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Jaya Sri Rama Bhakta Hanuman ji! - The Mystery of Hanuman

anuraag - Tue, 17 Aug 2004 20:35:25 +0530
The Mystery of Hanuman - Inspiring Tales from Art and Mythology

Article of the Month - August 2004

Once Shiva and Parvati, ever the adventurous lovers, decided to
transform themselves into monkeys and indulge in amorous games in the
dense Himalayan forests. During a climactic moment, the seed of Shiva
found its mark and impregnated Parvati. Since they were in simian form
it was but natural that the offspring born of such a union too would
be a monkey. Not desiring to go against the laws of nature, Shiva
directed the wind god Vayu to carry his semen from Parvati's womb, and
deposit it into that of Anjana - a female monkey, who at that very
moment was praying for a male child.

Another slightly variant version of this story in the Shiva Purana
states that when Vishnu once disguised himself as the heavenly beauty
Mohini, her charms so impressed Shiva that he could not restrain his
seed. Vayu then carried the seed and deposited it into Anjana's womb.
There was no question of Shiva's potent discharge resulting in an
offspring less than extraordinary and the child conceived under such
exceptional circumstances was bound to be especial, and so it was. The
resulting bundle of joy was none other than Hanuman, one of the most
celebrated and worshipped figures in Indian thought. Two exceptional
traits further marked his birth. The first was that unlike ordinary
children, Hanuman was born wearing a loincloth. This was an early
pointer to his life-long pursuit of a celibate, almost ascetic
lifestyle. The other significant occurrence was the presence of
elaborate earrings adorning his ears. The latter has an interesting
piece of legend explaining it:

At the time of Hanuman's birth, the undisputed leader of the
monkey-world was Vali, a strong and powerful ape. When Vali came to
know that Anjana was pregnant with a child who was bound to develop
into a powerful rival, he decided to end matters in Anjana's womb
itself. He created a missile using five metals: gold, silver, copper,
iron and tin. When the unsuspecting mother was asleep, he directed the
missile into her womb. A normal child may have succumbed to this
dastardly attack, but not one born of Shiva's fiery seed. The missile
as soon as it touched Hanuman's body melted, and transformed into a
pair of earrings. Thus wearing the trophies of his first battle,
fought while still in his mother's womb, Hanuman gloriously entered
this world.


To view the illustrations along with the text, please read the
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Satyabhama - Tue, 17 Aug 2004 20:39:48 +0530
Bajarangabali ki jai!
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Satyabhama - Tue, 17 Aug 2004 20:47:49 +0530

Shree Guru Charan Saroj Raj, Nij Man Mukar Sudhari,
Barnau Raghuvar Bimal Jasu, Jo dayaku Phal Chari
With the dust of Guru's Lotus feet, I clean the mirror of my mind and then
narrate the sacred glory of Sri Ram Chandra, The Supreme among the Raghu
dynasty. The giver of the four attainments of life.

Budhi heen Tanu Janike, Sumirow, Pavan Kumar,
Bal Buddhi Vidya Dehu Mohi, Harahu Kalesh Bikaar
Knowing myself to be ignorent, I urge you, O Hanuman, The son of Pavan! O
Lord! kindly Bestow on me strength, wisdom and knowledge, removing all my
miseries and blemishes.

Jai Hanuman Gyan Guna Sagar
Jai Kipis Tihun Lok Ujgaar
Victory to Thee, O Hanuman, Ocean of wisdom and virtue, victory to the Lord of
monkeys who is well known in all the three worlds

Ramdoot Atulit Bal Dhamaa,
Anjani Putra Pavansut naamaa.
You, the Divine messenger of Ram and repository of immeasurable strength, are also
known as Anjaniputra and known as the son of the wind - Pavanputra.

Mahebeer Bikram Bajrangi,
Kumati Nivaar Sumati Ke Sangi.
Oh Hanumanji! You are valiant and brave, with a body like lightening. You are the
dispeller of darkness of evil thoughts and companion of good sense and wisdom.

Kanchan Baran Biraaj Subesaa,
Kanan kundal kunchit kesa.
Shri Hanumanji's physique is golden colour. His dress is pretty, wearing
'Kundals' ear-rings and his hairs are long and curly.

Hath Bajra Aur Dhvaja Birjai,
Kandhe Moonj Janeu saage.
Shri Hanumanji is holding in one hand a lighting bolt and in the other a banner
with sacred thread across his shoulder.

Shankar Suvna Kesari Nandan,
Tej Pratap Maha Jag Vandan.
Oh Hanumanji! You are the emanation of 'SHIVA' and you delight Shri Keshri.
Being ever effulgent, you and hold vast sway over the universe. The entire
world propitiates. You are adorable of all.

Vidyavaan Guni Ati Chatur,
Ram Kaj Karibe Ko Atur
Oh! Shri Hanumanji! You are the repository learning, virtuous, very wise and
highly keen to do the work of Shri Ram,

Prabhu Charittra Sunibe Ko Rasiya,
Ram Lakhan Sita man basyia.
You are intensely greedy for listening to the narration of Lord Ram's life story and
revel on its enjoyment. You ever dwell in the hearts of Shri Ram-Sita and Shri

Sukshma roop Dhari Siyahi Dikhwana,
Bikat roop Dhari Lank Jarawa
You appeared before Sita in a diminutive form and spoke to her, while you
assumed an awesome form and struck terror by setting Lanka on fire.

Bhim roop Dhari Asur Sanhare,
Ramchandra Ke kaaj Savare.
He, with his terrible form, killed demons in Lanka and performed all acts of Shri

Laye Sajivan Lakhan Jiyaye,
Shri Raghubir harashi ur laye.
When Hanumanji made Lakshman alive after bringing 'Sanjivni herb' Shri Ram
took him in his deep embrace, his heart full of joy.

Raghupati Kinhi Bahut Badaai,
Tum Mama Priya Bharat Sam Bahi.
Shri Ram lustily extolled Hanumanji's excellence and remarked, "you are as dear
to me as my own brother Bharat"

Sahastra Badan Tumharo Jas Gaave,
Asa kahi Shripati Kanth Laagave.
Shri Ram embraced Hanumanji saying:
"Let the thousand - tongued sheshnaag sing your glories"

Sankadik Brahmadi Muneesa,
Narad Sarad Sahit Aheesa
Sanak and the sages, saints. Lord Brahma, the great hermits Narad and
Goddess Saraswati along with Sheshnag the cosmic serpent, fail to sing the
glories of Hanumanji exactly

Jam Kuber Digpal Jahan Te,
Kabi Kabid Kahin Sake Kahan Te
What to talk of denizens of the earth like poets and scholars ones etc even Gods
like Yamraj, Kuber, and Digpal fail to narrate Hanman's greatness in toto.

Tum Upkar Sugrivahi Keenha,
Ram Miali Rajpad Deenha
Hanumanji! You rendered a great service for Sugriva, It were you who united
him with SHRI RAM and installed him on the Royal Throne.

Tumharo Mantro Bibhishan Maana,
Lankeshwar Bhaye Sab Jag Jaana.
By heeding your advice. Vibhushan became Lord of Lanka, which is known all
over the universe.

Juug Sahastra Jojan Par Bhaanu,
Leelyo Taahi Madhur Phal Jaanu
Hanumanji gulped, the SUN at distance of sixteen thousand miles considering
it to be a sweet fruit.

Prabhu Mudrika Meli Mukha Maaheen,
Jaladhi Langhi Gaye Acharaj Naheen.
Carrying the Lord's ring in his mouth, he went across the ocean. There is no
wonder in that.

Durgam Kaaj Jagat Ke Jeete,
Sugam Anugrah Tumhre Te Te.
Oh Hanumanji! all the difficult tasks in the world are rendered easiest by your

Ram Duware Tum Rakhavare,
Hot Na Aagya Bin Paisare.
Oh Hanumanji! You are the sentinel at the door of Ram's mercy mansion or His
divine abode. No one may enter without your permission.

Sab Sukh Lahen Tumhari Sarna,
Tum Rakshak Kaahu Ko Darnaa.
By your grace one can enjoy all happiness and one need not have any fear under
your protection.

Aapan Tej Samharo Aapei,
Tanau Lok Hank Te Kanpei
When you roar all the three worlds tremble and only you can control your might.

Bhoot Pisaach Nikat Nahi Avei,
Mahabir Jab Naam Sunavei.
Great Brave on. Hanumanji's name keeps all the Ghosts, Demons & evils spirits
away from his devotees.

Nasei Rog Hare Sab Peera,
Japat Niranter Hanumant Beera
On reciting Hanumanji's holy name regularly all the maladies perish the entire
pain disappears.

Sankat Te Hanuman Chhudavei,
Man Kram Bachan Dhyan Jo Lavei.
Those who remember Hanumanji in thought, word and deed are well guarded
against their odds in life.

Sub Par Ram Tapasvee Raaja,
Tinke Kaaj Sakal Tum Saaja
Oh Hanumanji! You are the caretaker of even Lord Rama, who has been hailed as
the Supreme Lord and the Monarch of all those devoted in penances.

Aur Manorath Jo Koi Lave,
Soi Amit Jivan Phal Pave.
Oh Hanumanji! You fulfill the desires of those who come to you and bestow
the eternal nectar the highest fruit of life.

Charo Juung Partap Tumhara,
Hai Parsiddha Jagat Ujiyara.
Oh Hanumanji! You magnificent glory is acclaimed far and wide all through the
four ages and your fame is radiantly noted all over the cosmos.

Sadho Sant Ke Tum Rakhvare,
Asur Nikandan Ram Dulare.
Oh Hanumanji! You are the saviour and the guardian angel of saints and sages
and destroy all the Demons, you are the seraphic darling of Shri Ram.

Ashta Siddhi Nau Nidhi Ke Data,
Asa Bar Din Janki Mata.
Hanumanji has been blessed with mother Janki to grant to any one any YOGIC
power of eight Sidhis and Nava Nidhis as per choice.

Ram Rasayan Tumhare Pasa,
Sadaa Raho Raghupati Ke Dasa.
Oh Hanumanji! You hold the essence of devotion to RAM, always remaining His

Tumhare Bhajan Ramko Pavei.
Janam Janam Ke Dukh Bisravei.
Oh Hanumanji! through devotion to you, one comes to RAM and becomes free
from suffering of several lives.

Anta Kaal Raghubar Pur Jai,
Jahan Janma Hari Bhakta Kahai.
After death he enters the eternal abode of Sri Ram and remains a devotee of
him, whenever, taking new birth on earth.

Aur Devata Chitt Na Dharai,
Hanumant Sei Sarva Sukh Karai
You need not hold any other demigod in mind. Hanumanji alone will give all

Sankat Kate Mitey Sab Peera,
Jo Sumirei Hanumant Balbeera
Oh Powerful Hanumanji! You end the sufferings and remove all the pain from
those who remember you.

Jai Jai Jai Hanuman Gosai
Kripa Karahu Gurudev Ki Naiee
Hail-Hail-Hail-Lord Hanumanji! I beseech your Honour to bless me in the
capacity of my supreme 'GURU' (teacher).

Jo Sat Baar Paath Kar Koi,
Chhutahi Bandi Maha Sukh Hoi.
One who recites this Hanuman Chalisa one hundred times daily for one hundred
days becomes free from the bondage of life and death and enjoys the highest
bliss at last.

Jo Yah Padhe Hanuman Chalisa,
Hoy Siddhi Sakhi Gaurisa
As Lord Shankar witnesses, all those who recite Hanuman Chalisa regularly are
sure to be benedicted

Tulsidas Sada Hari Chera,
Keeje Nath Hriday Mah Dera.
Tulsidas always the servant of Lord prays. "Oh my Lord! You are enshrined within my

Pavan Tanay Sankat Haran, Mangal Murti Roop.
Ram Lakhan Sita Sahit, Hriday Basahu Sur Bhoop.
O Shri Hanuman, The Son of Pavan, Saviour The Embodiment of
blessings, reside in my heart together with Shri Ram, Laxman and Sita


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anuraag - Tue, 17 Aug 2004 21:19:28 +0530
Thank you.

goSpadI kRta vArAziM
mazakI kRta rAkSasam
rAmAyana mahAmAlA ratnam
vande 'nilAtmajam

He to Whom the Ocean was but the size of a calf's hoof;
To Whom the Rakshasas were but like mosquitoes; and
Who is the central jewel of the grand garland of Ramayana;
To that Son of the Wind god, I bow in salutation!

yatra yatra raghunAtha kIrtanaM
tatra tatra kRta mastakAJjalIM
bASpa vAri paripUrNa locanam
mArutiM namata rAkSasAntakam

We bow down to Maruti, Sri Hanuman ji,
Who stands with his palms folded above his head,
With a torrent of tears flowing down his eyes
Wherever the Names of Lord Rama are sung!

bharat bhaayee kapi se urun ham naahee...
Satyabhama - Tue, 17 Aug 2004 21:27:57 +0530

Upon hearing of Sita’s woes, the lotus eyes of the Lord, the abode of bliss, filled with tears. He said, ‘Do you think anyone who comes to me for refuge in thought and word and deed can ever dream of meeting with adversities?’

'There is no misfortune,’ said Hanuman, ‘other than ceasing to remember and adore you. Of what account are the demons to you, Lord? You shall vanquish the foe and bring back Janaka’s daughter.’

‘Listen, Hanuman,’ said Rama; ‘no god or man or sage that has ever been born into this world has been such a benefactor to me as you. What service can I do you in return? When I think of it, I am unable to look you in the face.

Upon reflection, my son, I have come to the conclusion that I cannot ever repay you.’ Again and again as the protector of the gods gazed on Hanuman, his eyes filled with tears and his whole body quivered with emotion.

When Hanuman heard what his Lord said and gazed on his face and body beaming with delight, he experienced a thrill of joy all over his body and fell at his feet, crying out in an ecstasy of devotion, ‘Save me, save me, O Blessed Lord!’

Again and again the Lord sought to raise him up, but he was so absorbed in love that he would not rise. The lotus hands of the Lord rested on his head. Gauri’s lord (Shiva) was overcome by emotion when he recalled that scene.

But again, composing himself, Shiva resumed the most charming narrative. The Lord raised Hanuman and clasped him to his heart; then he took him by the hand and seated him close by his side and said........



Jai Hanumanji ki... may we be blessed to keep the feet of Anjaneya in our hearts always...
anuraag - Tue, 17 Aug 2004 22:04:36 +0530
Namaste. I am reminded of another story told by the Rasik saint, Jagadguru Sri Kripaluji Maharaj about when Saint Tulasi das visited Vrindavana, Lord Radha Ramana gave him darshan as Lord Sita Rama.

St. Tulasi is believed to be the incarnation of Hanumanji. It is the Supreme power of 'Prema Bhakti', Divine Love which brings the All powerful Lord under the control of His devotee.

Once the great saint Tulasi visited Sri Radha Krihna temple in Vrindavan. The deities of Divine Couple had appeared to him in Their original Divine form, embracing each other, holding flute in Their hands.

But Tulasiji's love towards his Lord was 'dasya bhakti', Divine Love in the mood of servitorship. The servant has no right to enter the private chamber of his master and mistress. The servant is not authorized to participate in the confidential pastimes of his master. Unfortunately he is not allowed this intimacy due to the natural etiquette, 'maryaada' of pure devotion and the 'Prema rasa'. It is also forbidden to witness the intimate pastimes of the parents even by their child, what to speak of by a servant!

So to protect himself from the impropriety and not to transgress the principles of Bhakti, Tulasiji prayed to Lord Radha Krishna to save his honor as a pure (dasya rasa) servant of the Lord but not as a (madhurya rasa) sweetheart (paramour). He coudn't tolerate a blemish on his 'dasya rasa' Prema Bhakti.

Immediately maryaada purushottam Sri Rama appeared in front of him holding bow and arrows along with His wedded wife Sitadevi and upheld the etiquette of Tulasi's Prema Bhakti.

Rama Laksmana Janaki
Jaya bolo Hanuman ki!

user posted image
anuraag - Sun, 24 Apr 2005 20:44:45 +0530
Wish you all a very happy celebration of Sri Hanuman
Jayanti April 24, 2005.
Hanumanji is the incarnation of Bhagavan
Shankar ji.

Please enjoy reading the forwarded messages from

-- Abhijit Ray wrote:

> Dear Revered Friends and Divinely Aspirining Souls,
> Today is Shri Hanuman Jayanti 24th of April. The
> param bhakt, param Sevak of Shri Ram. The
> incarnation of Devadidev Bhole Shakar, Shiva...
> Pavan Tanay Shri Hanumanji. (H I S will celebrate
> Shri Hanuman Jayanthi at Infocity on 25th evening
> with chanting of Hanuman Chalisa. Please contact
> Shri Srinivas Parsa (
> Today has also been very auspicious and relevant for
> H I S. As on this day, by the grace of Shri Ram and
> Shri Krsna, Shri Hanumanji has carried the Computer
> to Sushri Braj Kishori Deviji and offered onto Her
> Lotus Feet. This is indeed a rare coincidence that
> despite the best efforts of H I S, we had to wait
> till Shri Hanuman Jayanthi for this offering to
> everyone's loving Didi.
> Shri Pankaj Swaroop from Delhi, an ardent devotee
> and Satsangi and a very humble person have taken up
> the whole responsibility of installing the Computer
> and guiding Didi on the usage of the same. All
> members of H I S are indeed grateful to Pankaj for
> his help and support. Shri Siddharth Mehta (Sidds)
> of Infotech Delhi office have joyfully co-ordinated
> the whole process.
> [Words from Sidds: Thank you for giving me this
> opportunity. Jagadguru Shri Kripaluji Maharaj needs
> no introduction. I have heard HIM several times and
> would try my level best to do the needful.
> Eventually, it is HE who would make it happen.]
> We pray to Shri Ram and Radhey Govind that may the
> world of Divine Love of all devotees get connected
> as swift as PAVAN (Vayu), by the unending grace of
> Shri Hanumanji on us, the children and the
> fault-ridden devotees of Shri Ram and Shri Krsna.
> Now, the world can connect to Didi anytime and get
> the Divine shower of Her Grace. We will let you know
> Her email-id soon.
> Remembering an old wise saying "One who wins the
> mortal and outer world is known as 'Vir', but one
> who wins the subtle inner world is known as
> 'Mahavir'. Hanumanji, param bhakt and param sevak
> of Shri Rama is also known as Mahavir Hanuman.."

> Offering our obeissances to Shri
> Hanumanji.................. from H I S Spirituality
> Forum....
> "Atulit bal Dhamum hemshalbhdeham,
> danuj-van-krishanam Gyani-namagar-ganyamum
> Sakal-guna-nidhanam vanara-nam-dhisham
> Raghupati-priyam-Bhagtam Vatjatam Namami"
> He who is repository of immeasurable strength,
> possessing the body like a mountain of Gold, the
> fire to consume the forest of demons, who is
> foremost among the wise and mine of virtues, I bow
> to the Lord of monkeys (with deep reverence),
> Ambassador of Bhagwan Ram.
> In the words of Param Sant Morari Bapu, who has made
> Ramayan and Ram Katha, a household name across the
> world, and who is also regarded as the reincarnation
> of Tulsidasji.................
> There are four things that can be obtained from
> Hanumanji which he has received these things from
> Janki Ji:

> 1.. Dharam
> 2.. Arth
> 3.. Kam
> 4.. Moksha

> Hanumanji has pavitrata (sacredness) in all four
> things. It must be emphasized that these are pavitra
> because the world has made them dirty. For example,
> in the Upanishads the word Sadaguru is never
> mentioned. Instead the word Guru includes
> everything. There was never a need to include the
> Satya in front of the word until False "Gurus" came
> about. Other examples are Sat Sahib, Sat Nam. Bapu
> however says that the word Sadaguru is a very pure
> (pavitra) word and is very dear to him. The word
> Sadaguru appears in the Ramcharitmanas 4 times.

> The pavitra forms of the four items are as follows:
> Dharam- The pavitra form of Dharam includes 4
> things:
> 1.. Satya (Truth)- [ Satya Sama Dharam Na Duja ]
> 2.. Ahinsa - [ Param Dharam Shruthi Biditha Ahinsa
> I Para Ninda Sam Agha Na Girisa ]
> 3.. Parhit ( Well wisher of others)
> 4.. Seva (Service to others) - [ Seva Dharam Katin
> Jag Jana ]
> Bapu gives a description of Hanumanji:

> || Haath Bajra Aru Dwaja Biraje ||
> || Satya Sheel Drud Dwaja Pataka ||
> Hanuman ji's Sheel (character) and Satya (truth) are
> drud (extremely strong) like bajra (thunder). He has
> satya (truth) in his vichar (thinking), uchar
> (speech) and in his achar (action). He has agraha
> and anumodan of satya. (He insists on the truth and
> always supports the truth.)
> In Lanka, Ravan's advisors do not think before
> acting and Sugreev thinks without acting. It is
> Hanumanji who thinks and also goes through with the
> action.
> When Lakshman killed Meghnath, his arm was sent to
> his wife, Sulochna's door. The hand wrote that it
> was the arm of her husband and that the head was
> with Ramji. Ravan's advisors said that it would not
> be wise to send a young daughter-in-law to the
> enemy's camp alone. Ravan however said that in an
> army in which a sheelvan (full of moral character
> and values) servant such as Hanumanji resides there
> is no danger in sending her.
> Dharam is not just wearing a shawl. One must have a
> Maashaal (Torch). It is good to remember that one
> who bows to you is actually higher than you. Dharam
> is not a uniform, it is vast like the sky. One who
> is dharmic is like Vishnu:

> Shanta Karam Gagan Sadrusham . . . . . .
> One cannot belong to everyone without being vast.
> Bapu defines Hanumanji:

> The 'H' of Hanuman signifies "h karatmak" - he
> listens and agrees to whatever he is told. Hanumanji
> has no negativity in him. If in this life, one can
> obtain positivity like Hanumanji's, one becomes ajar
> amar (Immortal and without aging). The 'NU' of
> Hanuman signifies that he does not harm anyone.

> The 'MA' of Hanuman signifies "Mali"- He is a
> gardener who nurtures rather than the owner. He
> follows the orders of Ramji. He doesn't need more
> than Ramji's two lotus feet.

> I Agya Bhang Kabahu Na Kinha I
> The 'N' of Hanuman signifies that Hanumanji always
> is in "Naman" He always bows with humility. He is
> always ready to serve others.

> Arth
> Kanaka Bhudarakar Sharira
> What is the worth of gold that gives pain, one
> should have the gold that brings meaning to life.
> Hanumanji's life is like gold.

> Kam

> This item is given plenty of importance. Hanumanji's
> heart is so pure that even when looking for Sitaji
> in Ravan's harem, he remained untouched and pure.

> Moksh
> Those who are able to attain these 3 things will
> have salvation in their hands.
> If Hanumanji is born in this way in our life, our
> life can become Dhanya (Blessed).

> Harish Bhai's Poem says:

> Ahi Manas ne Manas Samajvo, Parakvo thajine pratham
> ene chahvo

> (Consider a human as a human and without trying to
> test them, first give them love)

> All of these things must be experience by an
> individual. It is important to remain yourself and
> live like a human being rather than like someone
> else. Bapu gives the example that people say that
> Bapu is an avataar of Tulsidasji or Hanumanji. Bapu
> says that this is wrong, Bapu is not anyone else; he
> is Morari Bapu only and will always stay as only
> Morari Bapu.

> People make offerings of 3 things to Hanumanji:
> Sindoor - This means one should be full of samarpan
> (surrendered)
> Dhaga (Thread) - Bhramh, Prem or Dharam Sutra

> Teil (Oil) - Sneh (Affection)

> If individuals are able to absorb Hanumanji's tatva
> (element), it will lead to satisfaction.

> (Taken from

> A few more stories of wisdom on Shri Hanumanji...
> sent by Shakun Narain...... (
> Hanuman is one of the most colorful characters in
> the Ramaayana.
> He truly loved Shri Rama and Mata Seeta and wanted
> nothing in return for his service. Seeta gave him
> very valuable pearls as a gift for all the service
> that Hanuman had rendered. Hanumanji bit the pearls
> and said that Shri Rama and Seeta were not seen in
> them. Therefore, he threw the valuable pearls away.
> If you notice, you will find that Hanuman is red in
> color. Let me tell you the reason.
> Seeta would apply a red color dot on her forehead.
> Hanuman asked her the reason for this practice.
> Seeta answered that she wore the red colored dot on
> her forehead as it pleased her husband Shree Rama.
> Since Hanuman's main objective was to please Shri
> Rama, he decided to dye himself into a red color by
> dipping himself into a red solution. Shri Rama
> heard about what Hanuman had done, because of his
> love for Shree Rama. Shri Rama was overcome with the
> emotion of love, and his eyes filled up with tears.
> If you want to pray to Shri Rama for something it
> would be a good idea if you asked Hanuman for it. I
> believe that Shri Rama finds it very hard to refuse
> Hanumanji, if he places your wish at Shri Rama's
> feet.
Hari Saran - Mon, 25 Apr 2005 04:38:02 +0530
user posted image

Just click play to watch the slide show:

Hanuman's bio

Hanuman langurs, Sariska National Park, India

lbcVisnudas - Mon, 25 Apr 2005 11:43:10 +0530
Just had to say excellent slide show!
Also, I always thought it fascinating that Ravana was considered a great devotee of Sri NatarajaSiva. He built huge temples for Him and dedicated many public works and massive rajasika yagnas for His pleasure. He wrote the Tandava Stotra in a fit of devotion to His Ista. How wonderful, then, that Ravana was able to see his Lord Siva taking the form of Hanumanji ( hanumate rudratmakaya hanumate namah//) in abject service to Lord Rama and Hanuman setting Ravana's city on fire- like an image of Nataraja Himself- destroying by fire all Ravana held dear.
Just a thought
Hari Saran - Mon, 25 Apr 2005 12:36:24 +0530
QUOTE(lbcVisnudas @ Apr 25 2005, 06:13 AM)
Just had to say excellent slide show!
Also, I always thought it fascinating that Ravana was considered a great devotee of Sri NatarajaSiva.  He built huge temples for Him and dedicated many public works and massive rajasika yagnas for His pleasure.  He wrote the Tandava Stotra in a fit of devotion to His Ista.  How wonderful, then, that Ravana was able to see his Lord Siva taking the form of Hanumanji ( hanumate rudratmakaya hanumate namah//) in abject service to Lord Rama and Hanuman setting Ravana's city on fire- like an image of Nataraja Himself- destroying by fire all Ravana held dear.
Just a thought

user posted image

Thanks for the good news! Very Nice!

Shiva taandava stotram

anuraag - Tue, 26 Apr 2005 00:47:48 +0530
I have an audio tape of 'Shiva Tandava Stotra' in Sanskrit sung by S.P. Bala Subramanyam, South Indian vocal artist. The rhythm of the drums is excitingly so fast and provokes even the sedentary soul to get up and dance! blush.gif
I have the beautiful translation of it in Hindi but like to add the English one too, later. whistling.gif
Hari Saran - Tue, 26 Apr 2005 05:35:05 +0530
Yummy, yummy...! How can we get some? rolleyes.gif smile.gif biggrin.gif
Gaurasundara - Tue, 26 Apr 2005 06:11:27 +0530
HariSaranji, there is an MP3 of it on that same Astrojyoti site. Dunno if its the same one which Anuraag is referring to, but its nice anyway. That site has some good mp3z. smile.gif
Hari Saran - Tue, 26 Apr 2005 12:33:29 +0530
QUOTE(Gaurasundara @ Apr 26 2005, 12:41 AM)
HariSaranji, there is an MP3 of it on that same Astrojyoti site. Dunno if its the same one which Anuraag is referring to, but its nice anyway. That site has some good mp3z. smile.gif

Thanks, Gourasundara-ji, good to knoooww... wink.gif

However, what about the English translation that Anuraag-ji was talking? I think that would make things a bit tastier, don't you ?rolleyes.gif
Hari Saran - Wed, 27 Apr 2005 08:14:03 +0530
Thoughts of The Day

Considering that Ravana was either Jaya or Vijay, who had been cursed by the Four Kumaras, it is possible to say that Ravana was a great Shiva Bhakta, but Lord Shiva, is the best of Vishnu-Bhaktas; “Vaisnavanam yata sambhu. Therefore, Ravana was a great devotee of Lord Vishnu, who worshiped the top most Vaisnava!

Moreover, Shastra and Sadhu say:

Brahma-Samhita 5.45 it says:

"Just as milk is transformed into curd by the action of acids, but yet the effect curd is neither same as, nor different from, its cause, viz., milk, so I adore the primeval Lord Govinda of whom the state of Sambhu is a transformation for the performance of the work of destruction."


(The real nature of Sambhu, the presiding deity of Mahesa-dhama, is described.) Sambhu is not a second Godhead other than Krishna. Those, who entertain such discriminating sentiment, commit a great offense against the Supreme Lord. The supremacy of Sambhu is subservient to that of Govinda; hence they are not really different from each other.

If we follow that guideline of thought then it is presumably that king Ravana (Jaya or Vijaya) actually never stop to glorify the Supreme Lord of his heart, Sri Vishnu. In the apparent absence of his Vaikunta Master, the Lord of Kailash became his Istadeva. Being Both Lords non-different, King Ravana was tricked by the divine-illusory-energy (Yogamay) that are controlled by both Lords in it’s different aspect, known as Yogamaya and Mahamaya.

In the words of ACBSP:

“In the Vayu Purana there is a description of Sadasiva in one of the Vaikuntha planets. That Sadasiva is a direct expansion of Lord Krsna's form for pastimes. It is said that Sadasiva (Lord Sambhu) is an expansion from the Sadasiva in the Vaikuntha planets (Lord Visnu) and that his consort, Mahamaya, is an expansion of Rama-devi, or Laksmi. Mahamaya is the origin or birthplace of material nature.”

Moreover it is said:

The Vayu-Purana states that Sadasiva's abode is beyond the mundane universe:
sri mahadeva lokas tu saptavaranato bahih;
nityah sukhamayah satyo labhyas tat sevakottamaih
"But Sri Mahadeva's planet is outside of the seven layers of matter that cover the universe. It is eternal, blissful, real and attainable by His greatest devotees."

Srila Rupa Gosvami writes in Laghu Bhagavatamrta (43): sadasivakhya tan murtis tamoguna varjita "Unlike the ordinary Siva, Sadasiva is beyond tamo guna."

and Baladeva Vidyabhusana writes:
sivaloke vaikuntha dhamni "Sivaloka is Vaikuntha-dhama."


Therefore, definitely Ravana was a great personality that by the power of his worshiping to Lord Shiva he was able to attract death in the divine form of Sri Sri Sita-Rama!

user posted image

A folk song that accompanies the Ramayana in South India sings of the death of Ravana this way:

Sita looked at Ravana
Rama had picked up hill bow,
But Sita took the bow from Rama,
She hid behind Rama and shot the arrow.
Like a mountain falling, so Ravana fell.
Like a pumpkin falling, so Ravana fell.

Jay Hanuman-ji

Shiva taandava stotram by Bhakta Ravana

user posted image
anuraag - Sun, 15 May 2005 06:02:22 +0530
QUOTE(Hari Saran @ Apr 26 2005, 12:05 AM)
Yummy, yummy...! How can we get some? rolleyes.gif  smile.gif  biggrin.gif

Telugu text of Shiva Taandava Stotram by devotee Ravana at:

With English meaning at: unsure.gif

Drushadvichitratalpayor bhujangamauktikasrajor
Garishtharatnaloshthayoh suhrudvipakshapakshayoh
Trushnaravindachakshushoh prajamahimahendrayoh
Samapravrutikahsamam pravartayanmanahkada sadashisivam bhaje .. 12

When will I worship Lord Sadasiva (eternally auspicious) God, with
equal vision
towards the people and an emperor, and a blade of grass
and lotus-like eye, towards both friends and enemies, towards the
valuable gem and some lump of dirt, towards a snake and a garland
and towards varied ways of the world

Kada nilimpanirjharinikujnjakotare vasanh
Vimuktadurmatih sada shirah sthamajnjalim vahanh
Vimuktalolalochano lalamabhalalagnakah
Shiveti mantramuchcharan sada sukhi bhavamyaham ..

When will I be happy, living in the hollow place near the celestial
river, Ganga, carrying the folded hands on my head all the time, with
my bad thinking washed away, and uttering the mantra of Lord Siva
and devoted in the God with glorious forehead with vibrating eyes.

Idam hi nityamevamuktamuttamottamam stavam
Pathansmaranbruvannaro vishuddhimetisantatam
Hare gurau subhaktimashu yati nanyatha gatim
Vimohanam hi dehinam sushankarasya chintanam .. 14

Whoever reads, remembers and says this best stotra as it is said here,
gets purified for ever, and obtains devotion in the great Guru Siva.
For this devotion, there is no other way. Just the mere thought of
Lord Siva indeed removes the delusion.

suddha bhaktah sriguruh sri sivasya ca bhagavata
saha abheda drsthim tat priyatam matve naiva manyante
Hari Saran - Sun, 15 May 2005 08:45:55 +0530
Thank you, Anuraaga-ji!

"I have a very deep interest in Lord Siva, whose head is glorified by
the rows of moving waves of the celestial river Ganga, agitating in
the deep well of his hair-locks, and who has the brilliant fire flaming
on the surface of his forehead, and who has the crescent moon as a
jewel on his head."

Shiva Taandava Stotram
Attachment: Image
anuraag - Sun, 15 May 2005 19:51:44 +0530
Enjoy more Sanskrit Shiva bhajans smile.gif at:

and Shiva Tandavam (Jata kataha) at:

HANUMAN animated Epic movie

'Hanuman' India's First animated Epic Film releases Friday October 21st, 2005.

Check Official web site:

You might be familiar with the basic stories about Lord Hanuman, but do you know
all the details of his life? For instance, how he became the brave warrior he
is, and where his legendary mace came from?
If not, no problem.
Come Friday, October 21, India will witness its first animated film on the god.
The pathbreaking Hanuman is a total entertainer, packed with pranks of a baby
Hanuman, spectacular war sequences and lilting music.

PreviewHanuman - Bollywood animation comes of age Exclusive by Joginder Tuteja,
IndiaGlitz [Monday, October 17, 2005]
In Hindu mythology, Ramayan is the most popular story ever told. And when it
comes to Ramayan, then its not just Ram, Laxman, Sita and Ravan. There is also
one more important character in the story - HANUMAN.

Hanuman - who leaped for the sun thinking it to be a was a sweet fruit

Hanuman - who was blessed by the GODS with supernatural strength

Hanuman - who flew across mountains and leapt across the oceans

Hanuman - who is the mighty warrior, the destroyer of the wicked

Since the silent movies era, there have been number of flicks made on the
Ramayan and its characters but never before has there been a full fledged
animation movie around the story. A Percept Pictures Company in association with
Silvertoons, 'Hanuman' is a Sahara One Motion Pictures presentation, which is a
100% animation movie, and is about to release this festive season.

The highlight of the movie is that it is India's first ever animated movie based
on Hanuman's life and takes the viewer through Hanuman's birth till the great
victory over Lanka. The movie talks about number of extraordinary feats that he
displayed since his childhood through 100 minutes of world class animation. The
movie boasts of 40 characters and 200,000 individual images that resulted in the
movie Hanuman, which is directed by V.G.Samant and has Mukesh Khanna providing
the voiceover for Hanuman.

The movie revolves around five principal characters of Ramayana - Ram, Sita,
Laxman, Ravan and of course Hanuman. The movie traces Hanuman's life from his
childhood when he was born to Anjani, a female Apsara and the Moneky King
Kesari. When Anjani was expecting a child, Pavan Dev placed Lord Shiva's 'ansh'
in her womb and hence he is also called 'Pavanputra'. He was blessed with
supreme intelligence, strength and devine powers and was quite naughty as a baby
[one look at the animated picture of a cute looking young Hanuman and you know
for sure that this is a naughty kid!]

His pranks were not only reserved for the youngsters of his group but also the
saints who lived in nearby forests. He in fact didn't even spare the sun and
aimed to eat it as well thinking of it to be a fruit! No one really minded the
fun games he played and he was blessed by the GODS with immortal life and divine
powers due to which he became all powerful and mighty. But he never used these
powers for anything bad and didn't harm anyone. Due to the powers bestowed upon
him, he was safe from any weapons, fire and water. He became immortal and the
best power he got was an ability to change his body size to the biggest and the
smallest ever possible!

The biggest episode in his life began when he came in contact with Ram and
Laxman who were searching for Sita. He was a great worshipper of Lord Ram and
helped him find Sita, destroy Lanka and kill Ravana. He used his super powers to
a great extent in this battle and won the friendship of Ram!

A spectacular affair, 'Hanuman' promises to be a coming of age animated movie in
Bollywood with great fun, drama, action, vibrant colors, fast moving frames,
great sound effects, songs, dances and everything else that should go along to
make an animated movie a great experience for kids and adults alike.

A movie that should make for a good family outing, 'Hanuman' releases this
Friday i.e. October 21st.

Music Director : Tapas Relia
Producer : Sahara One
Year : 2005

The cutest animated character arrives in the town this Friday with 'Hanuman',
which is India's first ever animated movie based on Hanuman's life and takes the
viewer through Hanuman's birth till the great victory over Lanka. A Percept
Pictures Company in association with Silvertoons, 'Hanuman' is a Sahara One
Motion Pictures presentation that has been publicized quite decently unlike some
other animation movies/children movies in the past that have suffered largely
due to lack of any buzz. The look of the film is quite vibrant and promises to
be an entertaining affair with songs and dances galore. Directed by V.G.Samant,
'Hanuman' has music by Tapas Relia and lyrics by Satish Mutatkar.

'Mahabali Maharudra' is the opening track of the album that brings to fore the
might of Hanuman. Unlike a conventional 'bhajan', it is based on contemporary
music while maintaining the essence of the song. Sung by number of singers
ranging from Vijay Prakash, Sonu Nigam, Shaan, Palash Sen, Kailash Kher,
Madhushree, Sneha Panth and Sapna Mukherjee, it makes for a good promotional
number that carries a good pace and a spirited feel throughout.

Yet another track that appreciates the greatness of Hanuman is 'Jai Hanuman'
that is a good fusion piece of Indian and western music. Sung by Shankar
Mahadevan and Kailash Kher, it is one of its kinds when it comes to a devotional
track due its treatment. Though the words in the track are something that you
may have heard in a number of devotional tracks in the past, it is the usage of
musical instruments and the rendition by the singer duo that make it different.

A song with a jingle that should appeal instantaneously to the kids, 'Akdam
Bakdam' sung by the kid Shravan is immensely lovable and is bound to bring a
smile on your face when you are watching it on a big screen. The arrangements
are world class and remind of the kind of songs from 'The Lion King'. A playful
number, it should be a highlight of the movie when Hanuman's childhood days are
projected on screen. A winner that should be publicized more heavily for
children to get attracted to the movie! The same world class feel is quite
apparent in the 'Hanuman theme' performed by Swapnil Bandodkar that promises an
impressive cinematic outing.

Chants of 'Jai Jai Bajrang Bali' go with the theme soundtrack 'Destroying The
Ashok Vatika' that has been rendered by Vijay Prakash. He also chants some
'shlokas' in the subsequent theme piece 'Bridge Across The Nation'. Both the
pieces are heavy duty situational pieces and should add value to the visuals.
Two more instrumentals that follow after a gap are 'The WAR Begins' and
'Kumbhakaran' that are the musical pieces behind two of the most important
chapters of 'Ramayan'. There is an extremely short musical piece [the last in
the series of instrumentals/theme music in the album] - 'Ravan Goes To War' -
that has the voice of Rajesh Jolly in the background. All these musical pieces
combined together surely make 'Hanuman' a musical affair.

If there is a movie about 'Hanuman' then how could 'Hanuman Chalisa' be far
behind. The wait is over with Vijay Prakash [yet again], Nandini and Rashmi
coming together for this religious reading that is popular across globe. Music,
as expected, is quite soothing for this devotional number that is the longest
track in the album, is quite soft on ears and has been well orchestrated.
album ends with another song 'Jay Bajrangbali' that reminds of the soundtrack of
'The Lion King'. A peppy kid’s track that appears to be a promotional track, it
is sung by Palash Sen and Kinshuk Sen and has a 'feel good' factor that should
appeal to children.

Target audience of 'Hanuman' is children while there is something for adults too
in the form of 'Hanuman Chalisa' that has been presented differently. If the
movie has an extended run at the theatres then there is a good possibility of
children lapping up the album. After all when West can have their 'Lion King'
then why can't we have our own 'Hanuman'!