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Prabodha Sudhakaram - Adi Shankaracharya Bhagavatpada - Sanskrit-Telugu Devotional Book

anuraag - Fri, 21 May 2004 01:21:10 +0530
zankaraM zankarAcAryaM kezavaM bAdarAyaNaM
sUtra bhASyakRtau vande bhagavantO punaH punaH

For 'Telugu' (South Indian Language) knowing seekers, this valuable
book by Adi Jagadguru Sri Shankara Bhagavatpada Acharya is available
on the net to read in DjVu at this URL.

'zrImat paramahamsa parivrAjakAcharyasya zrI govinda
bhagavatpUjyapAda ziSyasya zrImacchankara bhagavataH kRtau prabOdha
sudhAkaraH' -

was believed to be the last work of Adi
Jagadguru and his final gift to the mankind.

This book is known as 'samanvaya zAstra' as Sri Shankara skilfully
reconciled establishing the Oneness of Saguna Bhakti and Nirguna
Bhakti while proclaiming the highest truth as 'Krishna tattvam' which
has been declared in Srimad Bhagavatam by Sri Veda Vyasa.

No other Acharya has given such a profound and thorough explanation
in simple words for an easy understanding of the spiritual aspirants
of all classes.
I wish this book should have been printed in English also!
At last a few English quotes from the book were found on the net to share:

nity-Anand-aikarasaM sach-chinmAtraM svayaM-jyotiH .
purushhottamam-ajam-IshaM vande shrii-yAdav-AdhIsham.h ..

I adore Krishna,
the Supreme Person,
the Unborn Lord,
the Self-effulgent One,
the Supreme Lord of
the descendents of Yadu,
Whose nature is that of
existence and consciousness,
and Whose essence is
entirely that of eternal bliss.

verse 1. Chapter 1 deha nindA prakaraNam..

tredhA pratItir uktA zAstrAd gurutas tathAtmanas tatra
zAstra pratItir Adau yadvanmadhurO guDO 'stIti

agre gurupratItir dUrAd guDa darzanaM yadvat
AtmapratItir asmAdguDa bhakSaNajaM sukhaM yadvat

Atma siddhi prakaraNam- verses 88, 89

- "In the Prabodha-sudhaakara, Shankara describes the experience of
the Bliss (Ananda) that is Brahman in terms of tasting a sweet thing
such as jaggery.
By studying the books (scriptures), one comes to
theconclusion, "jaggery is sweet."
The Guru will point out the place where jaggery is to be found.
But only by self experience, ie. by actually tasting jaggery
himself/herself, does the seeker feel "Yes! I am tasting jaggery and
it is sweet!" and know the taste."

Acarya Shankara, the unrivalled propounder of Advaita Vedanta,
advised his own mother practise devotion to Lord Krishna, and blessed
her with the vision of the Lord.

Listen to his proclamation in the last chapter of
'Prabodha Sudhakaram',

kAmyopAsana yArthayanty anudinaM kincit phalaM svepsitam,
kecit svargam athApavargam apare yogAdi yajnAdibhiH,
asmAkaM yadunandanAMghri yugala dhyAnAvadhAnArthinAm,
kiM lokena damena kiM nRpatinA svargApavargaizca kiM?

- AnugrahIka prakaraNam , verse 150

"Those who waste their time for the attainment of
celestial joys or liberation (mukti- apavarga) are FOOLS!
I do NOT want any of that!
I only desire to remain engrossed in the sweet remembrance
of the lotus feet of Lord Krishna.
What is the need for pleasures of this world or heaven or
Mukti to exalted Prema bhaktas of the Lord?"

Thus Sri Shankara appears to consider all objects, including final
liberation as insignificant in comparison to constant loving
meditation of the lotus feet of his beloved Lord, Sri Krishna.

shrii kR^ishhNArpaNamastu ..
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anuraag - Fri, 21 May 2004 02:17:59 +0530

In these exquisite verses of 'Dhyana Vidhi Prakaranam' Acharya
Shankara has described the transcendental beauty and the irresistible
attraction of Lord Krishna revealing how great rasik saint he
actually was.

yamunA nikaTa taTa sthita
vrindAvana kAnane mahAramye

kalpa druma talabhUmau
caraNaM caraNopari sthApya

tishTaMtaM ghana nIlaM
sva tejasA bhAsayanta miha vizvaM

pItAmbara paridhAnaM
candana karpUra lipta sarvAGgam

Visualize Lord Krishna standing with
one leg crossed over the other,
under the wish-yielding Kalpa. tree,
in a most beautiful flowery bower in Vrindavana,
situated near the banks of the river Yamuna.

His complexion as a dark rain-ladden cloud,
illuminates the whole world with its Luster.
He is dressed in yellow silk garments and
all parts of His transcendental body are anointed
with the paste of sandalwood and camphor.

Akarna pUrna netraM
kuNDala yuga maNDita zravaNaM

manda smita mukha kamalaM
sa kaustubhO dAra maNi hAraM

valayAGgulIya kAdyA nujjvala yantaM svalankArAn
gala vilulita vana mAlaM sva tejasApAsta kali kAlaM

His large captivating eyes seem to reach almost to
His ears which are adorned with glittering earrings.

A sweet, gentle, enchanting smile blooms
from His lotus face. He is wearing jewelery
made of precious stones, pearls and
the celestial jem, Kaustubha.

The radiance of His transcendental body
enhances the splendour of the golden bracelets, rings
and the other ornaments present on Him.

Around His neck, the vanamala garland
made of five heavenly fragrant flowers,
is gently swaying to and fro.
His very brilliance and beauty drives away
the sinful effects of the dark age of Kali.

gunjAravAli kalitaM
gunjA puGjAnvite zirasi

bhuGjAnaM saha gopaiH
kunjAn tar vartinaM hariM smarata

mandAra puSpa vAsita
mandAnila sevita parAnandaM

mandAkinI yuta padaM namata
mahAnanda daM mahA puruSaM

The curly locks of His dark hair surrounded by
the vines and fragrant flowers of the divine bower,
are attracting the intoxicated, noisy, bumble bees.

Fondly remember and contemplate upon Lord Hari
Who is frolicking in the bower along with His
cowherd playmates and eating His midday meal joyfully.

Offering worship and prayers, meditate upon
that Supreme Personality, Sri Krishna,
the Bestower of the highest Bliss!

He is fanned by the gentle breeze, scented with
the fragrance of heavenly 'mandAra' flowers,
and His lotus feet are attended by
the sacred celestial river, Ganges.

surabhIkRta digvalayaM
surabhi zatair AvritaH paritaH

surabhIti kSapaNa mahA
sura bhImaM yAdavaM namata

His Divine fragrance pervades all around
as He is encircled by hundreds of blessed cows
who are attracted by His captivating beauty and
soul-stirring ethereal music pouring from His flute.

Let us offer our humble obeisance to beloved Lord,
Sri Krishna, the Descendent of Yadu dynasty,
Who even drives away the fears of heavenly gods
by terrifying and conquering the demoniac forces
with His supreme valor.

-'Prabodha Sudhakara' verses 184-190
Adi Jagadguru Sri Shankaracarya Bhagavatpada

This Sanskrit prayer-meditation is melodiously chanted twice daily (around
5.00 a.m and 5.00 p.m) by all sadhakas in Jagadguru Sri Kripaluji
Maharaj Ashrams around the world.
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anuraag - Wed, 14 Jul 2004 21:28:51 +0530
Namaste. Here is the complete text in Sanskrit at:

Text title : prabodha sudhAkara
Author : Sri Shankaracharya
Language : Sanskrit
Subject : philosophy/hinduism/religion