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Business Opportunity - Prospective Introducing Brokers

Mina - Mon, 28 Jun 2004 00:05:04 +0530
The company I work for is a Futures Commision Merchant (FCM). They are interested in people that are already or suitable to become Introducing Brokers (IB). An IB needs to clear trades for their customers through an FCM, at least that is the way it works in the USA. Domestic IBs must pass the Series 3 exam and register as members of the National Futures Association (NFA). IBs outstide the USA, or foreign IBs, do not need to register with the NFA, although they may be required to be registered in their country of operation. The FCM I work for has various services to provide to their IBs to help them with marketing and providing high quality brokerage services to their customers. Our electronic trading platform is one of the best on the market. All user friendly features, including drop down price menus for entering orders, which helps avoiding mistakes that can occur when typing in prices for limit, stop and market if touched orders.

If you have any sales ability, then this may be the opportunity for you. If you have a penchant for the financial markets, then that is a plus. If you already have substantial customer equity as an existing IB, CTA or CPO, then you could be considered for becoming a branch office.

Any interested parties may contact me by private message at this site, or email me at