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Upgrades To The Forum Software -

Madhava - Sun, 23 May 2004 04:23:45 +0530
We have now completed several upgrades to the forum software.

= = = = =

1. Formatting the text

You can now use the following tags to format your text:
Centered text here

Also: left / right. This aligns the text wherever necessary (generally centered, for verses).

Text indented by 20px (pixels) between the tags.

I recommend using this to emulate the blockquote HTML tag. You can enter the amount of indentation for the entire textblock in either pixels (px) or points (pt).

2. Who's been around?

When you view a member's profile, below the "User's local time" field you'll now see the time of the member's last activity online in the forums.

3. PM quick reply

There's now a feature for quick reply in your private messenger akin to the one you see at the bottom of each topic.

4. Moderator options for advanced IP address tracking

These will be documented in detail under the moderators' area. Basically they give us enhanced facilities for tracking down duplicate and/or fraudulent user identities.

= = = = =

Some members have played around with the idea of having member filters; for example, if you the posts of Pada Angrypad personally irritating and feel your experience at GD would be better without them, and nevertheless the mods find his posts not cross the line, you could just enter his name in a list in your user control panel and have all of his posts automatically filtered out, only to be seen when someone quotes them. In general, would this be a welcome addition?

Do you have any other suggestions, desires, feedback? Please feel free to either post in this topic or PM me.
Madhava - Mon, 24 May 2004 20:00:21 +0530
You can now also use the h1, h2 etc. tags.

[h2]Here goes header[/h2]

That would be the equivalent of


tags in HTML, etc.

Like this.

Madhava - Wed, 26 May 2004 16:26:13 +0530
I've added a simple add-on to make inserting verses with formatting easier.

Text goes here.

And here too. 30px indented, gray color.

Produces the following:

Text goes here.

And here too. 30px indented, gray color.

I would expect especially Jagat to find this useful.