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White Rainbow - A Film On Hapless Widows Of Vrindavan - Submitted by Hari

Madhava - Tue, 10 Aug 2004 04:49:34 +0530

White Rainbow--A Film On Hapless Widows Of Vrindavan

NEW DELHI, INDIA, August 5, 2004: Dharan Mandrayar is thespian Sivaji Ganesan's brother V.C. Shanmugham's son. Dharan has just completed a project that is very close to his heart at the moment--White Rainbow, which was premiered recently in New Delhi where it was well received, says this article.

White Rainbow is being produced for a global audience, by Dharlin Entertainment, in partnership with Sivaji films and Prabhu Movies. "White Rainbow deals with a societal issue, an anathema still prevalent in India, particularly in Vrindavan. I have dwelled into the callousness of a society that metes out gross injustice to the widows, and the sad part is that most of us hardly know the extent of the atrocities committed on the hapless widow of Vrindavan," said Dharan in an interview with

"Vrindavan is often referred to as the 'City of Widows.' The epithet may sound disconcerting, but the veracity cannot be ignored. The widows in Vrindavan, young and old are sexually exploited and physically abused in every way possible. Shorn of the last vestige of dignity and ostracized as an 'inauspicious' presence in the family, many of them are brought to Vrindavan and abandoned. They are illiterate and have no trained skills to support themselves," Dharan added. The film is scheduled for release in September. It had a special screening in New Delhi and also screened at the Mill Valley (U.S.) Film Festival.

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