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Depicting Manjaris With Sri Yugala - Thoughts on the latest paintings of Vrindavan Das

jagannathdas - Wed, 19 May 2004 23:55:40 +0530
Maybe someone can clear my confusion regarding Vrndavan Das's latest paintings.
These may have been commissioned for ISKCON devotees, in which case the patron will decide what s/he wishes to appear in said painting. The 1st & 3rd follow the direction of Jadurani Dasi, showing sakhis hiding amongst the foleage obeserving Radha Krishna's lila. The point I'd like to make is why? I can see no reason why they should be hiding. Certainly not IMO the manjaris and as these are not particularly erotic, I can see no reason why sakhis should be hiding here either? Surely the aim of both is to serve the interests of the divine couple, I do not understand why Radha being in a state of mana should mean that they have to hide behind a bush!