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Tulasi-seva - Requesting information

Sadhupriya - Sat, 07 Aug 2004 10:46:22 +0530

Pranam and dandavat. I take care of several little Tulasis at home (I live in Montreal, Canada) and would like to receive some advices in how to take car eof her in a northern country. I have one small booklet about it but I think that getting the information from someone experienced is better.
I really have a strong affection for Vrinda Devi.
Thank you very much!

manjari - Mon, 09 Aug 2004 07:10:38 +0530
In my experience summer is not a problem for tulsi in canada. But in winter need specail care. I found a simple method. Keep tulsi near any glass window where sunlight is available. that way she survies the winter. And don't put too much water in winter.