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Narrations on the pastimes of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu and Radha-Krishna.

A Mid-day Pastime - from Vilapa Kusumanjali

Malatilata - Sat, 18 May 2002 21:43:34 +0530
Sri Radha Arrives into a Kunja Decorated by Syama

from the commentary of
Pandit Ananta Das Babaji Maharaja
on Vilapa Kusumanjali, verse 68

as originally narrated by
Srila Ananda Gopal Gosvami

Together with Tulasi and Rupa Svamini arrives at the gate of the kunja. Sri Hari singlehandedly decorated the trysting place, where Rupa and Tulasi bring Svamini, and is waiting there for Her.

Radhika is known as vasaka sajjika, a girl who decorates the trysting place awaiting Her hero, but now the situation is reversed.

Hari made a sittingplace for Her with flowers moistened by His own loving tears. The kunja is adorned by Hari's form, qualities and craftsmanship. How expert He is in decorating! It is as if He decorates all four sides of the kunja with His pure love for His Priyaji, thinking: "Here I will sit with My beloved!" This is the expertise of premaseva, the mutual service of love.

When Svamini enters the kunja with Rupa and Tulasi, She is amazed. First of all it is the kunja which delights Cupid, and then it is also decorated by the very hands of the transcendental youthful Cupid of Vrindavana!

Svamini asks: "Syama! Who decorated this kunja?"

Hari says: "Who knows? You understand!"

Srimati: "You have done it, nobody else can decorate like this! You have done all this work, knowing that I would come! I should have been here with You to help You!"

Today She is very munificient. It is Svamini's Hari, who steals (harana) Her heart with this loving expertise. Two teardrops trickle from Radhika's eyes. How affectionately Syama helps Her onto Her sitting place! How much love He has in His heart as He sits at Her soft feet (sitting Himself on the pedestal) and takes them to His chest!

Asking Her: "How have You come all the way here with these tender feet? The ground of Vraja is so hard!".

He repeatedly looks at Svamini's lotusfeet that are greyed by dust. Tulasi understands the mood and brings a golden pitcher with water and a golden bowl. While Tulasi pours out the water Syama washes Svamini's feet and dries them off with His yellow dhoti, while tears trickle from His eyes.

Without the mercy of the acaryas this cannot be experienced. By their grace the divine rememberance of this pastime will awaken within the heart. The mind must be absorbed in this subject.

How beautiful Syama is, sitting by Svamini's feet! Svamini lifts Krsna up and seats Him next to Her. How beautiful Syama looks with these loving tears in His eyes!

Holding Her cheek on His cheek, Svamini asks Syama: "Why do You love Me so much? I could not do anything for You! I have so many shortcomings! How many qualified girls are there not always waiting for You? How You could leave them all for an unfortunate girl like Me?"

Syama stares at Svamini's face. What He has gotten ? that He's unaware of!