprabhu manifested kanta bhava amongst His associates , everyone addresses Sacinandana as their kanta (amorous lover ) . Then with gentle smiles and shifty eyes , Advaita Prabhu also looks upon Gauranga's face to enjoy rasa in fullnes ( the madhura mellow ) .

with respect ,