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Narrations on the pastimes of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu and Radha-Krishna.

Sri Gauranga glorifies Ganga - Celebrating Sri Ganga puja on Dasami

Malatilata - Fri, 21 Jun 2002 00:16:55 +0530

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Mahaprabhu glorifies Ganga-devi

"The Lord now journeyed towards the Ganga which lay at a distance. He was always engrossed in the ecstasy of love of Godhead, yet He saw that the residents of the tract of land through which He was passing were disinterested in devotional life. No one chanted Krsna's name; Krsna kirtana was alien to them. Pained, the Lord said, "Why did I come to such a country where they never chant Krsna's holy name? It was a grievous mistake for which I must relinquish my life."

Just then a group of little cowherd lads who were grazing their cows passed by. One of them was a very pious boy, and he suddenly began chanting Krsna's name. The Lord was extremely happy to hear the holy name from the mouth of this little boy. Joyfully He relished the moment and said, "The last few days I passed through many villages and nowhere was Krsna's name being chanted. Suddenly now out of the blue a young lad is chanting the holy name. Tell me what could be the reason?"

The Lord spoke again, "How far is the Ganga from here?" The devotees replied, "About an hour's walk." The Lord continued, "This is the greatness of Mother Ganga. Due to her influence one hears the chanting of Krsna's name here. The breezes from the Ganga have purified this place." Glorifying Gangadevi in this manner, the Lord increased everyone's reverence towards her.

The Lord spoke again, "I will cleanse Myself completely in the Ganga today." and again He started on His journey.

The Lord walked with the pace and grace of a maddened lion. The devotees ran to catch up with Him. The Lord's eagerness to see Gangadevi quickened His steps and the devotees found it impossible to keep up with Him. Only Lord Nityananda, also walking like a lion, accompanied Him. They reached the banks of Gangadevi early in the evening. Lord Caitanya and Lord Nityananda entered her waters with relish and thoroughly washed Themselves, profusely praising the Ganga with selected verses. They drank her cooling waters and offered obeisances to her.

The Lord prayed, "O Gangadevi, your waters are the ambrosia of love of Godhead. Lord Siva is conversant with the truth about you. Such is your potency that the mere utterance of your name invokes devotional service to the Supreme Lord, and the result of drinking your water is miraculous. By your mercy the living entities acquire a taste for chanting Krsna's holy name. Because of your influence, even the wild beasts and birds that live close to your waters become more fortunate than wealthy men who live far away from you.

No one is more potent than yourself in purifying sins. In fact, you have descended to this material plane only to alleviate the sins of the living entities."

As the Lord glorified Gangadevi in this manner, she became bashful. That Supreme Lord whose feet are the source of Gangadevi was now eulogizing her - how wonderful was the incarnation of the Supreme Godhead in the form of Lord Caitanya. One who hears these verses in praise of Gangadevi with faith will certainly develop attachment for Lord Caitanya."

(Sri Caitanya Bhagavata Antya-lila  chapter 1)