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Narrations on the pastimes of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu and Radha-Krishna.

A drop of hasya rasa - from Govinda lilamrta

Madanmohan das - Wed, 16 Jun 2004 19:34:30 +0530
Madhumangal, like a thief with his loot, concealed the Surya naivedya in his cloth. Observing this Balaram accosted him thus;
Bala; Hello Bato! What treasures lie hid in thy cloth?
Madhu; Sacred remnants from the ritual worship of the Sun.
Bala; How came you by it?
Madhu; From the virtuous worshipers of the Sun.
Bala; And who, pray, might they be?
Madhu; Why all the people of Vraja, it being Sunday and hence
most propitious for such rites.
Bala; Well, open it and let us see.
Madhu; Oh no! You and you cowherd companions are too
Bala; Come now, why not divide it and share it amonst us
and enjoy the sweet taste yourself.
Madhu; I am not inclined at present to eat or give anything.
Bala; These boys might take by force what's not freely given.
Madhu; What! I esteem your cowherd companions as no more than
blades of grass, and as for yourself, well. I am a
brahmin, look you, a veritable god on Earth. You wot not
the powerfull influence of celebate brahmins, such as
(Govindalilamrta 19,7-9)