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August meditations 2004 - RRSN 2

Madanmohan das - Sun, 01 Aug 2004 10:46:44 +0530
yasyAh kadApi vasanAncalakhelanottha
dhanyAtidhanyapavanena krtArthamAnI/
yogIndradurgamagati madhusUdano'pi
tasyAnamostu vrsabhAnubhuvo dise'pi//

"Even Madhusudan, whose course is utterly inconcievable
to yogis of the highest order, feels gratified with a touch
of the most blessed breeze that is sometimes wafted by
the flutter of the border of the garment of
Vrsabhanu's daughter. I bow in salutation even to that
direction graced by her presence."
(RRSN 2)
In Govinda Lilamrta, in the preamble to the meeting of Radha and Govinda at midday, Govinda is in deep conferance with Vrnda, Dhanistha and others when Tulsi arrives on the scene. Hari's heart is pleased to see Tulsi and he eagerly inquires from her about Radha's well-being and her present location, to which Tulsi jests that Radha will not come out today.

Meanwhile, Sumukhi Rai stays hid in a shady covert near by, when the breeze, in order to hasten the joy of union, causes her garment to flutter, and surcharged with the sweet fragrance of her limbs, carries it to Syamsundar, who apprihending the ravishing odour, anxiously glances about to assertain the direction whence it comes, and anticipates the immanent fulfilment of his strong desire; dise'pi namostu.
Jagat - Mon, 02 Aug 2004 16:56:20 +0530
vayam idam anubhUya zikSayAmaH
kuru cature saha rAdhayaiva sakhyam
priya-sahacari yatra bADham antar-
bhavati hari-praNaya-pramoda-lakSmI

Let us give you just a little piece of advice,
what we have learned, my pretty child, since you are new--
You want to know Krishna's love? Think twice.
Make friends with Radha, that's the clever thing to do.
For being her friend is the way to discover
the treasure of love and joy, there is no other.
anuraag - Mon, 02 Aug 2004 19:25:02 +0530
vinA prANair dehaH katham iha bhavet ko nu salilaM
vinA mInaz candro vilasati vinA ko nu rajanIm
vinA nnaM kA prANa sthitir ahaha! kRSNo 'pi nitarAM
rAdhAM premonmAda madana lIlA rasa nidhim

Sangita Madhavam, Saptama sarga. 9- Sri Prabodhananda Sarasvati

Jaya Sri Radhey!
Madanmohan das - Thu, 05 Aug 2004 06:26:42 +0530
"Without breath how can a body live, can a fish breathe without water? How could there be a romantic night of love-sports without the silvery moon? Could life be sustained without food? Ah! So how could there be a shower of
Krsna's rapturous amorous love-sports hightened by transports of love-ecstacy
without Radha?"

Rasaraja dasa - Thu, 05 Aug 2004 06:37:38 +0530
O Mukunda, giver of liberation!
Who in the world is there with the courage
to pray for the gift of sacred love,
of which the slightest manifestation,
when brushing against the minds of the great sages,
makes them forget the happiness of liberation?

My prayer therefore to you is this:
that I should simply desire for such prema,
and that this desire should increase forever,
in this world, birth after birth.
(Rüpa Gosvämé, Astadasa-cchanda, Vastra-harana, 2)
Madanmohan das - Wed, 11 Aug 2004 12:23:21 +0530
Jagat - Fri, 13 Aug 2004 23:14:38 +0530

yathA yathAtmA parimRjyate’sau
tathA tathA pazyati vastu sUkSmaM
cakSur yathaivAJjana-samprayuktam

As much as your heart has been wiped clean
by hearing my holy names and glories,
you will see more clearly subtle truths,
like an eye that has been treated with balm.
(BhP 11.14.26)
Rasaraja dasa - Sat, 14 Aug 2004 08:31:26 +0530
I offer obeisances to him who is the desire tree of all welfare for the pious, who wields the flower arrows which pierce the hearts of all the beautiful young maidens, who is the most expert in protecting those who have taken shelter of him, and who is the scorching sun drying up the lilies of the impious.
(Rupa Goswami's Hari-kusuma-stava)
anuraag - Sat, 14 Aug 2004 19:56:26 +0530
karmANyanIhasya bhavo 'bhavasya te
durgAzrayo 'thAribhayAt palAyanam |
kAlAtmano yat pramadAyutAzrayaH
svAtman rate khidyati dhIr vidAm iha ||

SBh.P 3.4.16

"O Lord! You're actionless but perform pastimes,
and You're birthless, still You've appearance.
Though You manifest in the form of death itself,
You flee from enemies into the fortress out of fear,
and though You're ever delighted in Your blissful Self,
You take shelter of many pleasing youthful women.
All these actions of Yours torment even
the wisdom of the enlightened ones!"

Jaya Sri Radhey!

Madanmohan das - Sat, 14 Aug 2004 22:07:29 +0530
aho bakI yam stanakAlakUtam
jighamsayApAyadapyasAdhvI /
lebhe gatim dhAtryucitam tato'nyam
kam vA dayAlum saranam vrajema //

Sri Uddhav Mahasoy says;

"How passing wondrous that Baki (Putana), who came with nipples besmeared with virulent poison, and with infanticidal intent toward the divine child, whom she suckled at her breast; that even she should attain the status of perfection as his nurse-maid. Ah me! Such a merciful lord, to whom else should we go seeking refuge?

(Bhag. 3.2.23)
Madanmohan das - Tue, 17 Aug 2004 08:51:11 +0530
You're all no doubt familiar with Devakinandan das' Vaisnava vandana, so I crave your indulgence with my English "version"?

First, to the Vaisnavas who reside in Vrndavan, I bow in salutation at the feet of one and all; then to the followers of Mahaprabhu, in Nilacal residing, falling at their feet, I bow to one and all. I bow with utmost attachment at the feet of all Mahaprabhu's voteries who dwell in Navadvipa. I bow in salutation at the feet of all the lord's followers who abide in Gauda desh; raising my arms in joy, I then bow at the feet of all the followers of Gauranga in whatever province they abide. To all the servants of the lord and all who shall as such hereafter be, taking a clump of grass between my teeth, I bow at the feet of them all.

Each and every one of them has the power to deliver the entire world from bondage, thus the glory of their noble virtues are heard sung throughout the Vedas and Puranas. The followers of Mahaprabhu are all saviours of the fallen, and hence this base sinner seeks refuge with them.

What right or power even do I have to make salutation to them? My sooty mind, various vices; 'tis merely another display of my false pride. Nevertheless, the fool is fortunate, for my heart rejoices in the thought that they, forgiving my transgressions, might make me their own humble servant. Then all desires are fulfilled, Yama's bonds are sundered, and one plunders the rarest of treasures in this world,PREMA!
Devakinandan das eagerly declares; all hearts's cherished hopes are accomplished without delay!
anuraag - Tue, 17 Aug 2004 20:22:29 +0530

kaizorAdbhuta mAdhurI bhara dhurINAMgacchaviiM rAdhikAM
premollAsabharAdhikAM niravadhi dhyAyanti ye tad dhiyaH
tyaktAH karmabhir Atmanaiva bhagavad dharme pyaho nirmamAH
sarvAzcaryya gatiM gatA rasamayIM temyo mahadmyo namaH

Sri Radha Sudha Nidhi- 80

Renouncing all types of obligatory duties and social work prescribed
in scriptures, having no ego nor self-identification, giving up
attachment even to the practice of formal worship to the Supreme Lord,
the Rasik saints have attained the most wonderful state of Divine
Bliss in which their hearts and minds are ever absorbed in the
contemplation upon Sri Radhika Whose youthful form is thoroughly
saturated with wondrous beauty and ecstasy of amorous Divine love.
I offer my sincere respects to these great Rasik saints.

likhanti bhuja-mülato na khalu zaGkha-cakrAdikaM
vicitra-hari-mandiraM na racayanti bhAla-sthale
lasat-tulasi-mAlikAM dadhati kaNTha-pIThe na vA
guror bhajana-vikramAt ka iha te mahA-buddhayaH

SRSN- 81

(The Rasik Saints who have attained the ecstatic state of 'Radha
Prema' as described in the preceding verse...)

Fully surrendered to their eternal Preceptor, these great enlightened
souls do not care to mark their shoulders with the conch, wheel, and
other auspicious symbols, do not advertize themselves by either
drawing a temple of Lord Hari on their foreheads, or by wearing
glorious tulasi garlands around their necks!

karmANi zrutibodhitAni nitarAM kurvantu kurvantu mA
gUDhAzcaryya rasAH sragAdi viSayAn gRhaNantu muJcantu vA
kairvA bhAva rahasya pAraga matiH zrI rAdhikApreyasaH
kiJcijajnair anuyujyatAM vahir aho bhrAmyadbhir anyair api

SRSN- 82

These Rasik Mahapurusha having been sheltered themselves in the
deepest, wonderful Divine bliss may be inclined to perform social
duties prescribed in Vedas or may not.
These exalted souls may accept fragrant sandalwood paste, flower
garlands and other offerings of ritual worship or they may reject them

What foolish worldly person is qualified to grasp or even has a right
to criticize these unique Rasik Saints whose hearts have reached the
farthest shore of sublime Divine Love of Sri Radha's Beloved!

Other verse comes to memory in this regard:

kiM vA nas taiH suzAstraiH kim atha tad-uditair vartmabhiH sad-
yatrAsti prema-mUrter nahi mahima-sudhä nApi bhAvas tadIyaH |
kiM vA vaikuNTha-lakSmyApy ahaha paramayA yatra me nAsti rädhä
kintv AzApy astu vRndävana-bhuvi madhurA koTi-janmAntare ||


kuru sakalam adharmaM muJca sarvaM ca dharmaM
tyaja gurum api vRndAraNya-vAsAnurodhAt
sa tava parama-dharmaH sA ca bhaktir gurUNAM
sa kila kaluza-rAzir ya dhi vAsAntarAyaH


Jaya Sri Radhey!