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Divine Love and Intoxication from the Sufi Perspective - Poetry of Rumi

Satyabhama - Wed, 18 Aug 2004 22:41:54 +0530

I was dead and now I am alive
I was in tears and now I am laughing.
The power of love swept over my soul
and now I am that eternal power.

My eyes are content.
My soul is fulfilled.
My heart is roaring.
My face glows like Venus.

He said, "But you are not mad with love.
You don't belong in this house."

I went and became mad.
I put chains around my neck.

He said, "But you are not drunk with love.
You don't belond at this party."

I went and became drunk.
I rolled on the floor with joy.

He said, "But you have not tasted the sweetness of death."
I sipped the wine of death
and fell before His life-giving face.

He said, "But you are a worldly man,
You have so many clever questions."

I went and became a fool,
Babbling at every street-corner...

He said, "Now you are a candle.
Everyone in the gathering has turned toward you."

"No, I don't belong here.
I am not a candle,
I am a wisp of smoke."

He said, "You are a Shaykh and a Master,
A guide of lost souls"

"No, I am not a Shaykh nor a guide,
I am a slave to Your every word."

He said, "You can fly.
Why should I give you feathers and wings?"

"For Your feathers and wings
I would clip my own
And crawl upon the ground...."

You are the majestic fountain of the Sun
That pours upon my head.
I am the shadow of a willow tree
Bent over and melting.

When my heart was warmed by Your radiant Sun
I took off my torn clothes
And put on fine silk.
My soul was once a slave and a donkey-driver,
Now it swaggers down the street
Like a kingly lord.

The knowledge of You has lifted me up,
Now I am a star shining above the seventh heaven.
I was a glitter in the night sky,
Now I am the Moon and the two hundred folds of heaven.
I was Joseph at the bottom of a well,
Now I am Joseph the king!

O famous Moon, shine on me.
A ray of your light
Would turn my world into a rosegarden.

Now I will move in silence
Like a chess piece,
Watching as my whole life
revolves around
The position of my King.

(Translation by Jonathan Star)
Satyabhama - Wed, 18 Aug 2004 22:45:32 +0530
O weary heart,
The cure has finally come.
Draw in a sweet breath
For the eternal moment has finally come.

The Beloved appears for the sake of His lovers-
Here, in a human form,
He has finally come.

(Rumi, translation from the Persian by Jonathan Star)
Satyabhama - Wed, 18 Aug 2004 22:50:42 +0530
A Sacred Blasphemy (Rumi)

Be off and know
That the way of lovers is opposite all other ways.
Lies from the Friend
Are better than truth and kindness from others.

For Him
The impossible is commonplace,
Punishment is reward,
Tyranny is justice,
Slander is the highest praise.

His harshness is soft,
His blasphemy is sacred.
The blood that drips from the Beloved's thorn
is sweeter than roses and basil.

When He's bitter
it's better than a candy shop.
When He turns His head away
it's all hugs and kisses.
When He says "By God, I've had enough of you!"
it's like an eternal spring
flowing from the fountain of life.

A "No" from His lips is a thousand times "Yes."
On this selfless path
He acts like a stranger
yet He's your dearest friend.

His infidelity is faith,
His stones are jewels,
His holding back is giving,
His ruthlessness is mercy.

You may laugh at me and say,
"The path you're on is full of curves!"
Yes- for the curve of His eyebrow
I have traded in my soul!"

This curvy path has gotten me drunk,
I cannot say another word!
Carry on glorious heart,
finish the poem in silence...

O Shams, Lord of Tabriz
What sweetness you pour on me!-
All I need do is open my mouth
And all your songs flow out.