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Joining Irc-chats At #gaudiya @ Dalnet - How to configure the MIRC-client

Gaurasundara - Sun, 25 Apr 2004 03:13:39 +0530

[ In case you plan to spend more time chatting at our IRC channel, or if you have problems using the online chat interface, it is a good idea to install an IRC-program, such as Mirc. The following is a tutorial on the basic configuration you need to do to log on and chat. - Md. ]

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To access the #Gaudiya channel at DALnet:

- Download the mIRC client from (Obviously the version closest to your geographical location will work best)

- Install it.

- Open it. A small popup should appear. Click 'Continue.'

- Another popup will appear. This is where you input your details. Please input your Full Name, Email Address, Nickname and Alternative nickname. The first two are not really that important but should not be left blank.

- On the left side you will see a menu against a white background. Click on the word 'Servers'.

- Select 'DALnet' under IRC Network. This will automatically present a list of DALnet servers available to you. So select any of those servers, again preferably the one closest to you. From experience, the Mesra, Mozilla, Broadway and Powertech servers work the best.

- Click 'Connect To Server.'

- Now theoretically you should be connecting to your server. Strange writings will start to appear very fast on your screen. This is the server information and it is not strictly necessary to read it. If this is not happening, then repeatedly click on the first yellow icon that is at the top-left-hand of your screen, looking like a lightning symbol. Doing this twice (for example) will disconnect and re-connect you, and you should keep doing this every 5 seconds or so until you see the writings appearing on your screen. Please remember that servers may be busy, and if repeatedly trying to re-connect does not work, you should go back to that menu and select a different IRC server.

(To select a different IRC server, click on the SECOND Yellow Icon from the left on your program. This should take you back to the Server menu, and then you select a different server)

- If you see the server information appearing quickly on your screen, that is great and you are getting connected.

- When you are connected, you will get an automatic popup with a list of channels to join. Type in 'Gaudiya' and select 'Join.'

(Alternatively, select the 'Add' button, again key in 'Gaudiya' and click on OK. Do not worry about passwords or anything. This permanently adds the #Gaudiya channel to your popup list. Next time you connect, simply scroll down the list and double-click on #Gaudiya)

- You should now be in the #Gaudiya channel. smile.gif

These instructions are for mIRC 6.14
Madhava - Fri, 30 Apr 2004 03:28:02 +0530
If you wish to have your MIRC-client make a sound and/or blink when someone types your name:

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Tools > Options > IRC / Highlight

Once you're there, click "Add", then type in the keyword you want to have recognized (such as "Yourname") and select a sound you want played. You can also select the "Flash message" option to have your Mirc client start blinking.

You can find good sounds for example at C:WINDOWSMedia . I use the notify.wav sound.

= = =

This'll help you notice whenever you are wanted on the channel.
Gaurasundara - Sat, 30 Apr 2005 07:00:48 +0530
Is anyone still using this service or did it all go to pot?
Madhava - Sat, 30 Apr 2005 08:12:24 +0530
Well, it was being used two or three times a week when I chatted with Rasaraja. There were three persons there at the same time perhaps once every other month or so. Plus, I don't really have the time or the energy to hang around and chat, as I find it consumes quite a bit of my brain energy that seems to already be pretty occupied. So, to answer the question, yes, it went all potty.