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Discussions on other Vaishnava-sampradayas and Gaudiyas other than the Rupanuga-tradition should go here. This includes for example Madhva, Ramanuja, Nimbarka, Gaura-nagari, Radha-vallabhi and the such.

Jagadbandhu Sundar - Harinambrata Brahmachari, how could he?

vamsidas - Sat, 26 Jun 2004 04:03:36 +0530
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Christian influences on Gaudiya Vaishnavism.


QUOTE(Jagat @ Jun 24 2004, 10:13 AM)
MNV Brahmachari...  says in Vaishnava Vedanta that if Jiva were alive today he would accept the scientific world view of today.

And yet, Mahanamabrata Brahmachari somehow came to the conclusion that Jagadbandhu was "Nava Gauranga" -- a deification as a "second coming" of Chaitanya that, as far as I know, is unprecedented within traditional Chaitanyaite parivaras.

Interestingly, I understand that Premananda Bharati, perhaps the first Chaitanya Vaishnava to accept disciples in the United States, was also a sympathizer (I don't know whether he was a disciple) of Jagadbandhu.

Is there a correlation between MNB's acceptance of the scientific over the literalist world view, and his acceptance of Jagadbandhu over Mahaprabhu?
Madhava - Sat, 26 Jun 2004 04:27:08 +0530
Just you hang around for a couple of years, Vamsiji, and you'll see the Eggheads Inc. elect Jagad Ananda Bandhu Sundar as the new descent of Jagadbandhu. We'll sell stickers with a painting of his eight-armed form.

The followers of Jagadbandhu, by the way, have a couple of informative, though a bit hard-to-navigate, websites:

Here's my all-time-favorite pic:

A bit off topic, granted. cool.gif
Jagat - Sat, 26 Jun 2004 07:42:09 +0530
I have to admit that I find Jagadbandhu a hard sell. Whether there's a correlation between the two, I don't know. I guess I was looking for someone to tell me it was OK, and I just took the first voice that approved it. There is certainly nothing in Jagadbandhu's life that would indicate anything remotely intellectual in thinking. He barely had a life, actually. It's really quite extraordinary how he achieved "Godhood."

And that mantra the last book he wrote is complete gibberish. His followers recite it religiously, with all the nonsense words, no one understanding it. No one has written commentaries, because no one dares pretend to understand it. It's really quite an achievement.

It's no surprise, then, that there is little in HNV Brahmachari's philosophy that does not depend in whole or in part on Gaudiya Vaishnavism. I basically think that he was being loyal to his guru, and found something convincing in Jagadbandhuism, but I never asked.

I could never understand why someone could claim incarnation status if he did not have something wholly new and unique to offer. If that kITa-patana business is all Jagadbandhu had to offer, I am at a total loss.
nabadip - Sat, 26 Jun 2004 10:57:02 +0530
I think the real challenge there is that Jagabandhu introduced the idea that no diksha was required to do this sadhana and reach the goal.
betal_nut - Sun, 27 Jun 2004 22:34:58 +0530
Could someone give a quick synopsis on who is Mahanambrata, Jagadbandhu and Premananda Bharati here?

2 or 3 lines each will suffice.

What parivars or paramparas are they linked with?
betal_nut - Sun, 27 Jun 2004 22:47:58 +0530

A band of earnest workers has taken up this great mission of preaching Jagadbandhu’s religion and have gone a long way in their service in the different districts of Bengal. They are all Brahmacharies spiritually disciplined and though young, have renounced all worldly comforts for good and dedicated themselves to the cause of universal salvation. They follow the strict rules of asceticism and observe almost military discipline in their camp. They have got in Matichhanna Mahendraji an ideal guide and it was he, who as the first missionary of Prabhu’s religion, organized the party known as "Mahanam Sampradaya," and went on preaching the message of their Lord to people at large. They performed Kirtana festivals everywhere they went and organized such big processions of Kirtana as consisted of 56 Madals (longish drums) and 112 pairs of Karatalas (cymbals) with two to three thousand followers in many places of Bengal. The biggest procession led by them was at Barisal in East Bengal, where with 112 Madals and 214 pairs of Karatalas (cymbals), 6000 people marched like a big army to fight out through the streets of the city the sins of the world. In course of a year of their work, they established altogether 8 ashramas or hermitages in the following places: Dacca, Munshiganj, Chittagong, Krishnanagar, Kustia, Meherpur, Barisal and Jaypara.

Of this party, almost all the Brahmacharies had decent learning and the leader Mahendraji was a great poet and author of Prabhu’s life in Bengali. He left his home at an early age and was roaming through the groves of Brindabana in search Lord Sri Krishna when he was brought to Sri Angina (Faridpur) by Jagadbandhu who revealed himself in a dream to him as the new incarnation of Sri Krishna. As mentioned before, he was, for some years, shebait of Prabhu and thenleft Sri Angan with his Salvation Army for the service of suffering humanity.

The Brahmacharies who worked with Mahendraji in carrying out the mission of Jagadbandhu were Kunja Das, Gopi Das, Prem Das, Rohini Das, Nitya Sewaka, Bandhu Kishore Das, Kanana Sathi, Lila Prakash, Sevananda, Govinda Das, Satchidananda, Bala Bhadra. Uddharana Das, Brindabana Das, Rasamaya Das, Upasaka Das, Brahmachari Sarvananda, Parishad Das, Bhagabata Das, Guru Prasanna Das, Nil Kanta Das, Uddhav Das and Santi Das.

The first impetus was given to these Sannyasi-followers by a self-forgetful devotee of Prabhu, Srijut Jogendra Kumar Kaviraj who kept his wide heart always open to receive the tired Sannysasis and brought all his resources to assist them in the noble cause.

Did BSST get some of his ideas from here or vice versa?
betal_nut - Sun, 27 Jun 2004 23:05:46 +0530
They use Iskcon's "Govindam" as their background music here
nabadip - Sun, 27 Jun 2004 23:17:24 +0530
QUOTE(betal_nut @ Jun 27 2004, 07:04 PM)
Could someone give a quick synopsis on who is Mahanambrata, Jagadbandhu and Premananda Bharati here?

2 or 3 lines each will suffice.

What parivars or paramparas are they linked with?

infos here:
betal_nut - Sun, 27 Jun 2004 23:21:29 +0530
People in general take this stage of Jagadbandhu for his death and complete disappearance from earth, while some of his followers who know no higher God than their Prabhu, do believe and they are sanguine that he will certainly rise from his Maha Samadhi and his Resurrection will surely take place. They further hold that with his reappearance, there will be his Maha Prakasa or the Great Revealation which will prove Him to the world as the "Great Savior," Maha Uddharana.

And he shall rise again.............

Sound familiar?
betal_nut - Sun, 27 Jun 2004 23:28:16 +0530
According to Veda, Para Brahma is the root cause and underlying principal of this whole universe. This Para Brahma is nothing but the effulgent light of Shyamasundar or Krishna. In order to realize himself Para Brahma divides himself into two - the Being- for- self and the Being- for- Expression that is Krishna & Radha. When Radha- Krishna embraces each other in deep ecstasy; they are unified and become Gourango, the brilliant one, the great Lord – Maha Prabhu Sree Krishna Chaitanya. Gourango again separates His Being- for –Expression Nityananda, the eternal bliss from Himself. Ultimately they also become unified. The synthesis now reached is Haripurusha or Lord Jagat Bandhu Sundar.

Check out the animation for such a concept at