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Raga's MySQL Dumper - A handy PHP-script for managing database dumps

Madhava - Fri, 23 Jul 2004 04:02:43 +0530
In case anyone of you has to deal with taking backups from multiple MySQL databases while keeping it easy, this little script should come in handy.

= = =

Raga's MySQL Dumper - your all-in-one database dumper and dump manager!

1. Download.
2. Open in your favorite editor and set up your whatever secret word in the beginning of the file.
3. Create a directory and CHMOD 0777.
4. Stick in the script. Head there.
5. Enter your secret word to gain access to use the dumper.
6. Enter the details for the database to be dumped.
7. If you get the OK message, download. The database has been named as timestamp-databasename.gz. If you get an error message, check the details you just input and try again.
8. Below the form where you enter the database details, you'll see the existing dumps you have taken. Delete them as necessary.

You can use this one script for all your databases if you wish, as long as you're staying on the same server. The script is perfectly safe to leave in the directory, since it is password protected. There is no need to .htaccess the directory, since the database dump names start with a Unix timestamp which is virtually impossible for anyone to guess unless they knew the second you hit the dump button.

Please report any bugs to me by e-mail: bugs{at}
Madhava - Mon, 26 Jul 2004 03:10:35 +0530
The script has been updated to display the dump files in reverse order sorted by date. The time the dump was taken is now visible next to the gzipped file. Below, a view of the script in action:

user posted image
Madhava - Tue, 27 Jul 2004 22:19:53 +0530
The script is now listed at Hotscripts.Com. Check there for future updates. If you've tested this, feel free to rate it.

If you like the script, please rate it!