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Was Kunja Daa the most dear to BSSP? - A link to info on HDG B.V. Tirtha Maharaj

hrisikesh - Fri, 02 Jul 2004 03:00:24 +0530
Pujya Prabhus,

Was Kunja Daa the most dear to BSSP? Srila Bon Maharaj said so. He, B.S. Ashram Maharaj, Krishna Das Babaji Mj, and most others voted for Kunja Daa to lead the mission because he was already the manager since the beginning when he brought BSSP out of Bhajan and back to Calcutta to begin his prachar. And they all knew he was SO dear to BSSP. Some we're respectful of that intimacy (they stayed devotees), but others were envious (they departed DService).

So the question is:

Was Kunja Daa the most dear to BSSP?

BTW: We are talking about during the LIFE of Srila B.S. Sarasvati Prabhupada, based on his lila on Earth, and not some concocted idea of what he thinks many years after his disappearence... not what came years later. The link tells what little I know.. but it's enough.


Hrisikesh das
Jagat - Fri, 02 Jul 2004 04:08:49 +0530
Indranila - Fri, 02 Jul 2004 13:56:19 +0530

Thank you for the link to this article by Finn Madsen. I was always intrigued by the disintegration of the Gaudiya Math, which ACBSP describes in such strong words, but could not find any substantial information about it.

It would be really nice to put this and other similar articles about GM and ISKCON in the Frequently Discussed Topics directory. I have searched the archives a few times for different things, but if you don't know that something is available how can you search for it?