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Discussions on the doctrines of Gaudiya Vaishnavism. Please place practical questions under the Miscellaneous forum and set this aside for the more theoretical side of it.

Frequently Discussed Topics - A list of links to earlier threads

Madhava - Sun, 30 May 2004 04:01:19 +0530
I am collecting links to some frequently discussed issues here. Please PM suggestions to me.

Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu
- The Essential Nature of Sri Caitanyadeva, His identity and the causes for His appearance
- The origin of the worship of Gaura-Vishnupriya
- The Limits of Prema - Why Sri Caitanya cover the mouth of Raya Ramananda

The Chaitanya tree
- Who genuinely represents Chaitanya Mahaprabhu?
- Request for a Comparitive Study of Gaudiya Tradition

The practice of bhakti
- Smaranam and purity - Thoughts on thinking about the Lord
- Spontaneous devotion - The meaning of raga
- When is rasa relished?, Is rasa relished during practice?
- Five main limbs of sadhana
- Common Misconceptions about lila-smarana

Parampara and Sampradaya
- Madhvas & Gaudiya-sampradaya
- Madhvacharya connection - Need for clarification

- Guru-tattva
- Guru as Brahmin and Householder?
- On Rejecting a Guru
- Is a siddha-guru necessary?
- Perfection in Guru-tattva
- Personality of the Guru
- Spiritual or material? Understanding the form of Sri Guru
- Necessity of Realization in Guru-pranalis
- Help Find a Guru
- Looking for Gurus In The Gaudiya Vaishnava Tradition
- ISKCON Nominates First Female Diksha Guru - Female gurus in Gaudiya Vaishnavism

Diksha and mantras
- Harinam And Diksha Initiation - Who can give it?
- Diksha and conversion
- Defining divya-jnana in the context of diksha
- Initiations in different traditions - Harinam and diksha in various GV traditions
- The Metamorphosis of the Mantra - Thoughs on Krishna-mantra and Krishna-nama
- Mantra-diksa and realization
- Brahma-gayatri - Sridhara Maharaja's interpretation of it as pointing to Radha-dasya
- On Brahminhood - Split from the Brahma-gayatri thread

- Three kinds of devotees - adhikara and bhagavata
- Definition of a Vaishnava
- Uttama-bhakta descending to madhyama-level
- Vaishnava-aparadha - Examining what is offensive and what is not

The Origin of the Jiva
- Fall of Jiva
- Fall Of Jiva - Revisited

Svarupa of the Soul
- Achievement of siddha-deha - The 'Inherent vs. Acquired' debate
- Jiber Swarup & Swadharma

Scriptures - Literalism and Interpretation
- Treating scripture as evidence - The fundamental dynamics of evincing
- Defining what constitutes shabda - Further discussions on Vedic epistemology
- Sarva Samvadini - Jiva Goswami on scriptures and reasoning
- Qualification For Translating Scriptures - What does it take to get it straight?

- Gaura-Nagara Doctrine - The case of Narahari Sarkara
- Gaura-Visnupriya upasana - Origins - Practice - Future
- Mahaprabhu's Opinion Of Nagari-bhava - Via Vrndavan das Thakura

Other topics of interest
- Earthly and Celestial Vrindavana - the difference between the two
- Varnashrama-dharma - Janma, Guna and Karma