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Sikshastakam - Subal Das's purports now available on-line

Subal - Mon, 28 Jun 2004 03:38:46 +0530
I am happy to announce the web publication of “Sikshastakam, Sri Chaitanya's Teachings,” by Steve Bohlert, Subal Das available at Sikshastakam, Sri Chaitanya's Teachings . These eight verses are said to have been composed by Sri Krishna Chaitanya, 500 years ago. They outline the basis of his teachings which I also present in my Path of Love classes Path of Love. I provide purports to the eight verses which help to expand and illuminate the teachings. I wrote them while a sannyasi in India in 1973. I revised and updated them this month. I am thankful to Jagadananda Das for allowing me to use his translation of the verses. I also included a picture of Sri Chaitanya and his associates which was drawn by the king's artist in their presence 500 years ago.