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Narrations on the pastimes of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu and Radha-Krishna.

Excerpt from CC - Gita reading Vipra

Madanmohan das - Thu, 05 Aug 2004 03:03:54 +0530

This is from Madhya lila chapter 9

"And so it was, at that very place, a certain Vaisnava brahmin, seated at the entrance of the temple, would recite the entire eighteen chapters of the holy Gita, and while doing so was overwhelmed with joy.
His reading, however, was without correct intonation, and hence the people mocked him. Some laughed in derision while others rebuked him with insults, for which he cared not at all. Deeply absorbed he continued his recitation to his utter joy and bliss. And as he read his body was thrilled with horripilation, now he trembled and now perspiration flowed from his body.
Seeing all this our great lord was transported with inward delight, and approaching him enquired thus; "Listen great one, I desire to learn what interpretation you derive that affords you such high pleasure."
To which the Vipra made reply; " I am a fool and a simpleton who knows not the implication nor the correct intonation, but my preceptor has advised me to recite it. And as I envision the lord Krsna, with his beautious dark complection, seated upon Arjun's charriot, with the riegns in his hands and exorting Arjun with his good council, I am transported with rapturous joy. And for as long as I continue to recite I attain this vision, and therfore my mind cannot give it up."
Our lord then said; " You are indeed the most worthy reciter of the holy Gita, for you have truely understood it's sublime and essential meaning."
Saying so, our lord embraced the Vipra, who fell at his feet and offered praises. He said;
" Seeing you my joy has doubled and my intuition informs me that you are that very same Krsna"

Krsna involentaraly reveals himself to the pure minded and the Vipra was therefore fully aquainted with the reality of the lord.

The lord cautioned him not to reveal these tidings, and that Vipra also became his ardent votery........