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Jagat - Sat, 21 Aug 2004 08:37:31 +0530
|| 12.12.48 ||

saGkIrtyamAno bhagavAn anantaH
zrutAnubhAvo vyasanaM hi puMsAm |
pravizya cittaM vidhunoty azeSaM
yathA tamo’rko’bhram ivAti-vAtaH ||

When the infinite Person is glorified,
is experienced through hearing, and enters the heart,
He erases all a person's sufferings without leaving any trace,
just like the sun erases the darkness,
or a great wind blows away the clouds.

|| 12.12.49 ||

mRSA giras tA hy asatIr asat-kathA
na kathyate yad bhagavAn adhokSajaH |
tad eva satyaM tad u haiva maGgalaM
tad eva puNyaM bhagavad-guNodayam ||

Words that do not describe the Supreme Lord Adhokshaja
are a false and faithless misuse of the power of speech.
On the other hand, where the Lord’s qualities are manifest,
that verily is the truth, that verily is auspicious
and that verily is holy.

|| 12.12.50 ||

tad eva ramyaM ruciraM navaM navaM
tad eva zazvan manaso mahotsavam|
tad eva zokArNava-zoSaNaM nRNAM
yad uttamaHzloka-yazo’nugIyate ||

Yea! Where the reputation of the glorious Lord is sung,
that verily is delightful, pleasurable and ever fresh and new;
that verily is an eternal, magnificent festival of joy for the mind;
that verily is the sun that dries up the ocean of lamentation!

|| 12.12.51 ||

na yad vacaz citra-padaM harer yazo
jagat-pavitraM pragRNIta karhicit |
tad dhvAGkSa-tIrthaM na tu haMsa-sevitaM
yatrAcyutas tatra hi sAdhavo’malAH ||

The words that do not glorify the world-sanctifying qualities of Hari
are nothing more than a gathering place venerated by crows,
and avoided by the swans.
For where is Achyuta, there gather the sinless and the saintly.

|| 12.12.52 ||

tad vAg-visargo janatAgha-samplavo
yasmin prati-zlokam abaddhavaty api |
nAmAny anantasya yazo’GkitAni yat
zRNvanti gAyanti gRNanti sAdhavaH ||

That use of words, even if defective in some way,
if decorated with the names and fame of the infinite Lord
can bring about a revolution in the sinful consciousness of the world.
The saintly therefore hear, sing and repeat such words.
anuraag - Sat, 21 Aug 2004 19:18:36 +0530
athApi kIrtayAnyaGga yathAmati yathA zrutam
kIrtiM hareH svAM satkartuM giram anyAbhi ghAsatIm

ekAnta lAbhaM vacaso nu puMsAM suzloka mauler guNavAdamAhuH
zrutezca vidvadbhir upAkRtAyAM kathAsudhAyAm upasamprayogam

Yet, in order to purify my own speech, which has been rendered foul
by other profane talk, I proceed to sing, dear Vidura,
the glory of Sri Hari according to my own poor lights and
on the basis of what I have heard from my preceptor.

The wise declare that the sole utility of men's speech decidedly
lies in uttering the praises of the Lord, Who is the Foremost of
those enjoying the highest renown, and the sole utility of one's ears
lies coming into contact with the nectar-like discourses on Sri Hari
delivered by learned Saints.

zrutasya puMsAM sucirazramasya nanvaJjasA sUribhirIDito 'rthaH
yat tad guNAnuzravaNaM mukunda pAdAravindaM hRdayeSu yeSAm

The highest reward, commended by the wise, of learning acquired
by men with great pains extending over a long period, is to
hear the praises of those who have installed the lotus feet
of Lord Sri Krishna (the Bestower of Liberation) in their hearts.

And the very last verse of the Srimad Bhagavatam :

nAma saGkIrtanaM yasya sarva pApa praNAzanam
praNAmo duHkha zamanas taM namAmi hariM param

Let us all prostrate to that transcendental Lord Hari,
(thinking) reciting and singing of Whose Names destroy all sins,
and surrendering to Whom dispels all miseries and sufferings.

Jaya Sri Radhey!
anuraag - Sun, 22 Aug 2004 20:05:08 +0530
madhura madhuram etan maGgalaM maGgalAnAM
sakala nigama vallI satphalaM citsvarUpam
sakRdapi parigItaM zraddhayA helayA vA
bRguvara! naramAtraM tArayet kRSNanAma

Padyavali. 26
Sri Bhagavan Veda Vyasa Pada