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Sri Radhikastaka - Govinda Lilamrta

Rasaraja dasa - Sun, 22 Aug 2004 08:49:16 +0530
Sri Radhikastaka
Govinda Lilamrta by Krsnadasa Kaviraja Goswami
[Midday Pastimes, chapter 17.59-67, as chanted by the female parrot zArI]

mahyam Atma-pAda-padma-dAsya-dAstu rAdhikA

Her splendrous golden complexion steals the pride of a golden lotus flower
anointed with a tinge of red kuGkum powder. Her sweet fragrance mocks the
fame of the aroma of a lotus flower sprinkled with saffron powder. She is fully
qualified to fulfill all the desires of the son of the king of cowherd men. May zrI
RAdhikA bestow upon me the service of Her own lotus feet.

mahyam Atma-pAda-padma-dAsya-dAstu rAdhikA

Her amazing and colorful silken garments make the splendor of coral feel
ashamed. She is a garden of blossoming flowers where the maddened bumble-bee
named KRSNa performs amorous pastimes. She worships the Sun-god daily
in order to attain the continual association of Her beloved KRSNa. May zrI
RAdhikA bestow upon me the service of Her own lotus feet.

mahyam Atma-pAda-padma-dAsya-dAstu rAdhikA

Her charming youthful delicacy negates the fame of freshly-sprouted leaves.
Her refreshing form is worthy of being served by the cooling moon,
sandalwood paste, lotus flowers, and camphor. When She touches the master of
the gopIs, She dispels the burning heat of His lusty desires. May zrI RAdhikA
bestow upon me the service of Her own lotus feet.

vizva-vandya-yauvatAbhivanditApi yA ramA
rUpa-navya-yauvanAdi-saMpadA na yat-samA
zIla-hArda-lIlayA ca sA yato ‘sti nAdhikA
mahyam Atma-pAda-padma-dAsya-dAstu rAdhikA

Although the goddess of fortune LakSmI DevI is adored by other youthful
goddesses, who are themselves glorified throughout all the universe, still she is
nowhere near zrI RAdhikA in the matter of beauty, praiseworthy youthfulness,
or other divine feminine opulences. There is no one in the material or spiritual
worlds superior to RAdhikA in the expression of naturally loving pastimes. May
zrI RAdhikA bestow upon me the service of Her own lotus feet.

vizva-navya-gopa-yoSid-Alito ‘pi yAdhikA
mahyam Atma-pAda-padma-dAsya-dAstu rAdhikA

She is very learned in many transcendental arts, such as performing in the
rAsa dance, singing, and joking. She is decorated with many divine qualities,
such as loving nature, exquisite beauty, and wonderful garments and
ornaments. Even among the cowherd damsels of Vraja, who are praised by the
entire universe, She is the best in every way. May zrI RAdhikA bestow upon me
the service of Her own lotus feet.

kRSNa-rAga-bandha-gopa-yauvateSu kampadA
mahyam Atma-pAda-padma-dAsya-dAstu rAdhikA

She possesses the opulences of eternal youthful beauty, eternal pastimes, and
eternal love for KRSNa. Her ecstatic feelings of love for KRSNa cause the gopIs,
who are also in love with KRSNa, to tremble. She is always attached to
meditating on zrI KRSNa’s beautiful form, ornaments, garments, and pastimes.
May zrI RAdhikA bestow upon me the service of Her own lotus feet.

mahyam Atma-pAda-padma-dAsya-dAstu rAdhikA

She is graced with the eight ecstatic symptoms (sAttvika-bhAva), such as
trembling, perspiring, standing up of bodily hairs, tears, faltering of the voice,
and so forth. She is adorned with different ecstatic emotional ornaments, such
as impatience, joy, contrariness, and so forth. She is decorated with beautiful
jewels that give total delight to the eyes of KRSNa. May zrI RAdhikA bestow
upon me the service of Her own lotus feet.

yA kSaNArdha-kRSNa-viprayoga-santatoditA-
mahyam Atma-pAda-padma-dAsya-dAstu rAdhikA

If She is apart from KRSNa for even half a moment, She becomes stricken
with wretched suffering, restlessness, and a multitude of other ecstatic
symptoms of separation. When She regains the association of KRSNa after some
effort, then all Her anguish immediately vanishes. May zrI RAdhikA bestow
upon me the service of Her own lotus feet.

aSTakena yas tv anena nauti kRSNa-vallabhAM
darzane ‘pi zailajAdi-yoSidAli-durlabhAm
taM karoti nanditAli-saJcayAzu sA janam

It is very difficult for PArvatI and other exalted goddesses to attain even a
glimpse of zrImatI RAdhArANI, who is dear to Lord KRSNa. But if someone
glorifies Her by reciting these eight verses, then She who is delighted by
KRSNa’s continuous association will grant the sweet nectar of Her personal
service to that person, who thereby enters the assembly of Her similarly
delighted girlfriends.