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Ignoring a particular category of posts - Block categories you do not find to be of interest

Madhava - Fri, 18 Jun 2004 03:48:34 +0530
Recently a question was posed as to whether it would be possible to set up a filter which would make it possible for a member to avoid certain categories of posts. This is certainly possible. If you wish to keep topics of a certain category out of your sight, please PM me with the categories you would like to exclude from your sight and I'll add the filter for you.
Madhava - Sun, 20 Jun 2004 18:35:44 +0530
The recent poll on liberal topics showed that at least three members would prefer to not see discussions on liberal views and encounters with modernity. A separate section was therefore established for such topics. If you wish to add a filter to block this category out of your sight, please PM me and I'll add it in for you to make your experience of the GD forums more pleasant.

The same applies for those of you who are not fond of reading ISKCON/Gaudiya Matha -related topics, the choice is yours now.
Madhava - Fri, 25 Jun 2004 16:22:53 +0530
There are now four members who have voted for:

I would prefer to read only threads on conventional topics which do not attempt to liberalise/modernise etc. the tradition, I prefer my Gaudiyaism the way it has always been. I would not like to read other kinds of topics in the forums.

In the Direction of Our Sanga -thread.

Really, you only need to drop me a note and I'll add a filter that keeps the liberal-section out of your sight.

There was unfortunately no option for "I would like to see such views obliterated from the face of the Earth", so you'll have to bear with the fact that such discussions are going on somewhere, but at least you'll have them out of your sight and out of your mind.