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Getting to know other members - lovey dovey

Madan Gopal - Wed, 23 Jun 2004 03:38:44 +0530
I thought it would be nice to have a place to ask other members questions about their profiles, questions about their life if they are willing to reveal more, or just a general getting to know you better kind of place. I guess if it's too personal the member can just decline to discuss.

I wanted to start with asking Madhava a couple things if he cares to reveal... I will post on here if he approves this type of thread.
Madan Gopal - Wed, 23 Jun 2004 03:55:07 +0530
I was reading your profile and I was wondering how and when you became learned in sanskrit/bengali. Also, did your relationship with Suhotra Swami just kind of end or did you ask him to let you go? What is Ananta dasa Babaji or the traditionalists take on "re-initiation"? Sorry to frame it in the ISKCON kind of way, but do they just consider your ISKCON initiation not valid or what? I'm reading his essay on guru tattva and I notice the specifics about rejecting a guru are hard to apply to our ISKCON experiences though many of us have done just that in one way or another.
Madhava - Wed, 23 Jun 2004 04:06:20 +0530
I never became learned in Sanskrit/Bengali, not yet anyway. I picked up bits of pieces from here and there and from various teach yourself books. I do plan to undertake more serious study of Sanskrit in particular, though, in the future.

Our relationship ended in a spirit of consensus in a meeting between myself, Suhotra Swami and Bir Krishna Maharaj. We sat down to talk about how to proceed after the incidents I witnessed. I preferred starting it from a clean table, and on that we agreed.

The re-initiation issue between ISKCON/GM and the rest of the tradition is mainly focused on the issue of the obscure parampara. A separate thread for that would be in place if we wish to explore the issue further, let us make this one a peaceful one. smile.gif