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A verse from Stavamala - ullalaballavalalanA....

Madanmohan das - Tue, 06 Jul 2004 13:50:32 +0530
Here's a couplet from Stavamala with alot of lallallala;

ullala-ballava-lalanAdhara-pallava-cumbanollasitam /
naumi samallImAlyam harimiha hallisakotphullam //

I praise Hari who wears a wreath of Malli flowers; who is thrilled by performance of the Hallisaka dance ( RAsa);and who is enraptured by kissing the trembling flower-like lips of the cowherd damsels. (Stavamala, Sri Rupa.)

Sri Jiva says;

sat-kAvya-sadmasu ya eva hari-priyeSu
zabdArtha-ratna-nikarais tanute'ti-bhavyaiH /
zilpa-kriyAm bahu-vidhAm kavi-vizvakarmA
rupAbhidho rasika-citta-haraH sa jIyAt //

May Sri Rupa be forever glorified, who like the celestial architect Visvakarma, has contrived a many faceted crarftmanship in his divine poetry, like so many wondrous palaces embellished with the multitude of jewel-like literary devices and allusions, and that are so dear to Lord Hari.