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Earth Changes - global warming, coming earth changes etc

jijaji - Fri, 04 Jun 2004 01:16:00 +0530
Tornadoes are Increasing
31-May-2004 Nearly 180 tornadoes have been reported so far over the weekend.
The years 2003 and 2004 have seen a dramatic increase in the number of
tornadoes being reported in the US. The record for most tornadoes in any
month (since modern tornado record keeping began in 1950) was set in May
2003, with 516 tornadoes confirmed. This easily broke the old mark of 399,
set in June 1992. But May 2004 may break all records for numbers of
tornadoes. Global warming models predict dramatic increases in violent
weather. The National Weather Service issued tornado warnings from
eastern Texas up into Wisconsin and Minneapolis and east to Ohio, or from the
middle Mississippi Valley to the Ohio River Valley. By Monday, the storms
reached from northern Louisiana eastward through Mississippi, north Alabama,
northwest Georgia, east Tennessee, west North Carolina and West Virginia.

Quake to hit LA 'by Sept 5' ?
April 15, 2004 A UCLA team - made up of US, Japanese, Canadian,
European and Russian experts in pattern recognition, geodynamics,
seismology, chaos theory, statistical physics and public safety -
says it has developed algorithms to detect earthquake patterns.
The experts predicted in June an earthquake measuring 6.4 or higher
would strike within nine months in a 496-kilometre region of central
California, including San Simeon, where a 6.5-magnitude temblor struck
December 22, killing two people.
In July, they said they predicted a quake in a region that included
Hokkaido by December 28. The September 25 quake fell
within that period.
Now they predict a major quake will hit an area that stretches across
desert regions to the east of Los Angeles, home to around nine million
people, including the Mojave desert and the resort town of Palm Springs,
which lies near the notorious San Andreas fault.
Russian-born University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) professor
Vladimir Keilis-Borok says he can foresee major quakes by tracking minor
temblors and historical patterns in seismic hotspots that could indicate
more violent shaking is on the way.
And he has made a chilling prediction that a quake measuring at least
6.4 magnitude on the Richter scale will hit a 31,200-square-kilometre
area of southern California by September 5.

From Dan's Earth Changes Report